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Vampires bride season 2 (completed)

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Episode 36

“What, did she swallow someone?”
“Who did you swallow, Laurette?”
“You swallow people too?”
The doctor looked at them amused with how they keep questioning Laurette.
“I didn’t swallow anyone”Laurette shrugs.
“I didn’t mean it that way, what I mean is that she is pregnant”doc corrected.
“What “Laurette shouted
“You are pregnant, a baby is in you”the doc expound.
Everywhere become silent.
They all went numb.
“So, I II take my leave now, I will come to check on her another time”doc said, and walked out of the house.
“Oh my God, oh my God , Laurette is pregnant”skylar jumped in excitement. “I am pregnant?”Laurette asked touching her stomach.
Roselyn and Clara also joined in jumping in joy.
“Guys, stop it, you are too loucT’Larry said irritated by the noise they are making.
“Shut up?, aren’t you happy you are going to have a niece soon?”Clara asked “If course am happy , how are you sure the baby is a girl?”Larry asked
“She is a girl”Clara repeated
“No, I want a nephew”Gwen added.
“No, it is twins, two girls”skylar said
“Nope, two boys”Roselyn added
“We want girls”Clara and skylar yelled
“We want boys”Gwen, Larry, and Roselyn shouted.
“No, a boy and a girl”Harry and Hannah said
“Don’t interfere, you don’t know her?”Roselyn said
“Of course, we do, she is our friends”Harry winks at Laurette.
Quinn shot him a devilish smile, followed by a frown.
“Sorry”Harry muttered.
“You don’t know her too”Hannah pointed at Rose
“Of course I do, she is my sister in-law”Rose said
“It’s still a nephew”Larry said
“Nope, I want a niece”Clara hit Larry
“Ouch, that hurts”Larry touched the place he was hit
“A niece, or you will get more spank”Clara threatened.
“Ok, a niece”Larry pout
“Yipeee, 3 – 2,we worf’skylar jumped
“cheaters”Rose squeezed her nose
“l-di-ot”Clara stuck her tongue out at Rose
“Take that back”Rose growl
“And if I don’t?”Clara asked
“No-more-pizza”Rose said with a lopsided smile.
“l-can-always-buy-it-outside”Clara said
“But non is as delicious as mine”Rose teased
“Ok, whatever”Clara gave up.
“Yeah, I won”Rose screamed.
“Stop the noise lady”Harry said
Rose rolled her eyes at him.
Quinn stand up, and dragged Laurette tetheir room, leaving the rest to their arguments. He placed her on the desk in the room, and entered between her legs, and peck her cheek He smiled at her.
“I love you”he mumbled
“I love you more”she smiled.
“I love you morer”he added
“I love you morest”she giggles
“Is there even an English like that?”Quinn asked.
“Yes”Laurette pout
He kissed her belly through her cloth
. “Hey, little Quinn, how are you?”Quinn said
“Uhm uhm”
“What?”Quinn asked
“Little Laurette”Laurette said
“Nope, little Quinn”Quinn shake his head.
“Let’s not continue the argument we avoided downstairs”Laurette said “OK”
He mumbled, and use his mouth to lift her shirt above her abdomen.
He kissed her abdomen, and take her belly button into his mouth.
“Hey, you are tickling me”Laurette said in between laughter.
“Be calm, let me take care if my baby”Quinn said still kissing her stomach.
“Stop It Quinn”Laurette said
He carried her in bridal style, and placed her on the bed.
He hovered over her, and kissed her on the lips.
She reciprocated by kissing him back, and wrapped her hands around his neck. He bit hard on her lips
“Hey”she moaned.
“Sorry”he mumbled and smiled against her lips.
He pinched on her nipple through her cloth.
She moaned in pleasure
“Stop it”she said
“I don’t want to”she said
She pushed him away from herself.
“Let me perform my duties”Quinn feign a frown
“Nope, am soooooooooo tired”Laurette stressed. “Whatever”Quinn hissed.
He faced the other side of the bed turning his back at her “Stop acting like a baby that you are”Laurette teased “Am not a baby?”he said still not turning to face her “You are”Laurette said
“Am not”
“You are”
“Am not”
“You are”
He turned to face her.
“Finally”she smiled and hug him
“You are a cutie”she uttered
“And not a baby”
“Yes”she nodded.
He smile, and hug her back, and stroke her hair.
They stay like that for 10 mins.
“Take care of my baby, and don’t stress yourself too much”Quinn said
“Hmm hmnT’Laurette hummed
“But, can you still attend class when pregnant?”Quinn asked
“Of course”she nodded her head.
“Really , wow that is wonderfuTQuinn said amused
“I love our baby”Quinn said
“What about me”l_aurette withdraw from the hug.
“Are you jealous?”Quinn asked
“Yes”Laurette pout
They both burst into hard laughter
“Crazy”Quinn hit her on the lap slightly
“Hmmmm hmmmmnT’she squeeze her nose.
“Hmmmmm hmmmm”
He pushed her to lay on the bed, and lean on top of her.
She smiled.
He move bit by bit, and their lips are almost touching, then the door burst open.
In a rush, Quinn moved away from Laurette’s body.

“Rossy”Quinn called amused.
“I hate that nickname”Rose frowned, and crossed her arms. foul play”she said, and closed the door behind her.
“Crazy”Laurette said
“So, where were we?”Quinn asked facing Laurette
“Here”Laurette giggles, and hit him with the pillow.
“Stop it”
“I don’t want to”she laughed
“Ok”he said, and pick up a pillow also.
He hit her with it.
And that is how it led to pillow fight.
Sweetness after all.
Now, let’s start our own pillow fight.
Which gender do you want Laurette to have?
Is it male orfemale
Twins -both male, or both female, or male and female.
Your opinion matters.
Author Candy

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Episode 37

“Who is in for a Picnic”Rose screamed.
“Count me out”Quinn said
“Count me in”Clara said
“Me too”Larry raised his hand
“Me three”Harry said
“But, we are suppose to be in school”Laurette said
“I knew it”Rose said
“What?”skylar asked
“You both don’t want to go”she point an accusing finger to Laurette and Quinn “Why?”Gwen asked
“To perform their fowl play”Rose giggled
“What?”they all asked in surprise.
“What fowl play?”Hannah asked
“You don’t have to know, young girl”harry teased
“Am not a baby”Hannah pout
“If you say so”Harry mimic her
Hannah rolled her eyes dramatically at him.
“Just don’t hurt my nephew when you are playing”Rose added
“Shut it, it is niece”Clara said
“No gender argument now , so who is in for picnic”Rose asked
“No ‘who is in’, we are all going”Larry said
Quinn and Laurette sighed
“What?”skylar asked
“Nothing”Laurette waved her hands in the air.
1 hour later.
Rose prepared the snacks that they will bring with them to the picnic.
Harry helped her in packing it.
“Thanks”she said to him
“You are welcome”Harry smiled “And, if you are grateful, can you go on a date with me?”harry said hesitantly.
“Yes”Rose said eagerly “Soriy,lmeanyes”she repeat calmly, bitting on her lower lip. “Really?”Harry asked
“Yes”she grinned
“Thanks, I will tell you the details later”harry said
“Ok”she blushed
“Mission accomplished”l_arry clapped from the kitchen entrance.
They both turned, and saw him standing at the entrance
“How can you eavesdrop on someone’s conversation?”Rose said
“One, I wasn’t eavesdropping, 2,be fast with the snacks, we are, ready”Larry said, and walk away
“That little spoilt brat”Harry cursed
“Am not little”l_arry peeped in.
“Whatever”Rose said
Larry walked away
They packed the snacks, drinks, and some other necessary things. They all garthered at the sitting room.
“Are we all ready?”Quinn asked
“Yeah”Hannah, Larry and Clara said excited
“Ok, let’s go”Gwen said
They all made to walk out of the house.
“Wait”Rose stopped them holding a bag in her hand.
“What”they turned to look at her.
She opened the bag, and brought out shirts of the same color and design.
“What is that?”skylar asked
“Couple clothes”Rose said
“Wow”Clara moved to her “How did you think of this”
“That is how happy it feels to have a smart and brave friend”Rose bragged
“Smart, and brave my foot”Clara hissed
“No cloth for you then”Rose snatched the cloth from Clara.
“Ok, you are indeed smart, brave, courageous, wise, and and and borrow me
English”Clara said
Rose hand it to each if them.
Each person name was written on it.
“Thumbs up to you”Harry said showing Rose the thumbs up sigh.
“Thanks”Rose blushed
“Are you guys a thing now?”skylar asked
“Urh Nop “Rose wanted to say, but harry cut her off “Yes”Harry said, and winked at Rose
“Oh my God, Rose you are in for trouble”Hannah said
“Are you intending to embarrass me?”harry asked Hannah
“NoPe”Hannah pop the ‘p’.
They all wear their cloth, and they headed to the picnic in their van. #PICNIC#
“Wow, cool breeze”Laurette breathed in
“I thought you didn’t want to come in the first place”Rose teased “I never knew it will be like this, the air is Refreshing” “Breath in all the air, it is good for the baby and you”Quinn said “If she takes all the air, what do you expect us to live on”skylar pout
I wonder”Rose added.
“Let’s unpack, and set our picnic table”Harry said
They laid a mattress on the green grass, and set the snacks and drinks on it.
They all settled down on it.
Laurette sat beside Quinn, Rose beside harry, Larry and Clara,skylar beside Gwen and Hannah sit alone, in the middle.
The scenario is very nice. They sat under the tall tree, under a blue sky, matching the color of their uniform shirt, cum with a sunny day.
“Ahhhhh”Quinn cut a chocolate bar, and put it into Laurette mouth.
Larry did the same to Clara with hesitation.
Rose also cut a cake into Harry’s mouth
Hannah sighs
“I am single”Hannah said
“No boyfriend until you turn 20″Harry said
“Is your gf up to 20?”Hannah asked him
“Non of your concern”Harry hissed.
“Don’t mind him dear, you can take Alan as your bf’Clara said
“Nah”Hannah said
“Half bread is better than non’Rose teased
“I said nah”Hannah rolled her eyes dramatically.
They all burst into laughter
“You can date me”Larry said
Clara hit him arm hardly
“What about me then”Clara asked.
“You are not my gf yet”Larry said
“What?, am not your gf?, then what am I to you?”Clara flared up
“A friend , and a gf to be”Larry said
“Now, I want to ask you out officially , will you be my gf’Larry proposed
Clara was dumbstruck.
“Of course , I mean yes”Clara grinned Larry smiled at her, and hugged her.
“Awwn, so sweet , I want mine like this too”Rose said staring at Harry
“What”Harry asked
“Am not that romantic though, but I will try”Harry said, and gained a blush from Rose. “I want a romantic boyfriend”Hannah shouted
“Not until you turn 20″Harry added
She rolled her eyes again in a funny dramatic way.
“I will just make this watermelon my bf for today”Hannah said staring at the watermelon in her hand dreaming
“The heck”Gwen scoffed
She stuffed it into her mouth, and started chewing in it.
“My bf is the sweetest”Hannah squealed
They all burst into laughter.
Happiness in full, the power of dream.
Then, a song started in the background, not that audible to hearing at first, but it later become audible.
I wanna grow old with you by westlife.
Solo 1:
Another day without your smile Another day just passes by
and now I know, how much it means
For you to stay, right here with me
The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger But it hurts so bad, I can’t take it any longer wwweh
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna, grow old with you
I wanna, be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Shading in everything you do
I wanna grow old with you
Solo 2:
A thousand miles between us now
It causes me to wonder how
Our love tonight (our love tonight)
Remain so strong (remain so strong)
It makes our risks (it makes our risks)
Right all along
The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurts so bad, I can’t take it any longer
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing in everything you do
I wanna grow old with you
They all have a sincere smile plastered on their faces.
Laurette rest her head on Quinn’s chest, and he was holding her hands
Harry palmed Rose’s cheek
Skylar and Gwen hold hands
Larry and Clara were stealing glances of each other
Hannah is the only sunfke girl, who continue stuffing watermelon into her mouth.
They are all smiling at each other.
The End.

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“Mum, Josh called me his lil sis again”Joanna run down the stairs
“Mum, she started it by calling me fatty, when am not even fat”Josh said
“Laurette, pls can you get me a can drink”Clara called
“Laurette, when is the food gonna be ready”Bianca said
“Can you get me a wine first”Diego said
“Me too, and we want red wine”Gwen said
“I want that egg sauce you always make”Clara said
“Laurette, what of that red dress you promised me”Rose asked
“Laurette, am hungryyyy”Larry shouted
“Laurette, it is almost reaching your favorite part in the movie”Hannah shouted
“Laurette, don’t forget to add the orange juice to it”Harry said.
“Ahhhhhhhhh”Laurette screamed
They all covered their ears
“Mum, are you ok?”Josh is the first to ask
“Can’t you all see that am busy, Laurette this, Laurette that. Get whatever you want, unless you want me to break your limbs”Laurette said breathless
They all seemed afraid, and they started going helter skelter
Rose entered into the kitchen
“Don’t worry about cooking again, I will do it”Rose said
“No, I will help you”Laurette declined
“Ok”Rose said
“But, am tired”Laurette pout
“That is why I said you should rest
“And I don’t want to sit doing nothing”Laurette added
“Then, what are you gonna do”Rose asked
“Move back”Laurette said with a evil smirk at the corner of her lips.
Rose moved back.
Laurette snapped her hand at anything she want done, and it started preparing itself “Josh, mom is performing her magic again, come and check it out”Joanna called unto Josh He rushed to the kitchen
“Wow”josh wowed
“Shhh, don’t tell dad about this”Laurette said
“Of course, I won’t. I am 4 years old, and am not a blabber mouth unlike Joanna”josh said “Heyy”Joanna shouted at him
“Some respects Joanna, am older than you”Josh teased
“With just 10 mins”Joanna crossed her arms
“Whatever, am outta here to play my game”Josh said, and headed upstairs to his room “Spoilt brat”Joanna said after
“No more swearing words”Laurette snapped at Joanna
“Sorry monT’she said
“I am back, my little Quinn and Laurette”Quinn called from the sitting room.
“Mom, dad is back”Joanna said, and run out of the kitchen to meet his mum.
Laurette snapped at what she was using her magic to do at first, and it all scatter.
Quinn entered into the kitchen carrying Joanna on his shoulder, and was surprised at the mess “Did you?”Quinn asked
“Hahaha, welcome”l_aurette laughed trying to change the topic.
“Don’t change the topic”
“I didn’t do anything”Laurette said
“Dad, carry me too”Josh run downstairs
“Ok, my baby boy”Quinn said, and carried him on his other shoulder.
“Jealous head”Joanna hit josh on his leg
“Jealous mouth”josh said
“You two should stop that”Rose said
“Whatever”Joanna rolled her eyes
“Some respect little girl”Rose said
“I am not little”Joanna said
“You are”Josh said
Quinn dropped the both of them, since he is sure they are about to start their arguments. “I am not”
“You are”
“You are the little boy, dad always call you his baby boy”Joanna point out
“Mum always call you her baby girl, and I am also older than you”Josh said
“Ok, you are both babies”Quinn said
“No dad”they both shouted
“Am a big girl”
“Am a big boy”
“Ok, you are both big boy and girl”Quinn said
“You are both babies”Rose said
“Aunt”they both called
She stuck her tongue out to them
“You are the young baby”Josh said
“Why did you say that, can’t you see am big”rose asked “Only young babies stuck out their tongue”Joanna said. “Whatever”
They are all settled on the dinning eating.
Those that are there are Quinn, Laurette, Gwen, skylar, Larry, Clara, Hannah, Rose, Hannah, Diego, Bianca.
“What about your mum, Bianca”Laurette asked
“She is at home”Bianca replied
“Diego, you should return to Empire tonight”Quinn said
“Yes, I will”Diego replied.
“Mum, water”Joanna said
“Mum water”Josh said also
“Copy cat”Joanna rolled her eyes
“Copy panther”Josh said
Laurette hand water to the both of them.
“Just eat your food, and stop talking while eating”Laurette said
“But you and dad talked as we were eating”Joanna said
“Ok, we won’t again”Quinn said
They eat the rest of their food in silence.
Laurette and Quinn put their twins to bed.
“They are amazing”Laurette said
“Yeah”Quinn agreed
“Sweet dreams, my babies”Laurette said
“They must hear you saying that”Quinn smiled
They both walked to their room.
They laid on the bed and used the duvet to cover themselves. Quinn kissed Laurette romantically, and placed his hand on her breast “Not tonight”Laurette said
“Yes tonight, I want another amazing twins”Quinn laughed
She chuckled, and gave herself to him.

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