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Vampires bride season 2 (completed)

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Episode 21

As laurette left, I felt anger build up in me.
Must Quinn have everything, he got the throne, but not this one.
Am going to make Laurette mine at all cost.
I stormed out of the mansion, and walk straight to Lucious’s room.
I met him, my dad, Alan and… Bianca there.
She must be willing to have Quinn to herself soon.
I smirk.
“We were just planning on sending for you”Lucious said
“Well, here I am, and we should make a plan”
“Already at it”my dad said
“So, what is it”l asked.
Lucious explained the plan to me in full details, and I think it is a perfect plan.
“Take this”! gave Lucious a poisonous leaf that will make Quinn weak if he inhale even a bit of it.
“Hope he won’t die”Bianca asked with concern.
“He won’t, he will only be weak for them to carry out their mission”! said
She sighed.
If only she know that am planning on killing Quinn later, I wonder what she will do.
Well, if she will be a threat to our plan later, then her fate will be death.
“Thanks”Lucious said collecting the paper containing the poisonous leaf.
He entered one room, and came out with a girl dressed in the palace maid outfit, she is tied, and her mouth is also sealed. He held her by her upper arm.
“What is she doing there”dad asked
“I saw her eavesdropping on our conversation yesterday”Lucious said
“I think she is with that bitchy Laurette, cause I saw them having a conversation one day”Bianca said with venom.
“We will have to lock her here then”
“Yes, so she won’t tell them about our plan”Alan added.
The girl was just looking at the floor dejected
“Make sure you feed her”l said
“Ok…., Alan, take her back”Lucious said
Alan grabbed the girl roughly, and dragged her back to the room.
Lucious entered another room, and came back mins later, with two guards, and they are all dressed in black outfits.
“We will be back”Lucious said
“Must you go with thenT’dad asked
“Yeah, only then will it be perfect”he said.
“And I have this”he said raising the paper I gave him up.
we all bursted into a devilish laugh
Lucious covered his nose with a black cloth piece to cover his identity.
lucious and the other two left together.
The rest of us sat down in the room, expecting a result that is advantageous to us.
I don’t trust Lucious, he is a cunning old man. He might try something funny.
I stand up Immediately. I have made up my mind, am going there to check out what is taking so long.
Even though I know it is dangerous, I can’t let anything go wrong. I can’t let him hurt Laurette. “Where are you going”dad asked
“To my room”l lied.
With that, I exit the room and went to my room.
I picked my martial art outfit, I clad into it, and cover my identity with a cloth tied around my nose to my hind head.
I exit my room, and walked to the mansion.
I entered the elevator, and pressed fifth floor.
I hop out as it reached fifth floor.
I entered the room, and what I saw shock me.
Laurette is lying lifeless on the floor, in her own pool of blood.
He stabbed her, with the forbidden knife.
I said it.
Lucious is standing looking at Quinn who is struggling on the floor to reach Laurette. Work of the poisonous leaf.
Lucious looked at me
“How dare you come here, don’t you know it is dangerous”he said
“How dare you hurt her”l yelled at him.
“Keep it down, I have no choice than to”he said without remorse.
I don’t have time to fight him now. If I don’t help Laurette bow, something might go wrong. I move to Laurette, and carried her in bridal style.
“Swears, if anything happen tohe r , you will die from my hand” I t h reatened.
As I walked pass Quinn’s front, he grabbed my leg tightly.
I look at him,it is visible on his face that he is weak.
I jerk my leg from his grip, but he still hold on tightly.
One of the guard came there, and kicked Quinn hard on his stomach.
He groaned weakly, but his grip is still tight on my leg.
He is really strong, even after inhaling that powerful poisonous leaf.
If he doesn’t let go, something worst might happen to Laurette.
The guard saw my impatient, he kicked Quinn hard across his face, and his hand fall from my leg freely as he faints.
I looked at him, and scoffs.
Then I walked very fast to the elevator, with Lucious and the rest following behind. We alight the elevator in time, and walked very fast to Lucious’s room.
As we reached there, as there was no one that can help in treating her in the city, we used the escape route in Lucious room, holding the maid with us.
We end up outside the Empire city in a very thick forest.
We walked for a bit, and we reached a small bungalow house.
Lucious directed us there, and we entered.
I placed Laurette on the couch, and a trusted man as Lucious said arrived to treat her.
After waiting for some mins, the man has cleaned the blood, and he bandaged it.
“She will need blood”the doc said.
“Blood?”l asked
“Yeah, she lost too much blood”he explained.
I glared at Lucious, he looked at me, and no sign of guilt is on his face.
“I will settle that”he volunteered.
“Ok, when you see a donor, get back to me. And be quick in doing that”doc said.
Lucious escort the doc out, and entered back mins later.
“You should go back Diego, before you are suspected”Lucious said
“I will go now, but won’t you be suspected since you are gone”
“Nope, we already announced that we are leaving today, so they will probably think we have returned back to the palace’Alan said.
I look at Laurette, her face is already pale.and her pinksexy lips are dry.
“Lucious, nothing must happen to her again”l warned
“Diego, you are not my boss”Lucious said , “so stop commanding me”he added.
“I am not your boss, but if anything should happen to her, I can make you limb for the rest of the days you have on earth”l said, more like a threat.
He looked at me, and smiled devilish.
I exit the room, and plan to use the same place we came heretogobackto the palace. Unknown
I am fed up of being locked up in this dark room.
My freedoms are restricted, I can’t do what I wish to do.
I have been locked here for some years now, and I have not being able to see my family.
I am sure my family probably thought am dead.
I don’t know this people who are holding me captive, but am sure they are evil.
I am being fed well, but I want my family.
I heard people voices coming from the other room, then I tiptoed to the door, and placed my ear on the door to hear what they are talking about.
I heard that someone needs blood, and someone being suspected, but I don’t understand.
I move back to my bed when I heard footsteps moving towards the room I am.
Someone insert the key, and the door opened revealing a young man carrying someone on his hand in a bridal mask, an older man, and a young lady.
They entered the room, and the man with someone on his arm walked to the other bed in the room, and placed the person there. Then I know the person is a lady, but she is unconscious.
“You check on her always, if you see any movement from her, call for my attention, ok?”the older man asked sternly.
The lady nodded.
The old man looked at me, and exit the room with the young man.
They lock the door behind them.
I walked to the unconscious lady laying on the bed, and I looked at her closely.
She looks familiar, where have I met her before.
I can’t even guess because I have not being to a n ywhere except the palace. And I have not seen any lady since I have being held captive here.
I racked my brain, but I can’t seem to get where I have seen her before.
I stand to walk back to my bed, then I remembered.
I turned back to look at her, to confirm if am correct, and yes
She is the one
My brother’s first love .
Urhhhh Who can guess who the unknown is?

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Episode 22

I opened my eyes, and bat my eye lid many time so that my eye can get use to the sun forcing itself through my window.
I looked at my right, after I have open my eyes well, mom was standing there staring at me with care and fear.
“Are you awake?”she asked.
I didn’t answer her, but instead I stand up and sit well on the bed.
Gwen, Clara, Larry, Skylar, and Harris are also there, Larry skylar and Larry eyes are already teary.
“Where is Laurette?”! asked weakly.
None of them answer, but instead, they bow their head.
“Where is she?”l asked again almost in tears.
“Before we get here, she is gone”Harris replied.
“By gone, do you mean dead?”l asked hoping it is not true
“We are not sure whether she is dead, but we saw trail of blood, and we trace it, but it stopped just as we get outside the mansion”Harris explained.
“But I think those people are here for Queen Laurette, because they won’t have take her if they are not here for her. And there is also a hint that she is still alive cause they won’t take her if she was dead”he expound further.
Then the weight on my heart lessen, since there is a hint that she is alive.
“I don’t think they are here for her”l said
“Why did you think so?”Gwen asked.
“One of them asked for the life rod, and he is also with the forbidden knife, the same Roselyn murderer has”l said
“They are after the life rod”mom said
“And only one person know where it is”Harris said
“Yeah, the late king”Gwen added.
“Harris, did the king never take you to where he kept it, since you are his right hand man”mom asked
“Nope, he said only one other person knows of the place apart from hinT’Harris said. We all turned to the door, when someone burst in.
It is Diego and Raul.
Raul ran to me
“Are you OK Quinn, I heard you were attacked”he asked touching me
“Stop acting like we are close”! said irritated.
He withdrew his hands from my body
“Am only trying to be caring”he said.
“But Quinn, how are they able to deafeat you”Gwen asked.
“They make me sniff a poisonous leaf”! said “And I think it is an insider, cause I heard them saying that it is dangerous fo r t h e p e rs o n who carried Laurette away to be there”! added and shot Diego a evil and suspicious glare.
He smirk evilly at me.
“I suspect Lucious”Diego said.
We all turned to him.
“He left this morning, without informing us that they are going”he said
“They are gone?”! asked
“Yes”, Harris said “I also suspect him, so I asked one guard to check on them, but they aren’t there. And I also sent a guard to check on our spy in BLACK CASTLE, and he said Lucious is not back”he said further.
“How dare he kidnap what is mine”! said in fury.
“Lucious, get ready for a search. Since he is not back in the BLACK CASTLE yet, it either means he is hidding somewhere in the BLACK CITY, or in the bush”! said
“Send guards to BLACK CITY, and also search the forest also. And search the house that Lucious stayed in when he was here”! commanded
“Yes’Your Majesty
Time to act like a king, I can’t lose what is mine again.
I trust Harris, cause he is a faithful subject of Empire, and he never disappoint dad.
“I will also join”! said standing from my bed. As I stand, I eye met with Laurette’s room, and I felt empty in me.
I miss her already.
And I remember the pain that was on her face when she finally realised that she had being stabbed.
I hate myself foe being a weakling that can’t protect his loved ones.
“But Quinn, you have to rest”mom said with worries
“Mom, Laurette is in a fucking place that I don’t know, I am not sure whether she is alive or not, I am just hopping that she is alive. Do you know how weak I felt when she was stab right in front of my eye just like Roselyn, I can’t rest, even if I break a bone, I won’t rest until I see her”l said raising my voice
They all look at me surprised .
“I can’t just afford to lose another important person in my life, I can’t stand it”l said calmly, and sighs.
I walk to mom who seems hurt.
“I am sorry mom”l said holding her two hands.
“I understand you Quinn”she smiled.
She pulled me into a hug, and peck me at my cheek.
“You have to be fast, before it is too late to save her”Mom said disengaging from the hug.
I walk to the door with Harris
“I am coming’The word was chorusly said, so I turned to check those that uttered the word. . “I am coming”Diego, Larry Gwen repeated
“As you wish”l said rudely mainly towards Diego.
“But not you Larry”! said
“She is my sister”he said almost in tears
They must be very close.
Of course they are close, they are all each other have got
“You are still not coming”! said with my mind made up.
I can’t endanger his life.
“You can’t “Larry was cut shut when Clara dragged his cloth, and she shake her head at him.
“Please, bring my sister back safely”he said
The four of us walked out of the room, and we entered the elevator.
As we reached outside the mansion, Harris gathered all the able body guards, and they were all split to search.
The four of us decide to search the forest with some guards, because that is the most possible place that they will hidding.
“Who are you”! asked a lady with a silver white long hair standing in front of me, and she is very pretty. Her pale skin add to her beauty.
“I am the goddess of death, Dana “she said
“Am I dead”! asked
“Not yet”she said.
I felt someone drag me, but I didn’t see anyone
“Someone is trying to revive you back to earth, using her power to take your pains”she said
Am confused
“If she succeed, you will be revive back, but if she doesn’t, you will follow me”she said “You are suppose to be dead even before you were bom, but you are able to be conceived, that is why you were cursed to ruin your clan”she added
The fuck is this woman saying.
“I know you are confusecT’she smiled showing her white set of tooth, that have the same color as her hair
Gosh, her smile is soo am sure if she is an earthling, all men will want her.
Is she even human.
Oh, she is not, she said she is a goddess of death. But how can someone this pretty be a messenger of death.
“Can you please concentrate on my words, and not my beauty”she said
Oh she heard me.
I swallowed hard on my saliva.
“But your fate was changed when you were saved instead of killed, so you are now fated to become a Vampire’s bride “she added.
I looked at her more confused
“How do you mean that am fated to be Vampire’s bride “I asked her
“It is the fate of the Vampire to marry his first love three days after his father’s death”
“Am I Quinn’s first love”l asked
“But I don’t know him”
“You don’t know him, but he does”she said
My body felt weird, so I looked at myself.
My body is disappearing little by little.
“Congratulations, princess Amaya, you have being revived”she said
“Who is Amaya”! asked
“You will find out when it I’d the right time who princess Amaya is”she smiled
“But you just called me that”l said
By now, my leg has completely disappeared, and my body felt light
“Goodbye, I hope not to see you again”she said
“Answer my “she disappeared before I finish what am saying.
I disappear completely also.
I opened my eyes lid, and I saw a strange girl sitting at my side, holding my hand, and staring directly into my eyes.
I stare around the room. This is not our room
“She is awake”she said smilling.
Is she the one that revived me.
And why does her smile look familiar to someone that I know.
“Who are you”l asked weakly
“Queen Laurette”! heard a voice call at the other side of the bed. I turned to look at the person “Hannah”! called when I noticed she is the one who called me.
She smiled broadly at me.
“Help me up”l said
They both help me sit, and I am weak.
I don’t feel this weakwhen i was talking with the Dana
“Who are you”l asked the other girl
“She is princess Roselyn”Hannah answered instead
“What , but she is dead”l said shocked
“I am not dead , I didn’t die, I was held captive here”she said
“Where are we”l asked
“In the thick forest”Hannah said
“Hannah, how did you get here”l asked
“I was also held captive when they saw me eavesdropping on them”Hannah said scared “And who are those people”! and Roselyn asked
“Lord Lucious, prince Diego, Elder Lord Raul, Doc Bianca and lord Lucious’s son”she said to the surprise of I and Roselyn.
“I knew it, I never trust that devil uncle and his son”Roselyn said in anger
“Bianca is a Bitch”! said with gritted teeth .
“We have to get out of here”Roselyn said
“Yeah, but how”! asked frowning my face as the pain in my stomach increase.
“Sorry, but I only did a fast healing since am not that good in it”Roselyn said with concern “Thanks, because of you am alive”! said
“So how do we get out of here”Hannah asked
“I think their leaders leave after they come to check on the hideout, so I think they would have gone already remaining the guards, that will give us the opportunity to survive”Roselyn said
“So, we will fake that one of us needs help, and that is you, we won’t let them know you are awake. When one of them come in to check, cause am sure it will be one of them that will come, we will seize that opportunity to escape”she expound further
“So how do we escape”Hannah asked
“By hitting the one that came, and getting out through the door”l said
“But there will be more of them outside”Hannah said
“Yeah, but you should know how many they are”Roselyn turned to Hannah
“Three outside, two inside, and two came with us”she explained.
“So, if those two that came with you go back with their leader, then they are 5,but if they didn’t, they are 7″Roselyn said
“If one come to check, 6 remain”hannah said
“We will take them all, I can use hand, Roselyn will use her power, and Hannah will use the weapon with the one that came in after we take him down”l said
“Good, so will you be ok”Roselyn asked me
“I will be”l said reassuring her.
“Ok, now let’s put our plan into work”
I lay back on the bed, and sleep closing my eyes so they won’t know that am awake.
I heard banging on the door
“Helpppp”! heard Hannah cried
Then continuous banging on the door followed.
Roselyn is sitting by my side, and I heard her sniffing.
“Helppppp”Hannah cried again
Then I heard clicking of the key opening the door
I smiled to myself. Plan worked.
I felt someone walk up close to me
“She stopped breathing”Roselyn said faking a cry
The person brought his hand to my neck to check my pulse, I freeze immediately, so it will look like am dead
“I don’t think “The guard wanted to say, but I heard a thud on the floor.
“Open up”Roselyn said
I opened my eyes, and I saw the guard laying on the floor, with blood on his head
“He lost consciousness just with a little hit”Hannah said raising the flower case he use in hitting the man.
I touch the flowervase
“It is very hard, for it not to scatter even after it was used to hit someone’s head, and the person lost consciousness”! whined
“I was the one who request for it when I was alone here”Roselyn said
“And they get a hard one to their disadvantage”Roselyn added.
“No time for whining, let’s move on”l said
I stand up, and we aim to walk out.
The guard didn’t have any weapon with him.
Just as we were about moving out, the door opened revealing a guard.
He aim towards us, when he noticed the guard lying unconsciously on the floor.
And since I was the one at the front, he raised his hand to hit me with the stick in his hand.
I raised my hands up, and closed my eyes expecting the stick to hit me, but nothing happened. Then I opened my eyes slowly.
The sight in front of me surprised me.
The guard is hanging in the air.
I looked at the back to look at Roselyn and Hannah, maybe it is Roselyn’s work, but they also looked confused, and it was not Roselyn’s work.
I looked back at the guard he is still in the air, and my hand is still raised up.
Then I squeezed my hands, and the stick dropped from his hand, and he hold his neck struggling for breath.
Who am I? Did I perhaps possess a supernatural power

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Episode 23

I didn’t release the man, as I can’t control myself again.
I tighten my hand, and he gasps for air more as his eye lids are threatening to close.
“He is gonna die if you don’t stop”Roselyn said
But I can’t stop myself, I feel a spirit in me that wants to kill the guard, but my human spirit is trying to stop.
I feel my body burning up, and my eye is changing into a strange color
“He will die any minute, if we don’t stop her”Hannah said.
Someone then hit me, and I lost focus on the guard and he landed on the floor with heavy thud, and he lost consciousness immediately.
“What was that for?”l asked
“If I didn’t you would have killed him”she protested
“Did you guys see that”l looked from Roselyn to Hannah
“Yeah, we saw you and you almost killed him. And the only supernatural being that posses that power is a witch”Roselyn said
“Then, am I a witch”
“I think so”Hannah said
“What do you mean”
“I heard Lucious and his son saying that you are princess Amaya”
“The exiled witch princess”Roselyn asked shocked
“Yes” Hannah nodded
“And who is that”
“Princess Amaya was the witch first princess, and she was cursed to ruin the clan, so she was exiled from the city”Roselyn expound
“Then how am I here if I am princess Amaya”l chuckled
“Well, we will find out about that one another da we seriously need to get out of here, or we gonna get caught”Roselyn complained
“Let’s move”l said
Hannah picked the unconscious guard stick as defence
We tiptoedout of the room, and entered the sitting room
No guard in there, which implies that the rest are outside.
And Immediately, the main door flung open, and the guards troop in.
And fortunately, there are 3 of them.
Two huge, and 1 thin.
“Hannah, you go for the thin guy, I an Roselyn will go for the huge ones”l whispered enough for Hannah and Roselyn to hear.
“Am scared”Hannah frowned
“Don’t be, I’ve gat yah back”Roselyn whined.
“This is gonna be fun”l grinned.
“Yeah”Roselyn said, and signaled with her finger that the guard should come forward. This annoy them, and they charge at us with full force.
I faced one huge guy, Roselyn faced the second huge, and Hannah faced the thin guy. We started combat.
The guard is throwing punches towards me, but I keep dodging it, and this really annoys him because he keeps coming with full force.
Roselyn is having fist fight with the other huge guard, and she is blocking his punches.
Hannah is running around as the thin guy was chasing her.
Funny sight.
I felt a sudden pain from my abdomen where I was stabbed.
I have to end this fast before I start bleeding.
Now magic.
I display my hand in the air, with my focus on the guard am combating with.
I carried him into the air, and throw him very hard to the wall. He faints.
Roselyn held the guard on the neck, and his legs are dangling in the air as he is struggling at her grip on his neck.
There is devilish smirk on her face.
“Be glad I don’t need blood now, else I will have drain you of your blood”she said, and released her grip on the guy’s neck, and he make contact with the ground with a loud thud.
“Help me”Hannah cried.
We looked at her, and the guy’s palm is under her chin, and head, waiting to twist her neck. “Pave way, or am gonna break her neck”he threatened.
He saw how dangerous we are and he is trying to run away, and he is threatening us?. Crazy being
But his threat didn’t get to me at all.
“Let her go, or am gonna make your death painful”Roselyn growled
He make to twist her neck, and gave us the ‘dont dare me look’
“You just make your greatest mistake”! scoffed
I display my hands in the air again, and he too is now in the air.
Hannah run to our side
I displayed my hands, till he is laying horizontally in the air.
I brought him close to the ground, and with full force, I make him hit the celling, and it breaks, and just with the same force, I make him land on the ground with his stomach.
Blood gushes out of his mouth, as he wince in pain.
I move closer to him with my eyes red shot from anger.
“You dare to threaten me using my friend, you are very stupid”! said
I wanted to continue my punishment on him, but Roselyn dragged me back
“You don’t wanna be a murderer”she said calmly.
I sighs.
She released her grip, and turned to Hannah .
I look back at the guard, and anger build up in me again.
“Snitch”! cursed, and kick him at his head, he knock out immediately.
I turned to look at Hannah, and they are both glaring at me
“What?”l shrugged
“You are one hell of a fowl tempered witch”Roselyn said
It is not yet confirmed am a witch.
“Are you OK, Hannah”! asked
“Yes, I was scared at first, but you saved me”she cooed.
I blushed at her words.
And I notice she didn’t call me Queen Laurette, she is now comfortable around me.
I laughed, and they joined me.
“Let’s get outta here”! said after our laughter died down.
They both nodded.
We pass through the main door, and we stepped outside.
“Ahhhh”Roselyn shouted immediately she stepped outside, and the scorching sun made contact with her body. She stepped back inside
“What”! asked
“Am a vampire, we hate the sun”she said
“But it doesn’t affect Quinn”! said
“Quinn is different, he is a more stronger Vampire, so the sun doesn’t affect him”she frowned
Hannah shoulder drops as she sighs.
“I think you guys should just go”Roselyn said sadly
“Is there anything we can do”l asked
“We are not leaving here without you”l said
“But ”
“No but, we will find a way together”! cut her short
“And if we are gonna do that, we have to be fast”Hannah said.
We searched if there is anything we can do so the sun won’t make contact with her body, but we didn’t get any idea.
We even searched the house for maybe a umbrella, and when we find one, it didn’t work. Her body still heat up under the umbrella shade.
“Uhhhhhhh”! sigh sitting on the floor outside.
“Just go”Roselyn said
I look up at the sun indirectly
“Can’t it just be cloudy today”! said.
The cloud started rumbling, and the cloud cover the sun, then it becomes cloudy.
I continue looking at the sky in awe at what just happened
“Did you do that”Roselyn asked
Ion know”! said
“Well, I think she dicT’Hannah said.
Roselyn stepped out, and my skin is not burning.
We all looked at our self, and we started jumping in excitement, and screaming.
“Did I miss out on something”a voice asked from our back.
We turned to look at the owner of the voice, and it is
“Lucious?”it trailed out of Roselyn’s mouth.
Instead of them to run and go, they are busy dancing. Well, I trust my Laurette, they go fight and die for there.
Laurette + Roselyn against Lucious.
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Episode 24

We are searching for them now in the thick forest. We didn’t superspeed so that we can do thorough search.
Then, suddenly the sun shown so bright, that it started burning Gwen, Diego, and Harris’ skin. But it didn’t affect mine, because am an Alpha Vampire from birth.
They started groaning in pains as the sun make contact with their skin.
I eye searched around maybe I can find a shade, then I saw a cave.
I ushered them there, and we entered the cave that is sun free.
Their pain reduced, as they all sit on the floor.
“I don’t think we can continue the search”Diego said
“I will continue on my own, and you can all join me when the sun set”l said, and make to continue the search
“I am sorry, Your Highness, that I won’t be able to follow you”Harris said, and he look sad and down “Pls, be safe”he added
“Make sure you find her”Gwen said concerned.
“I will”
I leave them there to face my responsibility.
‘Protecting My Queen’
I walk more into the thick forest.
I continue eye searching the bush, and I am trying to perceive her blood, but I can’t seem to get it Maybe the intruder hideout is not near, or maybe their hideout is not even here in the bush.
I lost hope of finding her in the forest because I have been searching since, but it was fruitless. But my conscience is telling to continue the search.
I walk further.
I perceive a human blood.
I walk to the direction the blood scent is coming from.
As I walk further, the scent become stronger.
Suddenly, the sunny and bright day become cloudy after the sky rumbles.
Only one super natural being can do this
‘The Most Powerful Witch Alpha Witch’
But dad told me there no Powerful witch anymore.
So, how is this possible.
I superspeed to where the human blood scent is coming from with fear that maybe it is the powerful witch that kidnapped Laurette.
The first person I saw as I arrived there is Lucious’ cunning face, but the remaining are backing. I guessed one of them to be Laurette, because of her hair and shape.
“Laurette”! called.
The three of them turned, and my heart beat seized.
Roselyn, how is she alive?
Laurette smiled at me.
“For you to recover so fast from that poisonous leaf, I guess you are not a weak king after all”Lucious grinned.
Roselyn made to walk to me, but some guard stay in their blocking them away from me. “I think your reunion will be tough”Lucious smirk.
I was lost, so I can’t even utter a word.
Roselyn eyes already has glitters as we were both staring at ourselves.
Laurette was smilling looking at us.
And also, there is a palace maiden with them.
We just continue staring at ourselves.
Roselyn died, she was killed in my presence. Even though the killer took her away
Since we aren’t able to find her corpse, she was pronounced dead since she was stabbed with the forbidden knife .
“I don’t have all day”Lucious said “Come out guys”he added.
Then, bodyguards troupe in.
“I want to see you use your power, princess Amaya, cause it seems you are now practicing it”Lucious said with his devious smirk plastered on his face.
Princess Amaya?, the exiled princess.
Who is princess Amaya among them.
“Oh, I can see that our dear Vampire king is wondering who princess Amaya is. Can you guess”Lucious teased.
Can it be the palace maiden?, or is it Laurette, cause it can’t be Roselyn.
“Well, I can’t let our dear king rack his brain. It is your dear Queen, she is the ‘CURSED EXILED PRINCESS’he stressed the last part.
On hearing that, I was surprised .
What, Laurette is Princess Amaya?, how is that even possible?.
“You are surprise right?, of course you are “And that is the reason I was told to do what c
What, he will kill her. Not when am alive.
“You dare not, Lucious”! said bravely.
“Wow, our weak king is now so brave to talk”he whined.
I walked to the front of the guards blocking us, but they didn’t make any sign of moving. “Move”l commanded in anger irritated by their action.
“They don’t receive orders from weak people”Lucious said.
In frustration, I grabbed one of the guard on his neck, without turning into my Vampire form.
The rest of the guards gifted back
I lift me into the air with one hand tighten my grip on his neck.
He hold his neck with his two hands, and he is gasping for breath, I still didn’t lighten my grip.
Am so angry right now, and am sure my eyes are red shot.
They all just stand where they are, and are staring at me.
I throw him hardly at a nearby tree.
“You don’t dare me”l said facing Lucious.
“What are you doing, you stupid punks, attack”he commanded his guards, and they all came at me at once.
I pick them one by one, and continue trowing them at a tree.
Some of them broke back in the process, they wince in pain on the dry leaf.
Those that can still withstand the pain stand up to attack more.
Some also attack Laurette and Roselyn, and what Roselyn was doing to them surprise me, but Laurette’s surprise me more.
She is flinging them in the air without even moving near them, talkless of touching them. Our eyes met
Her last target is still in the air as her full attention was on me, with a smile on her face
I miss her so much, I just want to rub to her now, and hug her. But we have to win this battle first, so that all the mystery that is happening can be explained to me.
Her expression changed from happiness to being scared, and she is looking at something behind me.
I turned, and I saw Lucious running to me with a knife in his hand.
Forbidden knife .
He reached me, and wanted to stab me, but I grabbed his hand, and twist it
He loosen his grip on the knife, making it fall to the ground.
I twist his hand more, till a crack is heard.
I have broken one if his hand.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”he yelled in pain
I let go of him, and he landed in the floor.
He wince in pain holding his broken arm with his other hand.
“I warned you”.
I looked at the back, and saw that the guards are all down.
Some are groaning in pains, and some are lying helplessly on the floor.
Laurette was smilling at me.
Gosh, I miss that smile.
I superspeed to her, and hold her in surprise.
“I have missed you”l muttered
“I miss you more”she smiled.
I pulled her into a hug.
I have missed hugging her.
She is just gone for hours, and I miss her this much. I don’t think I can ever handle losing her. “I LOVE YOU”I whispered to her ear.
I heard her chuckle, and hug me tighter.
Her embrace cools me, and her presence gives me strength.
Suddenly, she went all stiffen, and she pulled away from the hug, and pushed me aside.
And before I can know where she ran to, I heard gun shot.
I looked at where the gun shot came from, and I saw Lucious holding a gun with his other hand, and his broken arm is dangling.
I turned to where he pointed the gun at, and I saw Roselyn and the maid kneeling beside someone lying on the floor.
On sighting the person, my heart stopped for a bit, and my body were trembling.
Her eyes were on me as she was smilling.
I walked to her, and saw that she has been shot.
The same place where she was stabbed.
I sit on the floor, and placed her head on my lap.
I hold her hand, and pressed the other on the area she was shot.
I am already shedding tears, I can’t take this anymore.
“I I I am 0 Ok”she stuttered.
“Please, don’t say anything”! sniffed ‘Just don’t say anything”.
My lips are quivering, and my body is shaking.
I felt like I am loosing a half of me.
Roselyn stand up, she run to Lucious in anger, and started hitting him on his face yelling. “You will be OK”I assured “Nothing will happen to you, am here. Just trust me”l said
I turned to the maid
“Hey, look up”! said
She looked at me
‘Look after her I will be back”l said to her
“Don don’t go”
“I have to bring a physician to help you”l said
“Pls don don’t leave me”she hold unto my hand as tight as she can. I need to stay with her.
“Do me a favor”l turned to the maid
She looked at me
“Run as fast as you can, and make sure you bring any doctor here”l commanded She didn’t answer me she just stand and walked into the thick forest.
“Hey”i called just before she disappear into the forest “My hope is on you”
She nodded, and enter the forest because that is the only way out of here.
Roselyn stopped hitting him already and she is nowhere to be found.
Only I, Laurette, unconscious Lucious and the guards are visible in the forest now.
I sit well, and also lift Laurette up a little resting her head on my chest.
We were like that for some mins.
I got afraid when her breathing become unstable, and her grip on my hand tightens. Her breath is seizing.
She released my hand, and brought her hand to my neck.
She lean me to her, and she placed a soft kiss on my lips.
She withdraw, and hold my hand back.
I am looking around maybe I can see a glimpse of a person, but no one is coming, no one is near.
I am so damn frustrated now.
“Damn”l groaned in anger and tears.
I heard her smile weakly
“I Love You Lucious Empire”she uttered.
Her breathing stopped, her grip on my hand loosen, and her hand slip away from mine. Her body lay on my chest lifelessly.
New hot tears streamed down my cheek as realization hit me.
Laurette have later die
Don’t talk to me oooo, am sooooooooo sad right now.
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Episode 25

We hid in the cave, and after some mins, the sunny day become cloudy. We all looked at ourselves
“The Alpha Witch”Harris said
“Is the alpha witch still alive”Gwen asked
“I think so, because it is only the alpha witch that who can do this”Harris explained.
“Let’s join Quinn in the search”! said
We all stand up, and enter the forest.
After walking for a while, we heard a growl.
We all stopped abruptly at our spot.
‘Quinn?”Gwen said scared
We superspeed towards the direction where the growl come from.
On our way, we met the maid that was kidnapped along side Laurette.
She was panting very hard, holding her knees
“The Queen is in danger”she said in tears pointing behind her.
What Laurette is in danger?.
“What happened”Gwen asked shocked.
“She was “We didn’t let her finish her sentence.
We superspeed past her.
We reached a spot, and we all stopped when we saw guards lying on the floor, and Lucious was lying on the floor weakly, and blood stained his mouth.
I moved to where Quinn was sitting with Laurette on his chest.
His cheek has already drained with tears.
Laurette face look pale, and her lips are dry. Her body looks like there is no life in it.
In superspeed, Bianca and Roselyn arrived.
Roselyn, she is alive?
“Treat her right now”Roselyn yelled at Bianca.
Bianca flinched, and moved to Laurette’s body.
“Don’t touch her”Quinn said
“Let me take a look at her”Bianca said
“There is no hope, she is gone”Quinn said.
He wipped his tears, and stand up placing Laurette’s head on the ground gently.
He stand up, and walked to a nearby tree, making me wondering what he is gonna do.
Our attentions were on him
Harris walked to Laurette’s body, and started examining it.
Just then, the guards arrive.
Seeing Laurette’s lifeless body, they all bow their head sadly.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”Quinn roared, and hit continuously on the tree, till his hand started bleeding. No one dare move near him, as doing so is dangerous.
“She is still breathing”Harris said to everyone’s dismay.
“What do you mean”Roselyn asked moving closer to him
“She is still breathing, but it is faint. So if we do something quickly, she can survive”Harris explained
Thank God. Quinn turned, and his eyes are already red shot, and his hand is dripping of blood “Then do something”he yelled.
Harris asked for a syringe from Bianca, she handed it over to him. Then he injected it into Laurette’s body.
She gasps as she was injected, and that is what gave us assurance that she is alive.
“She will sustain with this for 30 mins, so we have to get her home on time, so that we can commence the actual healing”Harris concluded.
Quinn carried her in bridal style, and superspeed out of the place.
“I will have to follow”Harris said and he run after.
Roselyn and Bianca also follow asuit.
I looked over at Lucious, and he is sitting up now.
I signaled at him to keep shut and also calm down.
“Arrest him”Gwen said to the guards.
Two of them moved to Lucious, and hold him tightly at his two arms.
They led him past me to the car they used.
He smirk as he walked past me.
I will look for a way to rescue him, so he won’t tell that I and my dad are part of the mission.
I have to confront Bianca also.
The rest of the guards arrest Lucious’s guards Then we headed to Empire.
I placed her on the bed in our room, and continue staring at her as she was breathing faintly, and I hold her hand in mine, caressing it with my other hand
I brought her hand to my lips, and placed a soft kiss on it.
The door opened, and Harris, Roselyn and Bianca walked in.
“We have to get rid of the bullet first”Harris said.
“Ok”Roselyn said.
She disappeared into the bathroom and came back with a bowl filled with water.
She placed it down, and Bianca brought out a knife.
“I will do it”Roselyn said stretching her hand to collect the knife from Bianca.
She handed the knife to her.
She looked at me, asking for permission
I nodded my head.
She placed the tip of the knife at the bullet shot, and she dipped it in.
Laurette tighten her hand on mine, and she winched.
She dipped it more in, until it touches the bullet, and she brought it put gently.
Her pain reduced as she loosen her grip on my hand.
Roselyn dropped the bullet in the bowl, and she wrapped the gunshot wound with a piece of cloth. “Now that the bullet has been removed, the two of you will take in her pain”Harris said “And, it might be hard, cause I don’t think she is human, surviving the forbidden knife stab”he said “I will do it”
“I will join you to make the task aasy”Roselyn said
“Two vampires can do it, I think she is a powerful person”Harris said
Roselyn moved to her other side, and hold her hand.
“You both have to start at the same time”Harris uttered.
I breath in and out, and Roselyn also did.
I held unto her hand tightly.
“Remember that if you fail, no doubt she will die immediately”
“Now, start”
I closed my eyes, and the healing started.
I can see some things from her pady, but they aren’t clear. It seems she is trying to hide it. I also felt magic surrounding her
I groaned as I felt a sharp pain in my heart.
I must continue, I must not lose control, if I do, so does Roselyn.
I focus on the healing.
After some mins , we stopped.
I opened my eyes, and looked at the gunshot wound, and it had healed.
We waited for her to open her eyes.
She has not yet open her eyes.
My eyes are already welling up.
Then, her hand moved.
I looked at her, and she is opening her eyes little by little.
I stared at her until she opens it widely.
I smiled broadly at her.
“Laurette”! called.
She looked at me with no expression.
“Do you know me”she asked plainly
“What?”l heard my voice said out
“Where am I? What am I doing here?, where is skylar and Larry?”she asked
I just stared at her confused.
She look at our intertwined hands.
I also looked there, and she removed her hand.
I continue looking at my hand lost.
She can’t remember me
“Who are you?”she asked again
“It’s me, Quinn”l said after I found my voice.
She continue looking at everyone in the room clueless.
I wanted to touch her, but she shifted
She looks at me, and it is visible on her face that she is scared.
She is scared of me , God I hate this.
“I think she has amnesia spell”

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