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Vampire’s Bride Season 1 (complete)

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Episode 20

I woke up after I had a dream of everyone having a happy ending.
I hope this one will come true.
I looked at my side, and I saw Quinn sleeping soundly.
I rub my hand on his hair.
Such a romantic handsome vampire.
I stand up silently, and wear my footwear.
I enter the bathroom, then I sprinkle water on my face, and arranged my messy hair.
I come out from the bathroom, and Quinn is still sleeping.
I don’t want to disturb his sleep, so I exit the room and entered the elevator for downstairs. I hop out of the elevator as its door opens, I walked to the kitchen straight.
“Morning”Clara greeted me sipping from the cup in her hand
“Morning”! mumbled
“Do you need this?”she asked raising the coffee mug in her hand to me.
I nodded.
She prepared mine also, and handed it over to me.
I sipped from the coffee.
What I need, I thought dreamily.
“What is that”Clara asked looking at my neck.
I touched my neck.
“It’s a hickey”Clara exclaimed
“Did Quinn put it there?”she asked.
“Who else if it not Quinn”! said
She laughed.
Then I remember Diego kissing me again.
“Diego kissed you?”she exclaimed with shock.
“How did you know”! asked surprised as tp how she know.
“You just thought about it”
Right, she can read minds.
“So tell me, did Diego kissed you”
I nodded unable to say it with my mouth.
“That good for nothing dumb ass”she gritted her teeth.
“Hey calm down”l touched her.
I should be the one acting this way not her.
“You are Quinn’s, how dare he touch you”
“Can you be calm”
“How can I, Quinn mustn’t hear’bout this”
“What must I not hear about”Quinn said walking into the kitchen.
I turned to look at him, his messy hair make him look handsome.
He didn’t look this cute when he was sleeping.
Don’t get me wrong, he is cute when he is sleeping, but cuter with his early morning messy hair.
Clara looked at me .
“Are you kidding me”she mouthed
Oh right, she can read mind. And she know that am drooling now instead of looking for a lie.
“I didn’t ask you to drool”Quinn said in a way that I feel like moving tp him, and slap him. Who is drooling.
“Haha haha haha haha”Clara laughef hysterically.
Quinn looked at her in disbelief
“Why are you laughing like that”he asked.
“Uhmmm , because you caught us”she said
“On what?”he asked
Clara looked at me
“Uhmmm , we are both planning on sneaking out of the city tonight”! said
“What?”Quinn exclaimed
Laurette, thank God you are a good liar.
Is that even something I should be proud of.
“Don’t even think of doing that”Quinn said
“We are already thinking of’Clara said
“Don’t think of carrying it out then”he warned.
He moved to the Fridge, and opened it. He remove a water from it and open the lid.
He gulped it down, and some drop down to his chin, and dropping slowing on his singlet, showing a little of his muscular chest.
I wish to move to him at this moment, and run my hands on his chest.
I looked at his Adam apple, and cannot help than to drool at how the it is moving up and down at his gulp.
He dropped the bottle, and looked at me.
I wanted to advert my eyes, but he already caught me looking at him.
He smiled at me, and cannot help but blush.
My cheek heat more as he wink at me and exit the kitchen.
“Can’t you help yourself than to drool?”Clara asked with a irritated look.
“How do you expect me to , he is just too , sexy, and cute”l said dreamily. “And you are even thinking of running your hand on his chest here”she said in disbelief. “None of your business”! stick my tongue out to her
I should control my thinking now
“I can hearyou”she said.
“You know what, can’t you just use your power to find out about Larry’s feeling about you”! said
“What?”she asked surprised
“I knew you like him, with the way you look at him”! said
“Just read his mind”
“I don’t want to”she said
“I want him to tell me how he felt himself, I don’t want to use my super power to find out” “Oh, good luck with that, cause I know my brother to be the shy type”! said.
“And he knows you to be the overprotective type”she said
“Were you talking about me at my back”
“Kind of’she whined
“You are both in trouble when I get hold of you”l said
“Catch me if you can”she said, and run out of the kitchen before I reach her. I run after her, but I bump into someone.
“Ouch”l rubbed my head with my hand.
“Are you OK”I heard that voice that I don’t want to hear.
Diego is standing in front of me, with a concern look.
I hate that look coming from him, especially if it is towards me.
“Are you OK?”he asked again, wanting to touch
I move back
“Don’t you dare”
“Am sorry for yesterday, OK, I didn’t mean to”he apologized.
“Don’t you dare talk about that again”l said
I proceed to walk away, but he grabbed my hand
“Laurette”he called
“How dare you call my name”l shouted jerking my hand away from his grip. “Is anything the matter”skylar asked
I looked back, and I saw Clara, Larry, skylar and Gwen all standing looking at us. I turned to Diego back.
“I clearly told you not to talk to me again”! yelled.
“If you continue talking to me, I might be forced to do what you won’t like”l threatened.
My threat is empty, cause there is nothing I can do to him, I just want him to leave me alone. I stormed out of there, leaving Diego hurt, and the rest confused except Clara I guessed.
I need to calm down right now.
And the person that can do that is Quinn.
I entered the elevator, and hop out as it reached fifth floor.
I entered the room, but I didn’t see Quinn there.
I checked the bathroom and my room, but he is not there.
I slump on his bed, and hug his pillow to myself.
Then, I saw a figure at the balcony.
I stand up, and walked there.
And there he is backing me, and leaning on the iron rod.
I moved to him, and hug him from the back.
He flinched a little.
“Laurette”he called calmly.
“Are you OK”
I nodded even though he can’t see me.
He hold my two hands resting on his abs, and turn to look at me. Chat Martin Martino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.
“Are you OK”he asked again
I looked into his eyes, and saw concern.
I feel like I betrayed him. How dare Diego kissed me, now am feeling guilty.
My eyes are already welling up.
He held my chin, and caught my lips in his.
I haven’t even brushed yet.
He taste of mint.
He withdraw, and hug me and pat my back.
All his actions are like soothing words to me, and I am relieved.
We disengage from the hug, and he makee face where he was facing before, and hugged me from the back.
We just stand there hugging, and looking at the beautiful scenario of the city. This place has a nice view.
Then, we heard a loud bang from the room.
He moved away from me, and I looked at him.
He signaled me to stay there, and he entered the room.
I can’t just stay here and do nothing.
I followed him.
I saw 3 men, they are costumed in black, and they used mask to cover their face. One of them is pointing a knife at Quinn.
I am scared at this sight.
Quinn looked at me, and sighs.
“Give me the life rod, or am going to kill both of you”one of the men said
Life rod, what is that
“I don’t have it”Quinn said expressionless.
“You try tp joke with me, I might be forced to kill your lover first”the same man said.
“You dare not touch her”Quinn growled.
One of the other two moved to Quinn, and they started fist fight.
Quinn take the man down after some beating. The man with the knife moved to me, and hold my neck pointing the knife at my abdomen.
“Let go of her”Quinn growled in anger and his veins are becoming visible, but they are disappearing back.
“Don’t try too hard to transform, or use your power. I have put a smoke here that you would become weak, am still wondering why you are not down by now”the man holding my neck mocked.
“Let go of her”Quinn said moving to where we are weakly.
The man moved me and himself back a little.
“Don’t come any closer or you are gonna lose your Queen, just how you lost your little princess”the man laughed hysterically.
Quinn moved again, and he lose balance, and fell
“Quinn”l called in tears.
I am already in tears, as seeing Quinn being hurt, it is like my world has being crumbled. “Shh, don’t cry my Queen, you have to be strong”the man teased.
One man walked to Quinn, and hit him on his stomach.
He winced in pain
“Quinnnn”! yelled
He look at me, and smiled weakly
“Am here Laurette, don’t worry”he smiled broadly, and weakly
Can’t someone come and lend a helping hand, I can’t take this anymore, it hurt than being shot, seeing the person you loved hurting.
He moved closer again.
“Where is the life rod?”the man asked again
Quinn didn’t answer, as his gaze is on mine.
“I guess I have to do this then”the man said, and I felt something pierce my stomach.
I looked at Quinn, and he has become tensed, and his gaze was on my stomach.
I looked at my stomach, and I saw the knife piercing my stomach.
The man removed the knife, and blood started gushing out of my stomach.
He released his grip from me, and let me fall freely on the ground.
I held unto my stomach.
My breathing quickened, and the pain coming from the area that I was pierced is unbearable.
I looked at Quinn, and his lips were shaking as he was trying to talk.
I tried to talk, but what came out was blood.
Blood was gushing out from my mouth and stomach.
I looked at Quinn again, he is crying, and he is weak as he is trying to crawl to me, his effort is in vain as he is not able to move.
Can’t someone’s life be full of happiness, and not happiness at one min, and sadness at another min.
Some mins ago, we were both hugging our self, and the morning breeze brushing our body, and enjoying the good scenario. But what is this now one is weak, and the other is in her own pool of blood.
I am now weak as I have lost too much of blood, I closed my eyes, and darkness took over.
Am dead.
Crying mode activated
Who can guess who those assassins are.
I will not say anything ooo, because am sad .
I am shedding tears writing this episode, it is just sooo.
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