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Vampire’s Bride Season 1 (complete)

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“Who is the girl you like in your form”a mother asked his son who is 7 years old. He pointed to a
young girl sitting at a conner laughing with her friends.
“You picked a beautiful girl, so you will have a beautiful wife”the mother said. The young boy only
nod and smile.
Quinn Empire : He is the crown prince of the Empire city, the Vampire city. He is to be crowned
and wedded three days after his fathers death to his first love . It is written that he must marry his
first love.
Laurette Blake: She is a lady in her early twenties, who is working so hard to earn money for her
brother operation. But unfortunately for her, she is the Vampire’s bride . And also, she has the
ability to see what will happen the following day through dreams.
Gwen Empire :He is Quinn’s younger brother, he helped in bringing Laurette into the palace.
Larry Blake: He is Laurette younger brother who wants to protect his sis from the Vampire
Emperor. He is also a Cancer patient.
Bianca Rodriguez: She is the Vampires’ doctor, she loves Quinn and wish to do anything to make
him her’s. She is a half human, half Vampire .
Diego Empire: He is Quinn and Gwen’s cousin, he wants the throne, even though it is not his.
Clara Martinez: She has being taken as an hostage since a war between her clan and the
Vampire, she is the princess of the witch clan. But she was raised in the Empire city.
Skylar Brick: She is Laurette best friend


Empire castle is the biggest mansion in the Empire city and even the biggest of all other castle .
Outside the castle, there are many statue of the Vampires’ ancestors. It is painted red all over
even the inside.

Inside the castle
A man is laid on a red sheeted bed, his white beard and wrinkles on his face make it obvious that
he is in old age. He the vampire king . Beside his bed side are his wife, his two son and his right
hand man.
“am going to meet my ancestors, don’t be sad my queen, and Quinn, protect your mom, your
brother and your brother”. The king said in a clear voice that it is like he is a young man.
He held unto his queen’s hand very tightly, and his grip on his queen’s hand loosen as he gave
up the ghost.
“The king has gone to meet his ancestors”the king’s right hand man said.
“You know what to do”the queen started facing the king’s right hand man. “Bring the girl here in
24 hours”.
“Done your majesty”the king’s right hand man said and bowed to leave.
“I will follow him”the king’s second son said
“You don’t have to, he knows how to do his work”the king’s first son said to stop his brother
“Let him follow him, I and you will prepare the funeral”the queen said
The king’s right hand man and the king’s second son were about exiting the room, when the king’s
first son said
“You’ve got 24 hours” therthery only bowed and exited the room.

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Episode 1

The dry leaves are rustling as my leg is touching it with speed, someone is chasing me and I am
I fell, and the person caught up with me, and it turns out to be a male
“You are my bride, follow me”he said
“I don’t know you, how can I be your bride then”I said
“Just follow me, pls”he begged me.
He kept looking at the back continuously, then some men in strange form approach us, and they
The dry leaves are rustling as my leg is touching it with speed, someone is chasing me and I am
I fell, and the person caught up with me, and it turns out to be a male
“You are my bride, follow me”he said
“I don’t know you, how can I be your bride then”I said
“Just follow me, pls”he begged me.
He kept looking at the back continuously, then some men in strange form approach us, and they attacked him.
He started fighting them using his supernatural power.
I used that opportunity, I stood up and started running into the deep forest
Suddenly, the dark sky become darker, and the wind started whistling. I stood where u am and
didn’t move an inch.
“Just follow me now”he said angrily from my back.
I turned back and saw that his face has turned red, he moved closer to me in a haste.
I moved back a little, he moved closer to me and grip my hand roughly.
“Plsssss, leave me alone, I don’t know you, I can’t be your bride”I kept shouting, but he didn’t
leave me.
“Helpppppppppppp”I sreamed, and I jolted awake
It is a dream.
I have been having this dream for 13 years now, and I hope it doesn’t come true. My dream as
always come true, but I have been having this dream continuously for 13 years, and it hasn’t come
true and I hope it doesn’t.
I stand up from my very small mattress and moved to the bathroom I and my bro share.

My name is Laurette Blake, a 20 yes old lady. I am the breadwinner of my family of two, I and
my brother, Larry. Since the death of our parent, I am left with the sole responsibility of I and my
I am managing my parent small chicken restaurant which is the one we are surviving on. I am a
graduate, but no job.
I have one problem right now, my brother is in first stage of lung cancer. And the morning
required for the operation is much, and that is the problem am facing right now.
To present, I unclad myself, and bath. I moved out of the bathroom, and dressed.
I went to Larry’s room and knocked
“Sleeping bag, stand up”I called him as I opened his door, and to my surprise, he is not in his
Where is he again
I went outside, and I saw him standing
He turned back as I called his name
“Morning”he greeted
“Howbreakfast your night”

“Great, and yours”he asked
“Same here” I moved closer to him and held his arm.
“No evil will befall you, I saw it in my dream”I assured him
“I know, and am not thinking about that”he said turning to the front
“Then what are you thinking about”
“Our life”he replied
“Why our life”I asked him
“I don’t know why we have to be unlucky…….. you know, we are poor, we lost our parent at
tender age, and what is happening to me now”he said with glitters in his eyes
I patted his back
“Everything will be ok Larry, I saw it in my dream, we’re gonna be fine”I reassured him.
“What if your dream come true, and you become a Vampire’s bride, what are we gonna do
then? hmmmm”he said with tears.
“I heard you dream again, you had that dream again”he said cleaning his tears.
“It won’t happen, and stop crying, if you don’t stop, I might cry too”.
“Ok”he said.
Then, silence engulfed between us.
“Go get ready for school, so you won’t be late”
We both moved into the house, and he went to his room to dress, and I went into the small kitchen
to prepare breakfast.
Minutes later, he came into the kitchen. We ate breakfast in silence, and he used his drug and we
both left the house.
We got to the bus station, his bus arrived, and he left for his school. I decided to trek to the
restaurant so as to save money.
I arrived at the restaurant and met skylar there, she is my best friend, and she is helping me in the
“Hey, you are here”she said.
“Morning”I said unhappily
She noticed that
“What’s that, are you sick”she asked.
“It is Larry”
“What happen to him”she asked with concern

“Nothing bad”
“Ohh, thank God”she said relieved
Well, she knows all my story, the dream, my strange power and Larry’s sickness and she is a
great person helping me in hard time
“So, what is it?”she asked
“He heard my screams again today, and he is acting strange”i explained.
. “Uhm”she sighs
“Let’s start work”I said
“Ok mam”she said teasing me.
We moved into the kitchen to prepare food before customers arrive.

Am on my way home now after closing from the restaurant. I decided to trek home.
As I was going, I noticed two men tailing me, I decided to stop at a place to check through the
mirror to confirm.
I acted like I was doing my makeup on the mirror, and I noticed them from the glass reflection
that they have also stopped.
I continued walking, and increased my pace. They also increased theirs. I got to a place where
there is nobody passing by. I hide in a corner when I didn’t see them at my back again.
I rested for a bit, and started walking again, and then someone gripped me from the back and the
person used a handkerchief to cover my nose.
I struggled with him, but not long after everything became black, and I lost consciousness.

I woke up, but I didn’t open my eyes, I heard some people close to me, and they are talking.
“What did you put in that handkerchief that make her sleep for 5 hours”I heard a female voice
I have been sleeping for 5 hours? God, Larry will be damned worried
“Nothing special, your majesty”a male voice said
Your majesty?, am I in some kind of a palace.
I open my eyes slowly and I saw the mist beautiful room I have ever seen in my life. I wowed in
my mind.
I looked at my right, and I saw a woman standing with a crown placed on her head. A lady was
standing beside her, and she is bowing her head.

I looked to my left, and I saw the two men who kidnapped me here.
“She is awake, help her sit upright”. The lady with crown said.
Then the lady bowing walked up to me and helped me sit upright on the bed.
“Where is this place”I asked looking round the room and then I noticed its beauty.
“You are in a palace”the older man among the men who kidnapped me said
“And what am I doing here”I asked
None of them answered me, and then it occur to me what use to happen in movies
“Do you people want to use me?”
Still no reply
“You want to use me right,….. because am poor, you think that am useless, and you want to use
me for your stupid ritual”I spat out crying and raising my voice a little
“Calm down miss”the younger one of my kidnapper said
“I should calm down, do you think I can. You want to use me for ritual….. “I stopped sniffing
“I have a brother I want to live for, please release me”I pleaded seeing that I have no choice
than to plead.
“Am sorry we can’t”the crown lady said facing down
My anger rose hearing that
Who did they think they are to restrain me here
“What, I have my right to movement, so let me go. If you don’t……… am going to call the police to
arrest you people”I said fuming in anger
“And what if the police can’t do anything about it”I heard a voice said.
I noticed that the voice is not from the people close to me.
I looked up, and I saw the entrance door opened, and a man was standing there and my mouth
dropped in sighting the man
What the fuck, is this a human being or a greek god. He is damned handsome.
Well, I can’t drool now, I have to get outta here.

The door was closed, but he didn’t move from where he is
“Excuse us, I need to be alone with her”the greek god said.
And like he is their king or something, they sll over out remaining only him and I in the room.
He moved closer to where I am sitting on the bed
“You are brought here on a purpose”he said
“And what is that?,……… a sacrifice?”
“More than that”he said with a evil smirk on his face
“What do you want to use me to do, you beast”I shouted
“Mind your words, am not a beast,…… Am a vampire”he said with his eyes changing color into
“And you are my bride”

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Episode 2

“And you’re my bride ”

He moved closer to where I was on the bed and pinned me to the bed

“There is nothing you can do about it…………… you can’t run away from me either”he said with a
evil smirk.
I pushed him from me and ran to stand at the other side of the bed.
I opened my mouth to say something, but words are not forming.
“Enjoy your day, cause you are getting married to me in two days time”he said and then exited
the room leaving me speechless.
Many thought filled my mind
‘My wildest dream that am afraid of is coming true,……. what of Larry, I have to save him, I have
to save money for his surgery, but I’ll be trapped here with a vampire,……….. why is my life a
mess, why did all my dream have to come to pass, can’t this one just not happen’i thought in
“Ahhhhh”I sreamed
I squatted and pour out my pains in tears .
I woke up with the early morning sun forcing itself through the window and shining on my skin.
I checked the time, and it is 6:00am.
“Larry and skylar will be so worried about me”
I walked to the balcony and looked around
“Wow, this place is so big”
I heard the creaking of the door, and I went back into the room. I saw the girl who was bowing so
low yesterday.
“Breakfast is ready, your highness”she said and walked out Immediately.
Your highness?
My stomach grumbles in hunger
‘Let’s fill this hungry stomach with food and then look for a way to get out of this damned place”.
I walked out of the room and what I saw baffled me.
The whole of the interior is painted and designed in red .

I heard clicking of spoon on plate, so I walked to the direction climbing down through the
saw them eating at the dining.
“You are awake”the woman with the crown said. The rest turned their attention to me and
turned to their food back Immediately.
I only nodded
“Join us”she said
I walked to them and sat between a lady and the young guy who kidnapped, sitting opposite me is
a young girl probably Larry’s age, the cute vampire is sitting at the last edge, and the lady with
crown is sitting at the other last edge.
“Why is she joining us?”the lady beside me asked, and I can feel that she is not happy am there
It is not like I want to be there too.
“She is part of us now, so she will eat with us from now on”the lady with crown replied
“So, let me introduce my family to you”the crown lady said
“The guy there is Quinn, my first son and he will crowned the king tomorrow after you become
his bride . She said pointing to the cute vampire.
As if, am gonna get out of here before that tomorrow.
I faked a smile and bowed to him, but he didn’t even spare me a glance.
Fuck him…… Sorry Larry.
“The guy sitting beside tou is Gwen, my second son”
I turned to him and faked a smile.
“The lady beside you is Bianca, she is our royal doctor and she is already part of this family”. I
looked at her to greet her, but she sent me a cold glare.
I hate her.
“The girl opposite you is Clara”I looked at her, but all her focus was on her food, she didn’t
care whether am here or not
Weird vampires.
“And I am Carolina, the Queen of Empire, I mean former queen since my king is dead, he is
not dead actually, he us with his ancestors now”she concluded

So the king is dead and that Quinn is the next king, and he needs a bride…….. but why me?, why
was I chosen. I don’t care since am getting out of here.
“Eat before it gets cold”the queen said
I dug my spoon in the food and started eating like I haven’t eaten for years
God, the food is sooo delicious
They were all looking at me, and I don’t care since am going to get out of this damned strange
building soon.
I am laying on the bed snf fsvong upward at the celling.
After we were through with breakfast, we all went to our separate rooms, and now am waiting for a
good time to escape.
I stood up from the bed, and I opened the door silently so as not to attract anyone because I
heard vampires have very good and sharp hearing ability.
I tiptoed down the stairs, and walked to the exit door. I opened it and stepped out of the house.
I inhaled fresh air, I looked around.
The palace is very big and there ate still many buildings around.
I think this place is just the main house.
I walked a little, and I saw different statue, and with the way they are mould, the are vampires.
May they are the ancestors of vampires.
I walked further and I noticed that someonevid gollowimg me
God please save me. I hide behind one of the statue, and I can’t see the person again
“Ahhhh”I heaved a sigh of relief.
Then a hand gripped me from the back
I flinched and looked at the person
It is the young girl around Larry’s age.
Gosh, I can’t remember her name again

“What are you doing out here”she asked me
“Well,…… I…. I….. I was just looking around”I answered stammering
“Just that, or you ate looking for a way to escape”she asked
“What, why would I try to escape…., I was just looking around”I uttered the lasy part lowly
“Even though you want to, you can’t”she said
“Why did you say that”I asked her confused
“Because there is no way out of here”she replied
“What ”
“Only if you go and meet the gate keeper”she said
“Gate keeper?”
“Yes”she said nodding her head
“And you will need a pass”she continued
“A pass?, where can I get it”I asked her
“From the king”she said
“You mean Quinn”
“Yes, I have so many times to get a pass from the late king, but it was fruitless”she said and I
can see that she is unhappy
“You are suppose to have a pass since you’re a vampire”
“Am not a vampire”she said
“Then, what are you”I asked her
“A witch”she replied
“What, there ate witches too”I asked

“Yes”she replied
“And what are you doing here in a Vampire’s palace”I asked her
“A hostage”she replied
“You are a hostage?”
“Yes, my parent don’t like me since I was born, and they decided to get rid of me, and they sent
me here as a hostage, because the Vampires think they won’t attack since am here”she explained
I pity her, no family to imterract with. This explains why she was silent throughout the breakfast.
“Just use this opportunity to save your brother”she said
What, how did she know that Larry is sick
“How did you know”I asked her confused
“I can read minds, that is my power”she replied
“No matter what you do, you will still become his bride “she said
“But why me, can’t it be another girl out there”I asked confused
“Because it is written, and it is you fate”she said
Now, am more confused, how is it my fate, why is it me.
“Save your brother, so he won’t die”she said
“But we can do surgery”I said
“Even with surgery, his years are numbered. But if a vampire heals him, he will be healed
completely and he won’t have to worry about it again”she said
“And the only vampire who can do that is Quinn”she concluded and walked away from me
I ran after her

“What do you mean by that, can’t you help me”I asked her
“I can’t, it is only a vampire that can take pains, and the only vampire is Quinn”she said and
walked into the house
I followed her into the house.
“I guess they are not back yet”she said
“From where”
“The late king’s funeral”she replied
“About what you said earlier, wh…….. ”
“Don’t talk about it again, just think about it”she said cutting me short.
“I have never tell anyone about my story, you’re the first person am telling”she said
I just smiled, a sincere smile this time
“And am comfortable around you, I have not talk for this long in 10 years”she said
“10 years?, when were you brought here”I asked her
“5”she replied picking her nails
“You don’t have to pity me, I have gotten used to it already”she said
“I don’t pity you”u said
“What”she asked surprised
She is the one who said I shouldn’t pity her, why is she surprised when I said I dont.
“You can just think of me as you mum………. I mean as your sis when am here”I said
“Ok”she coo
Wow, she is so cute.
“I didn’t grab your name”I said
“It’s Clara”she replied.

We both talked about different things and we were both served dinner without the rest, maybe they
still performing the funeral ritual that takes place in a cave like Clara said.
I thought about what Clara said and I think it would is worth it
Save my brother, and become a Vampire’s bride.
I went to Clara’s room, that she showed me in case I need her attention
I knocked the door
“Come in”I heard her voice
I entered and I was wowed
Her room is painted in all purple, I guess purple is her fav color.
I saw her lying on her bed they is in the center of the room.
She stand up and crossed her leg
“You are awake”
“Yes”she said
“Do you think they are back”I asked
“Yeah, I heard them enter earlier”she said.
“So, where is Quinn’s room”I asked
“You thought about it?”she asked
“I nod in response.
“You will use the elevator, his room is in the last building”she said
“Yes, do you know where it is?”she asked
“Let me show you”she stand up from her bed and exited the room, I followed her.
She led me to the elevator that is at a corner in the building

“Good luck”she said and went back
I decided to use the stairs that is opposite the elevator. Am so nervous and scared, what if he just
drink my blood and I was not even chanced to talk.
Whatever, I will say my mind.
I arrived at the last building with my leg hurting me. I saw a big door and I guessed the room to be
his bedroom.
I walked to it and knocked, but there was no response
I knocked for the fifth time, still no response. I decided to open the door and I entered.
The cold aura of the owner of the room is the one that greeted me first, and then the color
The fuck, all red . He is evil.
I didn’t see anyone in the room, so I decided to look around
I saw a flower case, and the beauty of the flower attract me, and I picked up the flower vase and
was smelling the flower.
“What are you doing”a cold voice said from my back, I flinched and the flower vase dropped
from my hand and scattered
He looked at me and then at the scattered flower case, and then at me again coldly
“What did you just do”GE asked me coldly
Laurette, what did you just do, you came here to make s deal, and you end up breaking a flower
vase, am so in trouble. I wish rhe floor can just open and swallow me, but that is not possible….
Maybe someone should just enter and rescue me.
“I say what do you want in my room”he asked sternly
I wanted to say something, and the word that escapedy mouth is
“Let’s make a deal”
Someone should come and save Laurette oooo, she is waiting for you.

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Episode 3

“Let’s make a deal”I said with my lips quivering.
“A deal?”he asked walking to couch and sitting on it cross legged.
He looked at my direction and our eyes locked
“And what is the deal you want to propose?”he asked not breaking the eye contact.
I also don’t want to break it so he won’t think am scared of him (which is true) and use it against
“We’re gonna help each other,…….. you’ll help my brother recover and I’ll become your bride”I
said trying not to break the eye contact.
He glanced away from me, and I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding.
He chuckles

“I knew this will happen”he said
“What?”I asked him confused as to what he mean.
“Not only will you be my bride, you”Il also do whatever I ask you”he said.
What!!, whatever he ask. Is he crazy, what if he takes advantage of me……… no, no, no, Laurette,
you can’t, oh God, what is this?
“Deal or no deal”he asked bring me out of my reverie.
“Deal”I said
What, did I just say deal……… oh you are crazy Laurette.

“So now, you can go”he said with a evil smirk.
What the heck is this beast planning.
“You mean I should go and dress”
“No, go to you room and do whatever you like cus tomorrow is the ceremony”.he said
“Am going nowhere until you follow me to my house, to heal my brother”I said boldly
Did I just say that, oh God, what if he decide to drink my blood now.
If I die now, my stupidity killed me, not courage.
“Oh, I’ve totally forgot about the vase you broke”he said
Oops, am bursted. I have forgotten about it.
“So, you owe me now”he said
“Ok, what do you want?”I asked
“Later, we’ve gat some problem to solve now”he said standing up from the couch.
“Get dress”he said more like a command.
I walled out of his room.
Ahhh, my days with this guy will be hell. How am I going to cope being his wife forever.
Oh Lord of mercy, help me.
I used the elevator and branched Clara’s room, cusvi need an outfit
“What is the outcome?”Clara asked Immediately I entered her room which made me flinch a bit.
“We are going there now…… ”
“And you need an outfit”she completed my sentence.
“Trust me with that and just follow me”she said and start moving to a door in her room.
“Where is that?”I asked her

“My closet”she replied
I followed her into the room, and I was like
“Wow, is this a boutique”
“I told you earlier that it isy closet”she said
“How many cloths, shoes and bags are here”I asked still surprised
“Well, they are bought for me on my birthdays by well wishers”she said
“It is not like you have anywhere that you are going”I said
“I wear it on some occasions, like a family’s birthday , a wedding occasion and ministers’
birthdays”she explained
“There are ministers here?”I asked
“Yeah, this is a palace………. and you have to get dressed, I’ll tell you everything that I know
about this palace when you are settled”she said
“You don’t know everything about this palace?”I asked
“This should fit you perfectly”she said ignoring my question. I rolled my eyes at her.
She brought a blue dress to my view.
“It’s beautiful”I complemented
“Right, the late king present it tp me at my last birthday”she said
She handed it over to me.
“I’ll go get dressed”I said heading to the exit
“What of shoe and bag”she asked
“Am coming back”I said exiting the room.
I ran to my room, I entered the bathroom and bath. I rushed out of the bathroom and clad myself
into the blue dress.

I went to the standing mirror and checked myself the dress is beautiful, and it reached just above
my knees.
I ran to Clara’s room.
“Wow, this dress was made for you”she cooed.
I rolled my eyes at her.
“So now, let’s get you a shoe and bag”she said.
“Just a shoe, I don’t need a bag”I said
“Why?”she frowned
me. . . “Cus am going to meet my brother, not going on a date”I said
“It’s more like a date, since you are going with Quinn, and you have to look good to your
brother”she said, and her frame disappeared into the boutique, I mean closet.
She came out with silver shoes and bag. She drooped the shoes at my feet.
“Wear it, or should I help you”she said
“Thanks, but I can jelp myself”
I wore the shoes, and they fit perfectly to my legs. She crossed the bag on my body.
“Darling, you look perfect tonight”she teased, and I laughed
“And you can have it”she added
“Nope, I can’t”
“Of course, you can. I don’t like blue, and the dress is perfect on your body, and am sure
Quinn is gonna drool”she said
“Talking of him, how can I tell him am ready without going to that his hellish room”I asked
“What did he do to you”Clara asked in between laughter
“He didn’t do anything, it is just that he is scary”I said

“Really?, or you saw his sexy body, and you drooled over it”she said with an I don’t believe
you look
“Nope, hey, stop teasing me”I said rolling my eyes at her.
She continue laughing
“Just call him”she said after she stopped laughing
“With what”I asked
“What else, you mouth of course”she replied
“How will he hear”
“Have you forgotten he is a vampire”she said
“Oh, right……… but still, just lend me your phone to call him”
“I don’t have a phone”she said sadly
“Oops, sorry”.
“Calling him in that manner will look scary”I said
“Then, you will have to go to his room”she said
“Not an option”
I breath in and out
“Am ready”I said
She started laughing, and I wonder why
“Hey, add his name, anyone will think you are talking to them”she said still laughing
“Quinn, I am ready”I shouted
I notice Clara closed her ear and fell to the ground “Are you ok?”I asked squatting beside her
“How did you do that, it hurts”she asked half yelling
“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”I apologized
“You don’t have to, it is not your fault”she said calmly.
I helped her stand up to sir on her bed. I saw blood coming from her ear
“Oh, there is blood coming out from your ear”I said pointing to her ear.
She touched her eat, and brought it to her front, she was surprised to see blood on her finger.
I ran to her bathroom and take a tissue paper. I handed it over to her and she cut a small pics and
cleaned the blood from her ear
“Am sorry”I plead with guilty
“No worries sis, you have to go or you’re gonna be late”she said.
I left her room with her following me. As I reached the sitting room, I saw Quinn coming to our
Did he really hear me
He stopped and he looked at me, and I saw smile coming to his face. But it stopped when he
noticed Clara. He glared at her evilly.
He walked to me
“Let’s go”GE said coldly and started walking towards the exit.
I trailed behind him.
Clara’s voice stopped me
“Sis, just focus on helping you brother”she smiled at me and rolled her eyes at Quinn and then
enter her room.
I exit the house with Quinn. I entered the car and he drove off passing the narrow road I was
planning to use to escape.
I slept immediately he started the ride.

“Hey, stand up we’re here”he said tapping me.
I opened my eyes and see that we’ve arrive
Fuck, I want to see where that gate is but I was not able to. But, how did he know my house
“How did……. “I was cut shout by the sound of the slammed door.
Beast, he is already out of the car.
I alighted from the car and headed to our house with Quinn trailing behind me.
I got to our door step and I heard a strange voice.
Who is that.
I opened the door and I saw Larry, skylar and two men sitting. They all turned to me.
“Laurette”skylar shouted and rushed to hug me.
“I guess she is back”one of the men sitting said
“Yes, thanks for your help”Larry said.
The two men stand up and exited the house after one of them told me to take care of myself
“Who are they”I asked
“They’re police officers, we thought you were kidnapped”Larry said calmly
“Who is he”skylar asked looking at the scary vampire standing.
“Sit, Quinn”I said politely.
He sat down on another couch.
I told them all my encounter and the deal
“You’re not getting married to him”Larry said
“Larry stop, it’s for the best”I said

“Best?…… that my sister will get married to a beast to save me”Larry said and his eyes already
has glitters
“He is not a beast” I said raising my voice.
I looked at Quinn, but he is not affected by what we are saying.
“Ok, I’ll do it, since that is what you want. Always thinking about yourself”Larry said with tears
and went to his room angrily.
“I will be back” I said excusing myself.
I went to Larry’s room and I saw him sitting on his bed holding a photo frame of our family(dad,
mum, I and Larry)
I went to him and sat with him
“They won’t want this”he said referring to our parents
“They would, and am also happy since am doing it to save to my cute brother”I said, and I
hugged him.
We both cried out our sorrow that we’ve both been holding so as to be strong for each other.
“So, let’s go”I said
“Do we have to do it”he asked
“Yeah”I said with a smile.
We walked to the sitting room, and I saw skylar looking at Quinn evilly, but he is not even
“He is ready”I said and they both turned their gaze at us
“Make him sit”Quinn commanded.
Larry sat on the couch opposite Quinn. Quinn stand up and squatted over at Larry’s front.
“It’s gonna hurt, but you have to endure”Quinn said, and Larry only nodded.
Quinn held Larry’s left palm with his own right palm.
I and skylar just stand looking how Quinn is gonna do his work “Now, breath in and out”Quinn said.
Larry did as he was told.
Then Quinn closed his eyes, and his veins and Larry’s started becoming visible
Larry was screaming, and Quinn was groaning. They are both in pain, but I dare not move closer
to them.
I looked at skylar, and her facial expression showed that she is scared.

Now, we are on our way home after the healing.
Immediately he is true, Larry lost consciousness, and Quinn said he will be fine.
I left after I told skylar to take care of Larry.
During the journey home, I slept off again. I think this guy is hiding something.
Quinn woke me up, and I went straight into my new room, and then slumped into my bed and off I
I am in front of the standing mirror, looking at my reflection, and I am amazed.
I have been dressed into a white and flowing white wedding gown, a silver heels, and a light
makeup as I told them I want.
They are professionals.
“It’s time”Gwen said
I followed him. He told me he will be the one to walk me down the aisle.
I walk with my hand on his arm, and we both walked down the aisle.
Damn, am fucking nervous
Who won’t be, some people just came, they kidnapped you, one cute vampire said am his bride,
and now am walking down the aisle to become hi bride all because I need to save my brother.
I saw Quinn standing at the altar, with no expression, looking dashing as the prince he is
Oh, my bad he will be a king soon.

We finally reached there, and Gwen gave my hand to Quinn and he walked to where other VIPs
I saw Clara, she was smilling at me, the other girl that was introduced to me was frowning, and the
queen was beaming with smile. I saw many other people. And gosh, there are thousands of
people…… oh, I mean vampires.
“So, miss Laurette, yes or no?”the man acting as the priest asked
They already read the oat?,, I didn’t know. Oh, maybe when I was looking at everyone.
I wanted to say something, but no word is coming out.
Should Laurette say yes or no.
Maybe someone should help her say it.

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Episode 4

“Do you take Quinn Empire as your husband, and always do your task as the queen of Empire”
supposed priest asked.
What!!!, am gonna become a queen.. oh yeah, that is right, if I become his bride, I will become a
queen since he is the next king.
Am happy because am gonna become a queen, but sad because it is the Vampires’ queen.
I looked at the crowd, I saw all eyes on me, then I saw a glimpse of my mom at the front of the
Mom, but she is dead, how is she here.

“Laurette, it is your fate, so accept it and say yes”my mom said
Mom want me to marry him….., everyone’s eyes were on me, but they don’t seem to see mom and
just then she disappeared.
I turned back to the priest
“Yes”I muttered lowly only to the hearing I, the priest and Quinn
“Yes”I said loudly.
There are cheers in the crowd, and I saw some moody people in the VIP section.
After the oat, we were both crowned. Quinn was crowned, and I was crowned the queen. Then
everyone feasted.
I was the only one that is not happy. Atleast I showed it, but there are some of the people who
came who I guessed to be royal family also, it is obvious that they are not happy, but they are just
forcing it.
I went into the house when they wanted to do something like checking the king competencies like
fighting, alcohol and whatsoever.
I felt left out, I missed Larry and skylar already. I slumped into a couch
“Hey sis”
Now the girl who will make me feel lively again is here.
I sat upright on the couch.
“Are you OK”she asked worried
“Am not”I said sadly
She walked to where I sat, and also sat on the couch, and she held my two hands
“What is wrong”she asked with concern
“I think I made the wrong decision”I said sniffing as tears are forming in my eyes.
“No, you didn’t, am gonna make sure you didn’t”she assured

“And I don’t know when you start bearing Larry”Larry said
Skylar just rolled her eyes at him
“I heard you are now a queen”skylar said instead.
“How did you know”I asked
“He told us”she said pointing at the direction Gwen left
“It’s more like you forced it out of him”Larry said
“I didn’t, he said it himself”
“Then should we call him back to ask”
“Are you accusing me of being a liar”skylar shot back
“It is obvious you are”
“What?, you little brat”
“Am not little, am now a grown up”
“Keep telling yourself that. To me, you are still a boy who needs serious spanking on his
butt when he disrespect his elders”skylar said trying to piss Larry
Larry hate it when skylar try to act like a older person even though she behaves like a 6 years old
girl, and skylar Hayes it when Larry disrespect her and is trying to act like he is older.
They always fight over this.
So I just sat where I am and do what I use to do when they are on it.
Watching them to see who will win and who will give up.
“What should I offer you”I asked Larry and skylar after they are done with their birds fight that
Larry won.
“Anything but not human flesh”skylar said
“Then I guess you won’t be offered anything since it is only human flesh that filled the refrigerator”I joked
“Really?, so you are also gonna be eating human flesh now….., God, you will become a
vampire soon”skylar remark
“Come’on skylar, they don’t eat human flesh, atleast since I have been here”I said
“Better”she said
And an awkward silence follow
“I think it is time to leave”Gwen said entering the sitting room, and also breaking the silence.
“Already”skylar asked
“Yes, miss skylar”Gwen said with a smile.
Skylar blushed, and Larry shake his head at her.
“Am going to miss you lau”skylar said sadly
“Me too….., am going to miss you both”I said trying to surpress my tears. I have to be strong for
“Take care of your health Larry”
“Don’t worry I will make sure he goes for check up everyday, and eat nutritious food
everyday”skylar assured
“Take care of yourself too”
She only nodded, and she hug me
“Come here”I called Larry
He also joined in the hug.
We disengage from the hug, and they headed to the exit with Gwen.
I watch them exit the room, I can’t escort them because am gonna miss them more if I do.
I sat in the living room alone with my eyes still at the exit door and tears are slipping down on my

I heard footsteps behind me, I cleaned my tears with my hand and turned back to see a strange
He walked to me, as I was still staring at him.
“Hi, am Diego Quinn’s cousin”he said stretching his hand for a handshake.
Seeing him up close, he looks familiar……, where have I seen him before, I can’t remember.
I take his hand and shook it after I noticed that I have take too long to respond.
“Am Laurette”
“I know, we came tp your wedding today”he said.
“Oh”was only what escape my mouth
“Were you not happy marrying Quinn”he asked
“You were hesitant to answer during the oat reading
“Ah…, about that. I was just lost”I said
“Were you forced”he asked
What is this guy trying to get at, is he trying to force word out of my mouth, and what type of
answers would satisfy him…… yes or no, I don’t know.
“What the heck do you think you ate doing with my wife”an angry Quinn asked.
He entered the living room. He is still clad in the suit he used for the wedding
“No offense Quinn, I was just confirming things”he said winking at me
And what does that implies.
“And what the heck is that that you can’t ask me”Quinn asked, and it is obvious he is angry.
“It is I and sister in-law business”Diego said smilling and making it sound as if we are close.

Quinn has a bad temper and Diego is trying to use it against him. Guys like him are devil.
“I don’t think you have any business with her”Quinn said trying to calm
“Well, I do……. right sister in-law?”he asked and wink again.
Did Quinn just call my name….., wow so sweet. I didn’t know my name can sound so sweet.
“Go upstairs”he said calmly.
I obeyed him and headed upstairs. But I stopped admist the stairs and eavesdrop
“I don’t ever want to see you near her again….., and if you dare defy my order, am going to do
what you don’t like”I heard Quinn voice warning Diego
Diego scoffs loudly and then I heard footsteps.
I ran to my room and closed the door. I slumped into my bed.
Two days in this castle, and am already facing trouble, how will my days be. I don’t know when
gonna escape this mess. But I don’t think it is anytime soon.
I heard my door open, and I sit up on my bed. I saw Quinn standing at outside of my room holding
the door.
“Are you planning on wearing that dress forever”he asked pointing at the wedding dress am
What about him, he is still wearing his wedding suit.
“It is not like I have any other cloth that I can wear”
I don’t know when I gain so much courage in talking back at people.
He closed the door and left
“He likes to hang someone…., fuck him”I said to myself.
Immediately, the door swing open and Quinn entered holding cloth in his hand Oops, hope he didn’t hear that
He threw the cloth at me
“What should I do with this?”I asked picking up the cloth
“What do you do with cloth?”he asked coldly
“You can use it to decorate your room”he said and exited the room.
I hate him.
I unclad myself from the wedding dress, and entered the bathroom and had my bath.
Lotion has being dropped in my room earlier after I was dressed for the wedding, so I applied
lotion to my body.
I wore my undies, and clad into the polo he gave me. It reached just above my knee, and unlike
his other cloth that I have seen, this one color is yellow. I sniffed in the smell of the cloth, and it
smells nice.
I slumped into my bed to nap.
Just then, my door flung open and Quinn entered and he has already changed into a red tank top
and a black trouser, and his hands were in his pocket.
Handsome devil
And some men in the same outfit of a white shirt and black pant entered.
“Pack everything in this room to the fifth floor”Quinn said.
They started work and started packing the belongings in the room which I think are mine since am
using the room.
And why are they packing it to fifth floor…… that is where Quinn’s room is.
“Why?”I asked
“You are my wife now, so we share everything together”he said

What ……, the same room with the handsome devil ?
Laurette, bear ok

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