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Married to a War God (completed)

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Chapter 16


⚠ Warning: Matured content 🔞🔞🔞

When I get closer to him we both stood there like statues looking at each heart beats ringing in my ears. god, I’m so nervous. I gulp. Suddenly Casper grabs my wrist and brings me completely flush against his body under the water.I look up to him.I can barely see anything because of the water.

My bre*sts are flushed against his hard stomach. I can feel my ni**les stiffen.he release his grip from my wrist and start caressing me slowly around my arms. He then wrap his hand around my face still caressing me. He removed my hair from my face.all this were happening with my heart beat ringing loudly in my ears. I want him more. I look down his shoulders,his chest ,stomach and d*ck.gosh I need him so badly. I look at his lips and lick mine

He grabs my mouth and kissed me roughly. I couldn’t help but moan in his mouth


I feel like I’m legs are growing weak.I wrap my arms round his neck. He pulls me closer and carried me on my thighs.he carried me on his waist and I could feel his d*ck. This stupid pant is blocking the way.he grinds himself against me and I moan out with my mouth opened and him kissing me back

He put his fingers between us and start moving his fingers at my sensitive bud.

“Oh-god” I moaned out

He starts moving faster.I can feel his raging breath on my neck.I am about to release but I am trying my best to hold off. I want him inside of me when I do.

He continues going faster.I can’t hold it anymore

“Let’s go baby” he says in my ear

He kisses me immediately and slide a finger into me with his thumb still playing with my nub


He gently bite me on my throat while I gasp for breath

He turn of the showerAnd grab my hand.he takes a towel and start drying my body. What happened? Don’t he want to have s*x with me?

“Relax,stop thinking too much. I will do you in a impatience woman” he says while patting my bre*sts

He slide his hand under my pant and I gasp.he kissed me passionately. I feel my skin hitches.he move towards my neck then kissed my stomach.kissed my thighs.I can feel my breath becoming short. I wanted to touch his hair but each time I tried he goes lower. He was just an inch away from my s*x and I can hear my heart beat.he went up and kiss me on my lips.grab my hand and place it on his hair. I can feel him smile. Oh I get it.he was teasing me. He didn’t want me to touch his hair at first.

I grab his hair in a harsh way.

“Oooouch, damn woman I didn’t say you should pull my hair away from my head” he fake a scrowl.
I look at him and pull him closer. He laughs.I couldn’t help but smile.and just when I smiled back at him

“F*ck, I will eat you out some another time. I can’t wait any longer” he lift me by my A*s and I wrap my legs around his waist.

He stormed into the bedroom kissing me like his life depended on it so did i
Casper kissed me in the most passionate and deepest way ever.his hands were everywhere. I couldn’t even register where is hand weren’t felt like I was in another world. Even when our body were like it plastered together I still want more of him.Casper did not do anything apart from kissing and caressing me.

“Cas….” He kissed me before I can say his name. Geez he needs to hurry before I die of his touch

“Asper please….please…hurry”

Before I could register what was happening I feel him thrust into me .filling inside of me. Oh my!

Y-yes !” I moaned while holding the sheet for life

He thrust inside of me.I want more.

“You’re okay baby? Tell me when it too much” he says while thrusting me

“Shut the f*ck up and f*ck me” I beg

Did I just say that???

He stayed deep and kept grinding. Ho my gooooood


He leans closer to me

“I f*cking loves it when you talk dirty with that filthy mouth of yours”

He grinds deeper and I feel like am about to explode anytime soon.he sticks his finger into my mouth and I couldn’t help but suck it

“Good girl”

I feel filthy but I can’t help it.everything feels so good.this is so gooood

My hands on his wet heels digged into his neck arched and my lips parted and I came.he dived into me a few times and groaned.

“F*ck yeah” he dropped his body on top of mine but held his weight from crushing me with his arms. He put his head in my neck.we both stayed like that trying to catch some sleep

I caressed his sweaty back. Then he pulled out of me and I felt empty. I could feel something wet and warm flooding out of me. And I panicked! Oh god! What if I got my period like last time! I hurriedly pushed Casper away

‘Baby what’s wrong? ” he lifts his upper body with his arm and looks at me.

I look down between my legs. There was nothing.thank god.

“Baby what is it?

I look up to him and blush.he lays down on his back and laugh. I hit him on his chest

” you are always laughing at me”

I glare at him and cover myself with blanket suddenly conscious of my naked self.he rips the blanket away,grab my hand and pull me on top of him.

He place his hand on my ass and moves his hand up and down my thighs and ass.

“What are you shy of,little girl? Few minutes ago you were begging me to f*ck you harder” he says with a serious tone

I can feel myself turn red .why is he talking bluntly about this things. Gosh it so embarrassing

“Can you shut up and let me sleep” I say praying to god that we can avoid this awkward conversation.

“Yeah,we need to sleep.I need a week sleep after this” he let out a long breath and grabs the blanket beside me .and covers us both.

He kisses me on my forehead.

“Sweet dreams baby”

And I fall asleep immediately


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Chapter 17



Knock !knock .

” Cassy open the damn door .don’t let me barge in! I don’t want to take the risk of seeing something I will get in my nightmares ”

Knock knock knock!

I woke to the sound of luca shouting and knocking on the door.Casper is can he be asleep through this? I shake him

“Casper, wake up Asper ”

He doesn’t even move.His he dead? I shake him again

“What do you want woman? How many rounds have we done? Aren’t you tired? ”

I laugh

“I am not asking you for s*x asper luca is outside the door ”

He grabs my head in his hands and kiss me as if Luca isn’t outside

God! I wanna do it again.we woke up three times and had s*x this morning. I guess they are starting to miss their king.he rolls me onto my back and start kissing down my neck.

Knock ! Knock

“Cas- Casper I think you have some king matters to att…..ah ahh oh my”

He thrusts his finger inside of me

“Bloody hell. Casper I can hear you both” Luca shouts

I ignored him too

I f*cking love this.Casper keeps thrusting his finger inside of me and moves his thumbs on my sensitive bud and I come….hard .

“Ahhh” I pant and moan

He rolls on top his back and put me on top of him and kiss me,he sits up and I sit on top of him.we kept making out. He stops and kiss me a few time more and gets up from the bed

“Cover yourself” he says

When I do he opens the door completely naked

“What do you want moron” Casper ask Luca

“Get some damn clothes on and get to the meeting hall,your vacation is over” I hear Luca say

I lay on the bed covered with the blanket. I smiled at Casper, I can’t believe I was scared of marrying him

“What are you smiling at?” Casper smirk.

I know he might be thinking something else.I learnt that he is a very dirty minded king”

“Nothing” I say as I close my eyes

I am dead tired ! It feels like I haven’t slept in years

I hear Casper rustle in the room. Probably getting ready for whatever King activities he has missed. I feel him kissed me on my forehead and hear the door close

“Irene get long are you going to sleep for?” I wake up to Thea smirking at me.

“What time is it?” I ask groggily

“It is almost dinner get up and dress up. You and Casper had quite a reunion yea?” She smiled brightly at me

I couldn’t help but smile back at her.I feel different. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a bright future. And I am happy too. All thanks to Casper. I can’t believe how all this happened.if people told me I will marry Casper Dominic and be happy I would laugh at them.but here I am walking with a smiling face.

“Casper isn’t going to be at dinner though, they are going to have theirs in the meeting haven’t replaced me with Casper, have you? ” she crosses her arms and raise her brows at me

“He is my husband” I shrug

“You really did replace me with Casper. I can’t believe this”

I can’t help but laugh so did she

“Come on.dress up” she says and walks out.

Thea and I walk toward the dining hall. She coughs and I look at her

“Now listen up,little heads before we go inside . all the women and girls from the household will be there.they are royals and also bitches but whatsoever they say don’t take it personally okay? They are just like that”

I halt in my step

What! Why? ” my eyes panic

“I don’t like things like this”

“Irene don’t panick.what ever they say don’t let it get to you. The elders suggested that they should get to know their queen”

How can I imagine that my world will only involve Thea and Casper. I should be prepared from the start.I am the queen, I need to socialize.

“Okay straighten up and show them who is in charge ”

I straightened up.let out a deep breath and she opens the door


“When did you receive it?” I ask John

“We received it both this morning”
Everyone is sitting in the meeting hall. Apparently the king of the sun kingdom had decided to come visit his daughter all of a sudden and not only that. The king of aryss want to visit the kingdom to congratulate me on my wedding.

For f*ck sake,this couldn’t get any worse. Arthur Morgan, the king of aryss I wouldn’t really mind if he pay me a visit.we are kind of friends sort of. But Irene father? I can’t really control my anger when I’m with him not after all he have done to Irene. Yea,I’m sure I will rip his head off if he stays a day in my kingdom. But how will Irene feel? She might not talk about her past but I know how wounded she felt. Who wouldn’t be? Being neglected and abused since childhood.I am surprised she isn’t even crazy.

“We have no choice then than to prepare for their visits.I need extra guards on the posts surrounding the kingdom and castle immediately.any suspicious activity report it to me or Luca. Keep it on the low for now, I need to discuss with my wife first. Now go” everyone stands up and leaves

I lean back in my seat and sigh.this is going to be a long week probably two weeks if they decide to be more annoying.

“Sweetheart why don’t you bring us some liquor” luca says to the maid.she giggles and leaves

“That is probably why Theresa doesn’t want you”I say to luca

” is anything bad in been polite?” He shrugs

He knows I’m right. He has probably f*ck with fifty percent of the women in the castle.

“Whatever keeps you up late at night”

The maid brought in a bottle of clear liquor and pour in two cups

“No thanks I am not drinking” I say

Luca ignores me and tells her to keep pouring. He gives me the glass.

“The elders wanted the women in the house to get acquinted with your wife”

Aah that is why he is trying to get me drunk.

“Give me the damn bottle” I take and drink

Yea,I am completely f* use trying to get her before they talk.she had been there since I have this meeting.I am done for. This day is getting better and better

After I feel myself getting buzzed Luca starts to talk again. He is probably drink too. I have to admit I feel very sorry for him.he has been in love with Thea since childhood but she was never interested in him.she rejected him and he started flirting and f*cking any woman he saw.just like I did….yes I am screwed too. If Irene get to know she won’t let me touch her ever again.well it good while it lasted
I lean back and chug the bottle.

“So what are we going to do now? The reason why Thea don’t want me might be the reason why Irene won’t want you also”

Yes he is definitely drunk.

“Why don’t we go and find some whores. Let get laid! Yeah, I need it so do you” he gets up and stumbles

He grabs my hand trying to get me up. Oh no! I am not going to cheat on wife. I am not my father

“Luca sit down,I am not going to cheat on my wife. You can go get yourself a whore”

He keeps trying to get me up on my feet

“Luca sit the f*ck up”

He doesn’t let go so I push him.he falls on the ground and laughs.

“Oh Casper, stop being a pu**y. Don’t you missed when we shared a girl?oh f*ck I missed it.getting them on their knees. If you don’t want to cheat on Irene, let’s share her”

My eyes widen and my nose flares!

What the f*ck is he saying? I know he is drunk but the bloody hell he dares talk like that

“Luca go home,before you will say something you will regret”

He laughs

“Oh come on Cassy . I know you missed it. Imagine Irene on her knees sucking you and me giving her from behind ! Just imagine the possibilities.we can…….”

Bang! I smash his face on the ground.blood everywhere.he bite me with his elbow on my mouth and I could feel blood dripping.I lift him by his neck and throw him on the table and it breaks on the impact.

“Cas….I am sorry”

I keep beating him.there is blood everywhere. There is blood on my hands


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Chapter 18


“Really?, I don’t get it.we have servants why bake?” Joan I think that is her name? Says

“I like it. It is fun” I shrug.

The dinner isn’t has spoilt as it is .yes they are spoilt and they are divas. It okay anyways am used to hearing stuffs like this.

“Your majesty, your mother isn’t the queen of sun kingdom is she?”

“I remember someone telling me that she isn’t. Is it true? If you don’t mind me asking of course”

I gulp

“Yes it true. My mother was my father mistress” I sipped a wine

“Was? Is your mother dead now?” Another girl which name I don’t remember ask

“Patricia ! Why are you speaking so bluntly” Joan hit in the stomach with her elbow.

“What? We are friends now,right Irene ? We don’t have to have a filter ” she says

Everyone look at me probably waiting for an answer

“Yes of course. We are friends and yes my mother is dead.” I say

“How did she die?” Patricia ask

God! This girl and questions eh

“Why don’t we change the subject ladies” Thea says

The girl from the night on my crowning speaks up.she has the same smile she had that night.this means trouble.

“Yea,why don’t we change the topic. By the way how are things going between you and Luca?”

I look at Thea. Her and Luca? I didn’t know they had something going on between them.oh my! I am so blind.they are always together how couldn’t I notice it?

“There is nothing between I and Luca” Thea says in a cold tone

“Oh good! I wouldn’t want to ruin your relationship because last night we had quite a party in his sheet” she says

I can see Thea eyes becoming teary but she quickly recovered and smile at the girl

“That is good of you Sandra” everyone giggles except I and Thea

“Sandra do you even sleep alone one night” another girl laughs and ask her

“My favorite toy got married,what do you expect me to do?” She scowls at me

I gulp. Toy? Oh she did told me that he liked it rough.whatever it is it is in the past.I never expected a king to be a virgin in the first place.I gave her a smile that shows that I don’t care. Not that I don’t care but really there is nothing I can do about it.

She glares at me

“Hey Amanda do you remember the threesomes we had with king Casper? Don’t tell me you don’t miss when he sought us out every night? And you too Sara. I can bet everyone had had s*x with him. Everyone miss the s*x god.”

Everyone bend down and kept quiet. Oh my god! He had s*x with all of them? Even threesomes? I can feel my face heats. It is in the past Irene. I look at thea to confirm if they are lying.but she looked down too. So its true?

I continue to eat as if Sandra didn’t say anything. Everyone eats too in silence.suddenly a guard comes into the dinning hall and whisper something to the other guard who was in the dinning hall.suddenly I start hearing echoesOf shoes running in the hall behind the door. What is happening?are we getting invaded

“What is happening?” I ask the guard

“Nothing your highness,continue to dine” he was about to leave

I need to know if everything is okay. If Casper is alright

“Guard” he turns around

Time to use my authority

“I am your queen.I demand to know what is happening” I say

Thea eyes widen at my tone

“Ugh..uh…yes..your highness ”

I wait for him to speak

“What is going on?” I ask again

“Your husband as lost control. We believe his war rage has appeared.”

I get up.

“What? Why? When? How? On who?” I ask with my heart beating fast.

“In the meeting hall. With Luca your majesty” he says

“Oh MY! LUCA” I hear Thea gasp

We both run to the meeting hall.

“Stop it! He is gone!! He will kill both of you!!!” We hear the guard say

We kept running. Oh my god! He is going to kill luca

When I got to the meeting hall I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“OH MY ! LUUCAAA” Thea screamed and cried

Luca is lying lifelessly on the ground while Casper is continuing beating him with the same rhythm, as if he is in a trance. Blood everywhere.there is broken wood everywhere from the broken hand is on my chest as if it will help slow down the heartbeat

Suddenly Thea runs towards them. I try to stop her but she broke free from my grip.

“It of no use Thea.he is already dead” I whisper

Tears flow down from my eyes.I can’t get my voice out.

“LUCA, OH GOD. LET HIM GO. LET HIM GO, YOU F*CKING MONSTER” she starts screaming and hitting Casper

I can see Luca moving.thank goodness he is alive

“LET HIM GOO PLEASE” Thea screamed at Casper

I run as fast as I can.BANG! I stop. Casper had grabbed Theresa and bashed her on the he is choking her.

“OH GOD. CASPER STOP. CASPER PLEASE STOP” I scream but he doesn’t stop

“You f*cking coward. Casper wake the f*ck up ” Luca croaks

I try to get Casper hands off Thea throat but he doesn’t budge.her face is getting blue. Oh my god! I cry and scratch his hands.

“Please-please Casper you are killing her”

He doesn’t even acknowledge me.I grab his face and turn it towards me,but his eyes are still on Thea completely empty.Casper isn’t there. I can see he isn’t

“Casper, I know you are in there. Please stop all this. This isnt you ” I cry and plead

He slowly blinks and his eyes are getting watered.I slowly peel off his hand from Irene throat.

“Irene… What is? He looks at me
I can’t control my tears and quivering mouth.I look behind Casper and see Thea crying on Luca chest. While he is moving his hand up and down her back

Casper turns his head towards thea and Luca

“Lu…Luca I’m so sorry”

His voice is breaking and shaking. His whole body is shaky.his hands are clenched and all dripping with blood.he turns his face towards me again. He places his hand on my face while looking me in the eyes. He wipes my tears with his thumb. He is still shaking. He slowly drifted his eyes to his hand. I can feel the blood dripping down my cheek.I can see him gulp.he removed his hand and moved his head to look down on his head but I stop him.

“Look at me Casper. Look at me”

He looks at me but he is about to look at his hand again but I grab his face.

“Casper… look at me”

I can see the healers carrying Luca out of the room with thea following them.I hold Casper in my hand and give him a little kiss on his lips. I can taste the blood.I stand up on shaky legs and reach my hand down to Casper

“Let’s go” I whisper

He gets up and we walk together towards our room in silence. Everyone outside the room were looking at us.

When we get into the room.I walk him to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Casper stands in front of the sink and look at himself in the mirror. His mouth was dripping with blood.his clothes were soaked in blood. And his hands….his hands are dripping with blood too.I turn on the sink, grab his hands and wash them.I wet a towel and wash his face and mouth.

“Thank you Irene…… I can take it from here okay?

I nod. He wants to be alone.I walk out of the bathroom and close the door

I get out of the room and go look for thea and could everything be so perfect this morning and in less than hour everything went to hell. I don’t even know where to look. I turn to a guard and ask him where they are.he leads me to a room at the end of the hall.

Knock knock !

I slowly open the door and see luca and Thea cuddling on the bed. I am so glad they are both okay.I let out the deep breath I have been holding for so long and get out again

What now?

I walk to the flower garden at the back of the castle. I need some fresh air


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Chapter 19


It almost midnight but I just can’t get myself to go inside….I can’t. I have been out for the past 4 hours. What am I supposed to say to Casper, or do?I am just going to stay here till midnight, I hope he is asleep when I gets there.

At midnight I go inside.I stand in front of the door of the bedroom. I can see that the lights are still on I guess that means he isn’t sleeping.I take a deep breath and open the door .when I walk into the room Casper is nowhere in the room.I hear the water rushing sounds coming from the bathroom. As he been showering for 4 hours?

Knock knock! I knock on the bathroom door.

“Casper are you in there? ” I get no answer.

I open the door and walked in. Casper is sitted on the floor fully clothed under the shower. His knees are bent and his head on his hands.I sit down beside Casper and place my hand on his shoulder. He is freezing cold and shaking

“Casper ” I whisper

I just want him to look at me. I wanna know if he is still there
“Casper please look at me”

“I am a f*cking monster” he whispers

A tear escapes from my eyes. I can feel his hurt. I put my hand on his hair and slide my fingers through it .


I don’t know what to say. His shoulders moves up and down and I realize that he is crying. Oh my god.I grab his head and hold it to me.he holds his hand around me and keeps crying.

“Shh…Casper it going to be okay,Luca is okay, Thea is okay. Everything will be okay. You are not a monster” I kiss his head.

“Everything is going to be okay” I keep saying.

“No…it not..I keep killing everybody I love. Don’t you understand? I killed my mother, Nathan and now I almost killed Luca and won’t be long before I kill you”

he looks up at me . I put my hands on his face

“Stop saying that Casper. You didn’t kill your mother. You killed Nathan to protect me.okay? You are not a monster. You’re kind, sweet,passionate,protective and patience.I don’t know what happened today, but you didn’t kill Luca. You get these episodes.I don’t know how but we can fix these. I promise I will help you. You just have to have a little saved me and now I wanna save you. Will you let me?”

“You can’t save me Irene.I am the god of f*cking War. Do you understand? I am destruction, I am death, I am ruin , I am sorrow. Do you f*cking understand? Why do you want to save me? ” he says with his shaky voice

“You promised me that you will love me? Why wouldn’t I help you? I want to be love Casper” I cried

I reach my hand out to him. He doesn’t take it but I keep holding out.

“Please Casper”

He grab my hand and stands up.I reach for his clothes but he places his hand on top of mine

“I can do it myself, thank you ”

I nod and wait for him

“Irene,go to bed. I’ll be there in a minute”

I don’t move


I nod and got out of the bathroom

I changed into my nightgown and lay down on the bed and wait for him.40. Minutes goes by and he still hasn’t come out yet.

Just when I am about to get out of the bed to check on him,he opens the door.He is in a towel low on his hips He walks over to the drawer and throws the towel on the ground baring his naked body.he put on boxers and turn off the light. The bed dips and he covers us both with the blanket.I cautiously move close to his body, scared he will push me away. But he put his arm around my back and hugs me close to his body.he kissed me on my forehead and I fall asleep a little after


How can I f*ucking try to kill Luca?and not only that I also hurt Thea! I always thought that my war rage was a good thing because it made me unstoppable in wars, but what I didn’t know is that it will make me hurt the people I care for. Irene had bee sleeping in my arms the whole time. How is she not scared of me? I am scared of my myself.

What am I supposed to say to Luca and thea now? Yes, Luca said awful things but I didn’t mean to kill him?I was only gonna beat him up but when the blood got to my hands. I saw everything in red and I lost control like I always f*cking do! What if I had actually killed Luca? If Irene didn’t stop me then he would have died? Then what? F*uck I’m getting a headache. I should stop with the what ifs.

Woooooooo! I hear the castle horn blast. F*uck I forgot the king’s visit!! Damn, damn, damn, it’s already morning? I haven’t even told Irene about this. What am I suppose to say to her?

Irene stirred beside me. Geez my arm is sore.she opens her eyes.

“What is happening?” She asks while rubbing her eyes

She looks so beautiful. What did I do to deserve a girl like her?

“I’m sorry Irene, after everything that happened yesterday. I completely forgot to inform you that your father will be visiting today”

She gets up in an instant with her eyes open wide

“What,why ? ” she asks holding her hand in her chest

I place my hand on her shoulder

“He won’t hurt you. Calm down Irene”

Her eyes are teary

“Why is he visiting” she ask with her voice shaking

“He probably wants to see how you are doing”

She laughs

“Yea,to see if I’m alive or dead, if not he will kill me himself”

I let out a deep breath and pull on my hair. My head is exploding from all this.why does everything happens at once.

“Irene,this is your home are the queen. He can’t do you any shit. I promise I will protect you okay?

She nods. I hug her tight to me. She is still shaking.

I let go of her and got out of the bed

” I will go get the maids to get you ready and Irene don’t be scared. You are stronger than what you think. If you can put up with me then you can put up with that coward.”

I leave the room to call some maids for her. After that, I go to Luca room.I Stans in front of the door for few minutes.what am I suppose to say? He probably don’t want to see me. But I have to apologize not that it would change anything.

I slowly open the door. Luca and Thea both look at me when I open it. They are both laying on the bed under the blanket. Well halleluyah. They finally did it. I raise my brows at the both of them. Luca doesn’t look that bad actually .his lips are cut and a black eye but it isn’t as bad as I thought.

“What are you looking smug for,you bastard?” Luca smirks at me.

I look at thea and she looks down.of course she won’t act normal around me after what I did to her and Luca yesterday

“I’ll come back later. I just wanted to apologize for what I did yesterday. I’m sorry.I know you won’t forgive me Thea. I am so sorry” I turn to leave

“Let get one thing straight Casper” I turn around at Thea’s voice

“I hate what you did yesterday”

I nod

“But that wasn’t have always been my protector. My brother ,when my parent neglected me you took care of me like I was your own sister. You are the kindest person ever and I will never stop loving you okay? I know you might be thinking we hate you.but we dont.we know you aren’t yourself sometimes and it normal.nobody is perfect ”

I smile

“You have never said something as nice as this to me” Luca whines

“Thank you Thea, and I love you too” I turn to leave

“And for the record we didn’t do anything” she hurriedly say

“If that will make you feel better. Okay then” I say and close the door

I hear Luca laugh.I feel a weight has been lifted of my shoulders But it still doesn’t mean that what I did yesterday was okay. I need to change


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Chapter 20


I can’t believe my father is here! What does he want? The maid finish styling me and leave.I stand in front of the mirror. I am wearing my crown . I really look like a queen….I will have to behave like one.I won’t let them put me down ever again.I can do this, I am strong, and I have Casper.I take a deep breath.

The door opens and Casper walks in with a box in his hand.he stands in the doorway and look at me for few minutes.I feel myself blush. He smiles at me. god! His smile is perfect. His dimple is showing. He look so handsome. And his dressed was nice too. He looks like a warrior but a very sophisticated one.
“You look very beautiful” he says as he walks towards me.

“Thank you. And you too.” I say shyly

He places his hand on my cheek and caress my cheek. Slowly he moves his thumb on my lips and moves his thumb back and forth. He leans his mouth close to mine and gives me a gentle kiss.he takes a step back

” I got something for you.” He gives me the box

“What is it?” I ask before opening it

“It nothing special really. I just thought you will feel safer when you are with it. Why don’t you just open it and see?” He said while smiling

I slowly open the box. Inside is the most beautiful knife I have ever seen.the handle had small and beautiful detail. The knife itself looks a little sharp for my liking. I look up to him

“The knife is beautiful but I don’t know how to use a knife”

He laughs

“It easy. You just stab whatsoever and whoever you wanna stab” he laughs again

I glare at him

“Are you messing with me?”

He sobers up

“No,really it for self defense. If someone is threatening you, grab the knife and stab. Even if it is your father or ……me”

I gulp

actually it really nice of him to think of my safety but I can never think of stabbing someone.

“I don’t think I can ever stab anyone. Beside where will I put it? I can’t walk around carrying weapons as you do.that is not lady- like ”

“Hmmm..that will be badass. I think you should put it between your bre*sts.I don’t think anyone will be able to see it”

I feel my whole face heat

He laughs a loud laugh .

“You should see your face Irene, okay here give it to me” I give him the knife. He gets down on his knees in front of me. What the hell is he doing?


Suddenly he reach for my dress and I slap his hand away.

“What the hell are you doing?” I slap his hand away.

I feel my whole body turn crimson.he looks up to me and smirks at me.

“Well aren’t you are dirty thinker?”

I scowled down at him.

“Calm down woman! I will put the knife in your thighs.a great hiding spot and easy, will you allow me?”

I nod

He lifts my dress up since its quite big. He is inside of it like a curtain around him. I feel him fasten something around my upper thigh.I could feel his breath where it shouldn’t be, my body heats instantly.


I whimper when his mouth is suddenly on my s*x .

“Casper…. What are you doing?” I say

Suddenly I feel something sharp on my hip and I go completely still. Riiip! I hear the sound of my pant shred. Oh my god!! Did he just cut my pant?

“Do you remember what I told you in the shower the other day” he said while his mouth was still on my s*x

The vibration got me all ticklish. What did he say the other day? Oh my god!

“Th…that you would eat me out some other time?” I ask shyly

“Another time is now” he says and then his hot wet tongue is pressing on my bud

Oh my! I feel my legs are going to buckle down. I grab his shoulders trying to keep myself from falling.he starts to move his tongue in a rhythm that got me feeling like I will explode in a second
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god. He lifts one of my legs over his shoulders, and plunges one of his fingers inside me and I scream in ecstasy.

“Ahhhhh ohhhh myyyy ggggggg”

He keep licking me while I’m still releasing

Knock knock! We both go still.someone is knocking on the door.

“What?” Casper shouts completely unaffected by what just happened right now.his breath hit me on my still sensitive flesh.

“The guests have arrived my king” the one behind the door says

“We’ll be there in a minute” Casper says

He slowly lifts his legs from his shoulders. He lift the dress and gets out.

He looks up to me,smirks at me and dries his mouth with his other hand.


“It is in place” he says

“What?” I ask confused

“The in place”

Oh my god! He can’t take anything seriously

“Can you walk?” He reaches out his hand and smirks at me.

” perfectly ” I say as I give a fake smile

He laughs,we are about to go out but I stop

“Aren’t you going to wash your hand? ”

“Nahh I think it perfectly okay to shake your father hand like this” he says and keep walking.

Well, what do you f*cking know ! That f*cking dog is smirking like he won something.Irene father is hugging Irene so tight as if he is going to crush her to death. And there she is standing trembling. I don’t wanna interrupt he will think she is weak and he is winning.but I know her better than that

If he doesn’t let her go in a second I will have his head. 5….4….3… Irene pushes her father away.

“Aw honey, don’t you miss papa?” He says in a sarcastic voice. She doesn’t answer.

“Felix, nice to see you again”I shake his hand and move closer to him.

I am a head taller than him so he is looking up to me like a lost puppy.I keep holding his hand and squeeze it until his face is red from the pain.

” Ffh” he whimpers when I squeeze it the last time

“I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here” I say and let go of his hand.

His jaw tickled but he didn’t do anything. He is a coward after all.

I hear Irene stepmother and sisters fake excitement for Irene. I feel sorry for Irene had to listen to their voices.

“Ahh, brother long time no see”

I turn my head and see Arthur

“It sure it is! How are you doing?” I am about to shake his hand but he grabs me and gives me a big hug. I am not really into hugs but Arthur as always been like that.

“What a beautiful wife you have! Nice to meet you queen of Athena” he takes her hand and kiss it

She blushes and look at me. I raise my brow at her and she smiles shyly.

Arthur turns and look at her father

“And you must be the rotten king ”

Her father’s face becomes crimson and a vein pumps out on his temple. Felix is about to draw his sword but I am much faster so I have my sword on his throat before he could draw out his. I hear everyone gasps. Arthur turns to look at me and smiles

“The student becomes master,eh?”

I wink at him.Arthur was the one who taught me the true power of sword and then he flew from here with the queen of aryss and became king

“Now Felix,in case you haven’t are in my kingdom now.use your head before you do anything or you’ll lose it” I withdraw my sword.

“Let’s eat now,shall we?”I say and put my hand on Irene waist and lead the way to the dinning hall.


Dinner was silent. The only two people that were talking was Arthur and I . I could see Felix looking at Irene throughout the dinner and so did his wife and daughters. I knew Irene felt uncomfortable but there wasn’t anything I can do so I just put my hand on Irene lower back for comfort.if only Theresa was here,she is good at this things

Arthur and I continues to talk.well Arthur talks and I listen. Suddenly I hear Felix wife talk and I zoom out of Arthur voice.

” oh my,Irene! You sure do eat a have gotten quite fat since you left”

I turn my head and look at her,she is smirking,then I look at Irene. Her face is red and she puts down the fork and knife .

“No offense,but eating like a bird went out of style with the corsets and hoop skirts,years ago. I do like to have something to hold on to when I make love to my wife” I say nonchalantly

They all look at me with wide eyes.Irene look up at me and I wink at her. She smiles shyly.

I put some more food on her plate. Irene turns fully to me. Grabs my face and gave me a peck on my lips

“Thank you, baby” Irene said confidently and start eating

I sit still in shock.did she just call me baby? And kiss me? That’s a first. I turn back to Arthur and act like nothing. He raise a brow at me . I smile. And we continue our conversation. While the SUN Household sits in silence,brooding.


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