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Bitter Love (Hunted Wolf) (completed)

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They are animals and they are also humans
They shift from a human to a wolf
Human call them dogs
They are invulnerable
Silver makes them weak, and a large amount of it kills them

And they are called…….. WEREWOLF

Landon is the next in line Alpha with three different powers
A……..(list equalities)
Kiara on the other hand is a very stubborn yet beautiful lady
Landon and Kiara happened to fall into the trap of love
And werewolfs are forbidden to have any feelings towards humans coz of the fear of the hunters
Will Landon risk his pack safety for a girl??? OR will he sacrifice his love for his pack???

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Long ago existed so many creatures,the werewolfs, Vampires,Chimeras, Witches and so on.
The wolfs and Witches coexisted happily while the wolfs and Vampires hated each other for reasons UNKNOWN

Deep deep in the forest rest a hidden pack(Clan)…… The Alex pack

“Wake up you lazy prince”James yelled my name jerking me up from my sleep. I would have dealt seriously with him if not because he is my friend.
Where are my manners?my name is Alex Landon,am 20 years old, I am the next in line Alpha with three different powers, the successor of my father, I am d most handsome in my pack making gals to flock over me but I gat no time for girls, I am kind, nice and d most handsome in my father’s clan as I have three powers, I am an hybrid (wolf and Vampire)an a phoenix
You may be wondering how a wolf got all this powers but that is because my father fell in love with a vampire and pregnated her, the witches gave the child a gift, “the power of the PHOENIX”, my mother was later murdered by the Vampires after giving birth to me making my father’s hatred for the Vampires grow stronger, my mother blood flow through me and I swore to kill the man who murdered mother
Enought of the introduction, “let go James” I said as I dash out of the room….

🌹 Kiara’s pov 🌹
“Who am I? the 20th birthday, No!!!”I yelled as I woke up from my nightmare, mother rushed to my room and Drew me into a hug,have been having this dreams since I clocked 19
Let me introduce myself, my name is Kiara Morgan, am 19 years old,am a very beautiful lady with nice curves and great shape that makes guys go crazy, am intelligent, naive and filthy rich all because of my parents, I have a boyfriend and I attend Secret Diamond high School🏫
Enough of that, today is Saturday and I need to visit my best friend, it what we do every weekend..

To be continued…
(The plan)

🌹Kiara’s pov 🌹
I got into the bathroom to do my morning rituals and as soon as the water touched my skin, the nightmare flashed back to me and I got scared immediately,why did I start having this dreams since I clocked 19? I think there is more to it, I also have a strange mark on my forehead and I don’t even know what it means…..

“Reporting to you my Lord,it seems like the humans are gonna be having a feast tonight in the forest, they call it HALLOWEEN

Lord Dreko’s POV
“Seems like we are gonna be getting ourselves some new fresh blood tonight, how many bloodbags do we still have Jako? I replied to my servant
“We have least than 20 my Lord”he responded, send a word to the chimera clan, tell them I need them now” I I replied to him

Let me give a quick introduction, I am king Dreko, the ruler of the Vampire Clan,I have ruled for over 800 years now, I have a lot of hatred for the wolfs and I wish to end their kind, I killed my daughter who fell in love with a wolf, but she gave birth already, now a prophecy had been foretold that her child will one day overthrow me but what a shame he can’t even control his powers
💯End of introduction 💯
I have a long night to prepare for….

Landon POV
“Father you send for me”I replied to my father as I approached him, yes son he responded standing up from his throne
I want you to follow your uncle Derek to the mountain so you can master your powers, you know your destiny awakes” father said
No father, I won’t go to the stupid mountain with some stupid uncle, am old enough to take care of my self” I responded coldly to my father sounding angry, I hate it when they look down on me jux because I can’t control my powers
“Okay son, if you beat me, I will let you do as you want but if you don’t,then you will have to do as I say, deal” father said
But I can’t summon my powers father, I said.Deal or no deal son”he said
“Deal”I replied
To be continued..



🌹Landon’s POV🔥
I rushed at father and launched a punched at him but he caught it and fling me away like a piece of trash
I rushed at him again and made to kick him but he caught it and broke my hand as I fell to the floor

I got angry 😠😠 and lost control,my broken hand healed up immediately,I stood up slowly,my fangs could be seen,my claws were out,my eyes had a mixture of Red, blue and dark colours
I superspeed at father and before he could stop me, I stretch my hand at him and a great invisible force threw him away, I rushed at him and thrust my hand into his heart,he was so weak to do anything,I was about to rip out his heart when I was knocked out by uncle Derek and slowly everything became completely blanked

🔥Hours later🔥
I woke up and met father healing up,I knelt before him and ask for his forgiveness and he did, I told him I would go to the mountain and he was glad to hear that
At noon,uncle Derek and I set out for the mountain….

🌹Kiara’s pov🌹
I reached Lizzy’s house in less than 20 mins,I was usher in by the guards, I entered into the huge mansion, but not as huge as mine,I saw Lizzy approaching me
She gave me a hug and I hugged her back, I need to talk to u”I whisper to her ears
She led me to her room and I told her about the dream, I saw Hera again Lizzy, she was trying to reach out to me, she was calling me the daughter of Dazon, by this i had already broken down in tears
Lizzy drew me into a hug and told me all was okay, all is not okay Lizzy”I responded but she hugged me tightier
You no what, she said, I don’t, I replied,we are gonna go to the Halloween party,we need something to drag your mind away from this whole shit, she said and all I did was nod slightly
We arrived at the party some hours later and I met Jason my boyfriend, immediately he saw me, he came to me and gave me a slight kiss….

To be continued….

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@walehub interesting

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Derek pov
You have to focus Landon , you need an anchor, you need someone or something to hold on to, try focusing your power on the moon, it only few mins left before it gonna be a full moon🌕, come on Landon you can do this

🔥Landon POV 🌹
I listen to what Derek said and tried but it was jux so difficult trying to find an anchor, something you can’t even see, the moon was out already, as a wolf,I felt some pains in my body, my body was changing into that of a wolf,I could hear distance screams from places I can’t even imagine,it like my ear were zooming voices, I still manage to ask Derek if he could hear them and he jux nodded, he told me not to interfere

“Just let them be Landon, wolfs and humans can’t associate, they will never accept us,we are forbidden to fall in love with them” that was all I could hear as I fully transformed into a wolf, I lost control, I superspeed at Derek and hit him away, I zoom off while yelling “To hell with your damn laws”

Father will be angry, he responded but I was out of sight, he zoomed off and followed after me

Dreko’s POV
I ordered one of the Chimeras to dealt with the Halloween party and kill whatever that got in It way and return with blood bags
My plan is so gonna work



(Saving Her)

🌹Kiara’s pov🌹
Jason took me to a place in the forest and started kissing me in which I responded to immediately,he deepen it until I let out a slight moan,I could feel his hand fondling with my nipple, he grap hold of my breast and started pressing it very hard, I gave out a loud moan at the pleasure it gave me, he was about to take off my shirt when we heard loud screams, we made to go back but ended up seeing people running why some were bleeding

Fear gripped me when I saw creature emerged from the darkness
Oh God, it was so huge and had a very long tail,it had tentacles with smelly liquid dropping from it body, it looked like an animal but had the face of a human

“What da hell” I heard Jason yell as he took to his heels living me behind

I made to run but felt a sharp cut in my stomach,I held it tight and felt to the ground as blood dripped from my wounded stomach, I call out to Jason but he only looked back and continue running, not minding his wounded girlfriend

Am so gonna kill him if I recover from this

I was dieing slowly and I could see the creature coming near me, it flip it tail and made to attack me but I saw a human running really fast and that was all I could see as I fainted

🔥Landon’s POV🌹
I arrived at the scene and d creature made to attack her but suddenly something came over me, I felt stronger, I couldn’t explain it I don’t no if it was the effect of the moon or not
I ran toward the chimera with full speed and hit it with a great force and it crashed to d ground, it staggered up and roar angrily at me and made to hit me but I did a backflip and threw a punch at it neck thereby thrusting my claws into it neck

It roared angrily and hit me away making me to crash to the ground and bruising my knee
Derek arrived at the scene but fear gripped him immediately as he has never seen this beast in his life

Derek ran at it with full speed but it fling it tail and thrust it into Derek as it threw him away making to crash into a tree unable to stand up

He fainted immediately

I look at the dieing girl and saw the most beautiful face I had ever seen, even in her dieing state, she looked as beautiful as ever with her blonde hair on her face

After drolling on her for a few seconds, I felt angry immediately, I transform into half of my power, I transformed into a half werewolf, half Vampire and half phoenix

To be continued



After drolling on her for few seconds, I felt angry immediately, I transformed into half of my powers, I transformed into a half wolf, half Vampire and half phoenix

🔥Landon’s POV🌹
I scream out loud and my phoenix feathers eloped from my back, they were made fire though I felt lots of pains

I flew at the creature and flipped my wings together and a wind of fire hit the creature away, it staggered up and tried to hit me but I suspended in air and threw another fire at it, it roared angrily at me and then zoomed off immediately

I felt so weak as I transform to my normal self, I could not believe my eyes, I actually control my powers for the first time but why? How come? Was it because of the girl, different thoughts kept crossing my mind but still with no answer

I took the girl in a bridal style and superspeed to a near by cave in the forest, I rested her on a smooth rock

I cut my hand with a sharp rock and fed her my blood, her wound closed up immediately, I was so happy that my blood could actually heal her

She was still sound asleep as I drolled over her cute little face, she was so beautiful, I don’t no how but I felt attracted to her but it was strange as I never felt like that for anyone

I watched over her for sometime and dose off while completely forgetting about uncle Derek ….

My bones healed up and I stood on my feet, I looked around me and notice that Landon was not there neither was the girl

I speed up immediately and went in search of Landon and the strange girl

I warned him but he did not listen and now he’s with the strange girl, I pray it not what am thinking, it gonna be a disaster if he’s attracted to her.

Lizzy POV
Immediately we saw the creature, everyone started running while some were attacked, I ran in search of kiara and when I did not find her, I took to my heels and ran to her house in order to inform her parents of what happened
“What!!” Kiara’s mom yelled as I told her about all that happened, what were you girls??she kept ranting her anger on me but all I did was remain mute, I couldn’t stand the chance of losing my best friend
Mr Morgan informed the police and they sent a search team to find Kiara immediately, I jux hope my best friend is okay

To be continue..

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Episode 7


🌹Mrs Morgan’s POV🌹
“Oh no!!!”my master Dazon warned me about this, she has clocked 19 already, her powers will soon be restored, she is the strongest of her kind,the worst is yet to happen when she clocks 20, I hope she is not with the destined boy(her lover to be), what happens when he touched her forehead,what will I tell her mother, she entrusted her child to me, ooh no…
It about to happen, everything is about to change…

Jason could be seen running as fast as he could, he stop at his gate and entered into his house, his parents were not at home yet

He kept breathing and started muttering something like “I can’t believe I left my girlfriend at the mercy of that beast, I couldn’t stand the sight of that thing, I hope Kiara understands, I hope she forgives me

Kiara could be seen shaking, she was having that Terrible dream again
Landon woked up almost immediately, he stared at Kiara in her state and fear gripped him already, it was written all over his face

He couldn’t stand the chance of her, he was getting scared, or maybe because he felt attracted to her

“What’s happening to her?? He ask nobody in particular as he pace up and down in the cave, he didn’t no what to do, he was out of ideas

When Kiara kept shouting “no!!!, Am not”he got scared and touched her hand✋, Kiara became calm immediately

He had no idea of what happened

Derek found the cave and met Landon holding the girl’s hand,

🔥Landon’s POV🌹
“We need to go!!”I heard Derek say, it was then it Dawn on him that Derek had been there the whole time

We can’t jux leave her, I replied to Derek,she is sleeping and I won’t go untill I find out that she’s okay

“We!,since when did u care about humans Landon?, We are not allowed to associate with them, your father won’t be happy when he finds out about this, they hate us Landon,they fucken hate us, Derek said angrily



(The connection)

Lord Dreko could be seen pacing around angrily in his throne room

The chimera had already informed him of what happened and he seem to be so paranoid and angry about it

🔥Dreko’s POV 🔥
It seems as if Landon has grown wings already, since when could he control his powers?

How could he be strong enough to defeat a chimera?I think it time I handle this myself before things get out of hands, I can’t allow the prophecy to come to pass

I am an Original vampire, I wasn’t bitten by anyone, I was formed from the darkest magic of mankind, I am the Devil itself and I can’t allow a useless teen boy to distroy my legacies and all that I have built just because he has three great powers

You better wash out Landon cause am coming for you..

Landon was getting really angry with how Derek responded to him, he cared less for any foolish law, his father was even trying to talk to him about engaging him with his Alpha mate when he becomes the next Alpha

🔥 Landon’s POV🌹
“Alright then, you can go but I won’t leave her behind, all by herself, I finally replied to him

Don’t test me Landon, don’t you dare, he responded

And what are you gonna do about,I replied really sounding angry, I could feel my eyes trying to transform, I quickly turn my head to where I placed the strange girl

I was stunned by her beauty, she had an amazing blonde hair,she had dimples and a lovely red lips which am sure will taste like strawberry

I was still drolling on her when my eyes caught a strange mark on her forehead, it like I had seen it before but where? I went ahead and touched it..

Immediately I did, a glimpse of light appeared on her head, it was reddish in colour, I had no idea of what was happening, I tried removing my hand from her but it was stucked

Derek yell my name to let go of my hand but I couldn’t, he tried to touch me but a great force threw him away as he crashed to the floor,I didn’t no what was happening,it was as if I was drawn to her, like we were connected and sharing our powers

After few seconds, I let go of my hands and she slowly opened her eyes..

It has begun, the two creatures have been drawn to each other,their journey has just begun,they now can feel each other,the moon has bless the creatures, the mark of the great witch has been awoken together with the power of the destined child



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(The Discovery)

Alex(Landon’s dad)was really getting worried and restless about Landon and Derek,he has been waiting for their arrival since sunset but they haven shown up

🔥Alex POV 💥
I hope all is well with Landon?but what’s taking them long to return?I hope they have nothing to do with the roar I heard yesterday?He kept asking different question but still with no answer

Just as he was about leaving,a great wind blew across his throne room in the shape of a tornado and someone emerged from it

Oh,it you Dazon, to what do I hold this visit?he said to her

“Don’t tell me you did not that the blue star had already awoken from it sleep, the worst is yet to come”she replied shortly

What, that not possible cause Landon left with Derek,there is no way he could have actually touched her, moreover you gave your child to your maid Morgan so she could protect her”I replied to her

I was getting scared cause Dazon and I have been trying to protect Landon from the prophecy,from that tragic end.

20 years ago before Landon was born,Dazon had a vision that Nowell (Landon’s mom) would have a child that would defeat Lord Dreko together with her child(Kiara) cause she would also give birth to a child, a great witch that would assist Landon with his destiny,end the reign of Lord Dreko and end the hatred between the wolfs and the Vampires

Shortly after, Nowell got pregnant and our child was blessed with the power of the Phoenix by the witches

After a short period of time, Dazon had another vision, a very scary and horrible vision

She could see herself in the midst of nowhere with piles of dead bodies everywhere, she walked to a place and saw something

She saw Lord Dreko laughing and smiling evilly with blood on his hand,she also saw Kiara crying on a dead body, Landon’s body

Landon was dead and Kiara couldn’t stop crying,but it was not possible for Landon to die because he had the power of the Phoenix and a phoenix cannot die except…

Just then she saw the great dagger of the first phoenix god,a very dangerous weapon,the dagger could kill any supernatural including a phoenix

And just like that the vision ended without her knowing anything else

A year later, Dazon gave birth to Kiara and came up with a decision together with Alex,she gave her child to her maid Morgan to raise the child in a faraway land so as to protect Landon from his tragic end



🥀Kiara’s pov 🌹
I slowly opened my eyes and saw someone staring at me,oh my, he’s so handsome,he looks like a Greek god

He had curly blue hair and some of it covered his left eye, he had the best lips which had a mixture of Red and pink

He smile at me and whisper something like”your awake” he smiled at me again revealing his lovely dimples

I slowly stood up and finally realized that I was in somewhere else and then I began to panick

“Where is Lizzy?where am I?what happened? I yell not remembering anything

,”You were attacked, I saw you bleeding and helped you and that’s why I brought you here, but now you are awake, I guess I will have to take you back” he replied in his calm voice

Oh God, he’s so fucking hot

Immediately I heard that, the previous incident flashed through my mind and I felt angry immediately as I remembered Jason leaving me to my dead….

Am gonna break up with him immediately I set my eyes on him…

🔥Landon’s POV 🔥
I stared at her and tried reading her mind but it was not possible, I actually read people’s mind as it one of my powers that I can control but I don’t no why it not possible with her

I felt angry immediately without any reasons, I kept getting angry at Jason, someone I don’t even no

Am Landon,nice to meet you, I replied to her after the long awkward silence

Am kiara, she replied almost immediately

I have to go,my mom will be worried about me and she might starved herself if she doesn’t sees me, she replied shortly

Okay, I will have to escort you then,I said to her as I helped her get down from the rock

Just as we were about living,she saw Derek on the floor and pointed to him

Who the heck is he?she asked

“Oh, he’s my uncle and he loves sleeping on the floor so he will surely wake up after a while”I replied not wanting to tell her the real truth behind that

We finally got to the end of the road and I turned to go

“Hey, thanks, when do I get to meet you again”she asked me

“Uhm… I … You… You can meet me here tomorrow”I stammered not knowing what to say, I can’t believe I just said that

“Okay then, see you tomorrow at 6:pm sharp”she said and I just nodded

See you then, I replied and left for the woods still not wondering why I agreed to that, I just find myself weak to disagree to her request


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