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7 Day's Wife Season 1 (complete)

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😊Episode twenty😊

😍Tristan POV😍 How dare her peck me?
I must teach her a lesson today.

"You deserves some punishment you know" I said walking close to her. She keep moving back at each step I take.
"Are you afraid? I asked.

"Gboo! Afraid? You wish" she said rolling her eyes. Now closer to her I held her chin up.
I looked at her lips and look back in her eyes.

"This will serve as a great punishment to you"I said as I smashed my lips on hers. I kissed her deeply but surprisingly she didn't reciprocate it.
She later push me back and raise her hands to slap me but later hang it in the air like that. "How dare you kiss me huh"She asked.
"Isn't that what you want "I asked back.

"You are just a very big bastard you know, I made a mistake in the past and am ready to correct that, don't use my previous mistakes against me Tristan else you will regret it"she said and made to leave but I found myself drawing her back to myself.

I kiss her deep and passionately, this time she didn't burge, she stood still not reciprocating, just letting me kiss her.

After breaking the kiss I looked her in the eye and she slapped me.

"This is going to be the last time you will behave like that towards me Tristan Kel"She said before walking away.

Funny right?

My cheek doesn't hurt even though she slapped me.

This is the first time she will be adding my surname while calling me, infact she never calls me Tristan, she called me Oppa instead.

But seriously what is wrong with me? Why am I feeling so insecure?
I guess I need to rest. Omo, the food is burning.

How dare him take advantage of me. He is a bastard.
If he thought that I will melt in his touches like before then he is completely mistaken. I went upstairs and heard sounds coming out from Jung room.
I think he is inside.

I knocked at the door and he opened up. "Noona, what are you doing here? He asked.
"Since you don't want to ask of how my day went, nor want to see me, so I decided to come myself "I said sitting on his Jewel desk.

"Am sorry, I had a rough day, anyways i saw everything so I know it went well"he said. "Okay, hope you are okay" I asked

"Am fine.

"You know, I was thinking of something to make my song a hit "I said drawing his attention. "So what did you think of? He asked.
"What about you featuring in it? I asked and he chuckles abit.

"It's your first song since you join the group, everything has to be your idea, no features, no help in lyrics, everything should be done by you alone"hesaid.

"When, I joined the group our latest song then was 'DNA' hyung worked day and night for the success of that song, including the video "

"Let me tell you one more thing, music video is part of the thing that attracts the audience just like good stories do, if you want your solo single to be a blast then your dancing skills need to improve, you are good in singing but poor in dancing the only person that can help you now is your ex husband "he said.

"I heard everything you said, and I will work on that but can you please stop referring to Tristan as my ex husband? I asked and he smiled.

"Okay, bian"he said.

I went back to my room thinking of what Jung said, how do I tell Tristan to help me cus knowingly he won't help me.

What transpired between us earlier playback in my minds. Aiish, I need to get my minds off things.
A long rest will do.

I climbed my bed and didn't know when I drifted to my small world. Mantae and Ga eul we're having fun to the fullest.
Mantae totally forgot about his promise to be back early. It is late and Tristan has been waiting for him to return.
Jeremy came downstairs and saw Tristan sitting on a couch. "Arent you sleeping? Heasked.
"Mantae is not yet back"hesaid.

"Call him then, or are you his guard? "Whatever"Tristan said and went out to the pool side. Jeremy pick the water can and went back to his room.
😍Gaeul POV😍

It was fun having Oppaaround.

He made my day lively, I never knew someone this handsome could be so kind and pretty minded like his face.

We came out of the cafe ready to go our own different ways. "It's so good having you around ms Lee " he said.
"It's my pleasure Oppa "I replied.

He looked at me for a very long time, not blinking his eyes. What could be the problem?
"Oppa are you okay? I asked as he jolted back to reality. "Yes, humm I am fine" he said.
"Okay I will see you later"I said and hug him. "I entered my car and drove off.
Guess he entered his too and drove off cus I could see the car moving through the side glass of my car.

Oppa is really fun to be with

Just the type of boyfriend that I want. Someone who will make me feel like a little kid, Someone who will not think of hurtingme,
Someone who won't take my feelings for granted. I really pity Sun nye, she's going through a lot.

It's not easy living under the same roof with your ex husband.

She have decided to move on and I support that, I just hope she understands what she is doing.

I know she still love him, she may try all she could to deny it but that's the fact. She is still in love with Tristan Kel.
Since it is summer season everywhere is hot.

Sun nye couldn't sleep in her room so she decided to takee a quick swim. She changed to her bikini and went dOwn the stairs to the pool side.
She jump inside the water and started swimming suddenly she noticed another movement in the swimming pool except from hers and the water.

She raised her head to the surface part and saw him facing her. Completely shirtless.
What the heck.

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"What the hell are you doing here? He yelled at me.

"I should be asking you that, what the hell are you doing "I fired back.

"I came here to swim, wait, are you tryna seduce me with your look? He asked.

"Seduce you? Are you joking? I came to swim too"I said getting pissed off already. He came near me and hold my waist inside the water.
"Why don't we swim together? He asked. "I looked at him and scoffed.
"You really wish, swim all you want the pool is all yours"I said coming out of the water. I dried my body with a towel and went inside the house.
He can occupy the swimming pool if he wants. I have no idea that he was there before me.
Tristan is really crossing his limits this days and I might just leave the house for him. I went inside my room, wore my night dress and lay on my bed.
My mind race back to what Jung told me, I really don't know if it's gonna work. Tristan might or might not agree to teach me dance.
And even if he's teaching me, there is a problem which is physical contact. I don't wanna have any physical contact with him.
I was still thinking when I heard the sound of a car outside the parking lot. Oppa Mantae is back, who knows if he can help me.
Later the next day, I'll ask him for help.

On the process of thinking, I din know when I drifted to my small world of dreamers.

😍Tristan POV😍 I enjoy teasing her this days.
She will soon know her place in this house.

Anyonewhothinkthat I havefeelingsforheris dreamer😂.

"Why are you late? I asked mantae who was just coming back from meeting his so called friend.

"We had a lot of fun that I forgot to check the time"he said.

"Can you listen to yourself? I know it's one of this pretending whores that you're busy addressing as your friend "I said.

"Tristan, stop stop just stop it okay, Ga eul is a good girl not a pretender"he said.

"Did you mention her name to me before? How will I know she's the one ya talking about "I asked nonchalantly.

"Whatever "he said and walk in.

I came out of the pool and dried myself before heading to my room.

I got to my room and change to my night dress before laying on the bed. THE NEXT DAY
Sun nye woke up feeling a slight headache.

She took her bath, and drink her drugs with a cup of ice cream cheese burger beside her bed.

Guess it was the maid that drop it for her.

She dress in a white body hug dress and a black bump short. Packing her hair into a ponytail.
She wear her fancy sleeper which was gifted her by the unknown. A maid came and told her that the food is ready.
She looked herself for the up ten times at the mirror. Satisfied with her looks, she went downstairs for breakfast.
Immediately Jeremy saw her, he told the maids to bring the food inside his room.

He said and I quote 👇👇

"A commoner will always be a commoner"

Sun nye snubbed the eyes on her and faced her food.

After the breakfast, the maids clear the dishes.

"Humm, Jung i'll be in the studio today, wanna record something, will you join? She asked Jung

"Oh sorry noona, I'm having an autograph session today with my fans "he said. "Okay then, from studio am going to school"she said.
When the conversation are going on, Tristan was quite all through. "Okay noona, be careful "Jung said before heading out.
Sun nye went back inside her room and pick her phone, car keys and hand bag. The car was gifted her by the unknown.
She went back downstairs and met Tristan still eating his breakfast. She walk past him and went out.
Immediately she left, Tristan left the food he was eating and went inside his room.


I don't know what to believe anymore.

The sun nye am seeing now is so freaking different from the one that loved Tristan. What if she's not in love with him anymore?
No, that won't happen.

But what if it does happen?

I packed my car outside the gate and came inside to open it since the stupid doorman isn't opening.

Then I sight a scene in the pool.

I went closer to take a closer look and found out it was Tristan and Sun nye. But sun nye words are so difficult to understand if he still love him or not.
The tension she used to leave the pool is surprising to me.

When everything started I video it with my phone, when I saw her coming I hide behind the flowers.

I came out of my hiding place and rushed back to the gate. Tristan attitude towards her this days is not love nor hatred. I just don't know his plans.
Everything is so confusing to me right now. What if, oh what if.

I got to the studio and recorded some lines before heading to school. I know Lisa will be there, but I don't care.
Till when will I be hiding away from her.

I wore my face mask inside the car and drove off.

On getting to school, the students were already in there respective classes. I went inside the school and tome the stairs heading to our private class.
On my way I met Lisa alone.

She was standing in front of our class, but it's locked and am holding the keys. "What are you doing here? I asked her.
"She looked at me and chuckles. "Well, can't I be here? She asked.
"No you can't, you should be in the normal class with everybody else "I said. "Well am here now"she said standing erect at the doorpost.
"Okay then, happy staying "I said and opened the door.

I made to go in when she dragged me back and gave me a hot slap. Wtf!

"What was that for? I yelled angrily thereby attracting the students attention. "That's for snatching my rightful place from me"she said.
She made to leave and her draw her back, landing a hot slap on her cheek. Leaving gasps in the students mouth.
"How dare you? Mina said trying to come closer.
. "Don't you dare move any inch closer or you will regret ever doing so"I said. Lisa was still recovering from the shock of the slap I gave her.
"Am warning you for the last time Lisa park, stay away from me, it's not my fault that you don't have a good voice?

It's not my fault that the industry didn't choose you but me.

It's not my fault that am the first female idol to be host by Jang's press group.

It's not my voice than you are a trapper not a rapper, a noise maker and not a singer.

I bet you paid for your post as a leader in WAGG cus you don't have the qualifications of a leader.

Ask Mina to teach you how to sing well cus she's much more better than you are.

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"What the hell did you think you're doing"Lisa yelled after recovering from the slap. "The same thing you saw me do"Sun nye replied.

Lisa raised her hands to slap her again but a word stopped her. "Stop"someone said.
They all looked at the direction of the word and found out that it's Leo. You can't admit who is more handsome between him and Tristan.
Fans often compare them together.

Lisa lowered her hands with her mouth opened in surprise. "What is Leo doing here?
"What connection does he have with Sun nye? The students keeps murmuring to themselves.
"Are you okay? He asked sun nye when he came closer. "Yes, am fine, thanks "Sun nye replied.
"Ain't you ashamed of yourself? Raising your hand on a fellow lady? Is this your true color? Leo asked Lisa angrily.

"Oppa, when did you returned from Canada "Mina asked holding his hands. "Get off me, both of you are the same"Leo said.
He held Sun nye's hand and went out.


😍Sun nye POV😍 Omo am I dreaming?
How can I be in the same car with R &E leader? He was one's my crush.
Why did he defend me back there? I have alot of questions to ask him.

"Humm excuse me, can I ask you something? I asked looking at him as he concentrate on the road.

"Till we get to the restaurant, save your question "he replied not looking at me. We get to his restaurant some minutes later.
This has always being my dream, to eat in this prestigious restaurant. We went inside the place and it is wow.
He took me to his personal spot and call his chef to make something special for both of us. "You said you have a question earlier? He asked.
"Yes, why are you nice to me?

"Don't you know me? I asked foolishly but I didn't care.

"I know you and I know you're my rival ex wife, you may be thinking that I want to make friends with you cus of my rivalry with Tristan but no, I just like you, it doesn't matter if you came out from the slums "he said focusing all his gaze on me.

"Erm.......Erm I'm speechless "I managed toreply.

"No need to accept my friendship now, just see me as one of your fans"he said pressing his phone.

I smiled at his reply.

"And just call me Leo "he added.

The chef brought the food minutes later and we both concentrate on it.


Sunnye,that girl is becoming bold.
Imagine the type of dress she wore out today.

I already pay someone to spy on her every move. She must leave the group for good.
I went inside my room to take a siesta since there is nothing in my schedule today and i'm tired to see mom.

I know she came to Korea for a reason.

I layed my head on the bed and then suddenly decided to watch the news. When I booted the TV, I saw Sun nye holding hands with Leo.

Headlines says.


What the heck.

Suddenly my phone rang I picked it up after the first ring.

"Hello, what the heck is going on"I asked Jose the guy I pay to spy on Sun nye.

He explained everything to me, including Leo taking her to his restaurant and she was laughing sheepishly.

I angrily throw my phone on the bed. Leo, that son of a bit*h.
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Leo is really a nice person, he is funny, kind and not grumpy like Tristan.

He told me to wear my mask when he noticed someone taking pictures of us. It's really fun having him around.
"Humm, Leo can you help me with something? I asked feeling uneasy. "It's okay, feel free and talk to me"he said
"Can you teach me how to cook? I asked him and he started laughing. "Hey, what's funny"I asked.
"How can a grown up lady like you ask me to teach her cooking games? An idol for that matter, please don't let the press hear this"he said.
"Leo I mean it, please teach me "I requested.

"Okay, I'll help you, but not here we need to go to my personal house"he said. "Good but that will be later, I need to return to the mansion now"I said.
"Okay let me drop you off"he offered. "Okay thanks.
He dropped me off at the mansion and zoom off while I enter the house. I went in and everywhere was silent
I went up to my room and freshen up, after taking a cool shower I headed downstairs to watch TV.

I switched on the TV and my picture and that of Leo appeared on the screen. What!
THEY DATING? The headline says. What's this?
I mean, this news how come.

", Well, you guy's are dating? Tristan asked from myback.

"I owe you no explanation"I said getting confused about the whole thing. "You still remember right? No dating policy"Tristanadded.
"I still remember so what? If am dating Leo what foes it remove from your body, moreso I just found out that he's more cuter than you are, he's not grumpy, he treat a lady nicely, he is nosnublikeyou,doifheaskmeoutIwillgladlyaccepthim"IsaidasIwalkoutonhim.

"Are you for real?

I check my phone and the social media is already talking about the photo. Alot of comments coming in.
💬I think she's cheating on oppa that's why he divorced her💬

💬Don't judge Unni by mere lookingat this picture, she's nice andI can't believe this💬

💬 Wow! She's f**king Leo? Unbelievable 💬

💬What will beTristan'sreaction?💬

💬Theindustrywon't takeit lightlywithher💬

Even those that knows nothing about the situation are also commenting. I don't really know what to do.
Jung traveled out of the country, he sent me a text signifying his absent. Who will advice me in this situation?

She is a good girl.

I wonder why Tristan can't see that.

"Leo, are you planning to use her too? He asked

"Na, she's too good to be use cus of my rivalry with Tristan, am being sincere I just wanna make friends with her" I said

"First in history" my manager mumbles in amazement.
The news is really funny
How can they conclude on a matter like that?
Sun nye is a funny girl.
Mina told me everything about her, including hiding her identity, also when she married
Mina is my sister, my only cousin to be precise.
She have been giving me all the information I needed on Tristan and the group.
Mina is just a mole I fix at WAGG, she's not a true friend of Lisa but my spy.
I returned to Korea a week ago but kept it a secret from her cus it won't be good.
Firstly I bought a car for sun nye and send it as a fan using an unanimous name.
Then a trendy slippers for her with the same identity.
She might be wondering who the fan is but I don't want her to know am the one just yet.
I just like the girl
Apart from her talent she have a sweet heart.
I went inside my personal studio and start some freestyles.
🎹 I just met you today🎹
🎹 But it feels like some days 🎹
🎹 You happen to steal my heart🎹
🎹I wonder if you could be mine🎹
🎹Cus my heart is seriously beating for your love🎹
🎹How do I let you know 🎹
🎹 Don't know if it's too early to tell you this🎹
🎹 But I think am in love with you 🎹

"Wow Leo, it has been long you sing like this, at the time of Hayley "my manager said. "And I shot him dagger glares.
Mentioning Hayley's name to me?

That woman that turned me into abeast? She fucking messed up mylife.
"Listen, I don't want to hear you mentioning Hayley's name, else you lose your job"I said coldly and stroll up to myroom.

😍Tristan POV😍 She doesn't care.
She does not wanna know, she act as if nothing happened. What is my own sef?
I divorced her right?

I need to go and see mom, something tells me she came for an important issue. I took a shower and wore my clothes
I pick my car key and wallet and headed downstairs. I met Sun nye on the stairs and walk pass her.
"Can you drop me at school? I left my car there"she said.

"You mean the car given to you by one of your Boyfriends "I said with a smirk 😎. "Will you give me a lift or not? She asked.
"Why won't you leave your car in school while you were busy moving around shamelessly with Leo, ain't you ashamed of yourself?

Going out with your ex husband's rival, are you that dumb?

"Don't you dare say a word again Tristan, don't you dare condemn me without prove, just don't try it, you can rot in hell with your car I'll take a taxi " she said and left.

I went to my house and met mom at her room.

"Mom, tell me your reasons for being here"I demanded.

"The presidential nominee is about to start, I have already registered your name in it"she said.

I was shocked, I never plan to become a president neither do I plan to replace father. "Mom what are you saying? I asked in surprise.
"You are getting married to Hayley "

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"Mom, what are you talking about? Tristan asked in disbelief. "You are getting married to Hayley "His mother repeated.
"Mom, what are you saying? I can't and won't get married to Hayley "He said.

"Hayley is the only girl who can help you achieve your presidential race, she have the fame and connection "His mother said.

"I love someone else, so am not marrying Hayley "Tristan said.

"Really? What's the girl's name? What's her family status in the society? His mom questioned.

"Mom, can I have a space please, your questions are getting way too much"Tristan said.

"See you later mom, am heading to the mansion"Tristan said as he pecked her cheek and left.

Tristan got home and went straight to his room.

He lay on the bed, thinking about his conversation with his mother. "What did I mean by I love someone else?
"Am I in love with someone?

He lay there thinking as sleep overtake him. Sun nye dress up and headed to Leo'smansion.
"Welcome to my home"Leo said immediately sun enters. "Thanks, you really have a nice place here"she said.
"Not even 30% cute like that of your ex husband's house"Leo said and Sun expression changed.

"Haven't you go there before? He asked.

"Not really "Sun nye replied feeling embarrassed. "Okay"he said gesturing her to take a sit.
"Shall we start now or "Leo asked.

"No, let's start I have a rehearsal today "she said. "Okay"hesaidastheybothheadedtothekitchen. "FirstI'llteachyouhowtomakecheesepudding🍮
breadcrumbs, grated cheese, milk, margarine, egg, salt and cayenne, this arethe
ingredients for making cheese pudding " Leo said. "Okay"sun said trying to memorize the list of ingredients.
"Put the frying on fire and heat the milk" he said and sun nye did it.

"Add margarine, crumbs, and seasoning, mix well together "he instructs. Sun nye did as she was told.
"Now let's wait for it to get soaked "Leo said as he went back to the sitting room.

They both play video games, laughing and chatting.

"It's time"Leo said and they both went back to the kitchen.

"Now separate the yolk from the white of egg and beat the yolk" Leo said.

"Add beaten yolk and cheese to mixture, whisk whites very stiffly and fold carefully into mixture "he instructed.

Sun nye does as she was told and Leo was impressed by her grabbing quickly.

"Pour into dressed pie dish and bake in a moderately hot oven "Leo said and sun nye concored.

"Okay, done let's wait for it to be ready"Leo said. "Oppa, seriously this thing is simple"sun nye said. "Yea it's pretty simple "Leoreplied

"So any plans of getting back together with your ex husband? I asked her. She looked at me and keptquiet.
"It's okay if you don't want to tell me"I said as I went back to the kitchen. I came back with the cheese pudding 🍮.
"Wow, this will turn me into a glutton " she said smiling.

"Just control your diet, you are getting fat, don't forget that you're a celebrity "I said playfully tickles her.

"No Leo, stop haa"she said as she jumped off her sit. "It tickles "she added.
"Come on, it's better while it's hot"I said as I pick one of the cheese pudding and start eating. We ate to our satisfaction and she cleared the plate.
She came back and seat down.

"Humm, Leo I will be leaving now I have a rehearsal at the studio "she said

"Okay dear"I said as I pecked her cheek. She left after that.
Sun nye is a good girl, funny, kindhearted, she's very contented. Sometimes I felt so into her but I end up loosing the zeal.
I don't know but there is this feeling that is drawing me away from developing feelings for her.

The thought of Hayley. She makes me worthless.
I felt completely empty ever since we brokeup.

Hayley is my ex girlfriend, she was very nice to me, a wife material. She is pretty, kind, lovable, crazy, rich,famous.
Every man's dream.

She has everything a man will wish for in a woman. I loved her with everything in me.
It all happened at America.

It's the award show and the BOTS were present including the R&E also other groups. Hayley was present too.

It's time for the models to come out and I went to the dressing room to give her my encouragement, but then I saw Tristan zipping down hercloth.

"What the hell is going on? I asked angrily. "What is it? She asked as Tristan kept quiet.
"While is he zipping down your cloth? Are you cheating on me? I asked.

"You know what? Your problem is that you conclude about things on your own, if you are tired of this relationship then let's end it here, right now "she said.

"Really? You want to break up with me cus of him? I asked.

"Not because of him, Tristan have nothing to do with it, you are being so over protective "she yelled.

"Okay then, let's break up"I said as tear stroll down my cheek.

That was how I broke up with my one and only love because of Tristan, he caused everything.

I wanted revenge.

I wanted to see his downfall.

I wanted to take away his precious jewel.

But then I found out, I and Hayley ain't meant to be. Tristan has always been better than me.
He got all the good things, even Hayley choose him over me.


I arrived in Korea, I board a taxi and headed straight to the mansion. The maids took my luggage inside as I trail behind.
Everywhere was quite, it seems the boys are not around. When I get to Tristan's door it was slightly opened.
I pushed it and went in.

He was standing there starring at his wedding photo with sun nye. Why is he starring at the photo?
Hey" I said touchinghim.

He flinch, meaning he wasn't even aware of my presence. "What's wrong? Iasked.

"Oh, you are back "he said.

"Yes am back so what's wrong? I asked.

"Mom have registered my name for the presidential candidate in Australia "he said. "What? So aren't you happy for that? I asked
"She want me to marry Hayley "he said. "You mean, Leo ex"I asked.

"Well that's cool, if you want to win the election you need her full support, she's a top model, she have the fame, money and connections to make things work, so why are you sad? I asked

He stood up from the couch he was sitting on and went to stay behind the window.

"Jung, I know I have bern foolish, selfish and jealous, and I don't know how to behave" he said

"Okay, what are you saying? I asked "Am in love with sun nye, Jung.
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