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7 Day's Wife Season 1 (complete)

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Sun nye is a girl from a very poor family, she couldn't feed herself.
Sun nye lost her parents when she was a kid, she live alone in a confortable apartment in
Being hardworking and talented, getting a job is not her problem, even though She is poor,
she tried to look her best.
She is a crazy fan of the BOTS a korea band group filled with boys.
Though the group based in America, news already have it that the BOTS will be coming
back to their homeland in a week time.
Sun nye have a crazy crush on the group leader Tristan, who is from Australia though his
mother is a Korean.
Sun nye have different fantasy about where she get married to Tristan.
She promised to do anything just to get close to him.
Sun nye is a talented girl with many gift which includes singing and dancing, she is trying in
the rapping category too.
Tristan, Is the leader o BOTS, sun nye's biggest crush.
He is a snub, always moody, doesn't have friends, his only friend is mantae the second
best in the group.
He have a fiance who is the leader of the white angels girls group(WAGG).

He hate dirts, he hate the poor, he mingle only with his band mates not because he want to,
but because he have no choice.
Tristan background is kept a secret for reasons best known to him, the only thing known
about him is that his father is late.
While his mother is a business tycoon.
He started living in Korea when he is just a little boy, he never believe in love, he said love
is a scam, that love doesn't exist.
Tristan fiance, the leader of the popular white angels girls group.
She is proud, arrogant, lazy, and to crown it all, she is a bully.
She bullies both weak boys and girls that comes her way.
She doesn't respect anyone.
Being the fiance of the leader of BOTS, her rudeness knew no bound.
She believe that Tristan is coming back to Korea to marry her, but then the cheese turned,
what will be lisa's reaction.
He is Tristan best friend, BOTS second best, he also believe that love is a scam, but the
difference between him and Tristan is that, he treat girls with respect, he doesn't disrespect
any girl that come his way.
He is a complete opposite of Tristan bad side.
His popular quote is that*if everyone is giving a chance to prove themselves, the world
would be a better place *.
Mantae doesn't bully, neither does he associate with people, he fell's sick whenever he is in
a crowdy place. Whenever they have concert he normally took pills so as not to fell sick.
Ga Eul is from a rich family, she and sun nye met by accident, she is the last born of her
family "the Lee's" though she love keeping a low profile.

Sometimes she prefers spending time with sun nye than going to school.
She is also a huge fan of the BOTS, her bias is mantae though she's not obsess with him as
sun nye is with Tristan.
She have been of a great help to sun nye, sometimes sun nye beg her to stop helping her,
but still she wasn't moved.
She promised to help sun nye achieve her life time dream.
T. B. C
But what is the dream?
What is it all about.
Follow up the story and find out.
Coming soon

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😍 Sun nye's POV 😍
Working all day, just to make money for dinner.
It has not been easy, since my parent's death I have to cater for myself.
Sometimes when I face lot of challenges in life, only one thing and one quote get me going.
*I have come a long way to quit, the sky is my starting point*
Thanks for the kind of friend that I have, hunger would have taken me by now.

Ga eul has done alot for me, I cannot tell it all, she stand by me when I have no one to lean
She convinced me to continue high school, but I can't accept the offer, it's too much for me.
If only I can reverse the hand of clock.
"Sun nye, come and see" Ga eul shouted from the room.
"Gboo? I asked.
"The BOTS" she said while I left everything I was doing and rush in.
"Omo, does this means that oppa Tristan is coming to Korea? I asked Ga eul.
"Can't you read the headlines, of course yes" she said.
"But what is there purpose for returning "I asked.
" Whatever their purpose is, i'm happy to see oppa mantae again after four good years"she
said happily.
She likes mantae a lot, of course every girl like him, he is kind and respect others unlike the
Australia jerk, he hate girls, especially the poor, I don't have any chance of being with him.
😍Tristan's POV 😍
Going to Korea is an idea I don't know how it pop up on my head.
Have never taught of going back there but since my brothers are happy with it, I will do it.
This bitch does it mean, she didn't know am on board? I should text her instead.
*Hey am on plane, stop calling my line, seeing your number is making me feel dizzy*I typed
and send.
In a matter of minutes another message come in.
"It's alright honey, don't be worked up, remember our wedding is near"it says.
Stupid wedding, there is no need replying her, I hate prolonging a conversation.

Getting married to Lisa is just like getting married to one commoner out there.
I hate her but I don't have a choice, the company needs her and she said only if I will marry
Only then can she work for our group.
Only if I had another choice, if I can see someone else who can sing better than Lisa and
rap at the same time.
But no, she called herself a goddess, no one can possess her gift, all hope is nit lost, I must
find someone better than her, even if it means marrying her.
Sacrifice is part of life.
I don't fall in love, I just pity whomever it might be cus she will suffer of frustration.
The plane landed at the BOTS personal airport, while there fans were everywhere, even the
bodyguards can't stop the fans from touching the idol.
In the process of the scamped Ga Eul fell down while trying to touch mantae.
When mantae noticed it, he rushed to help her up.
" Miss, be careful next time " he said and walk away.
While Ga Eul keep blushing, touching her arms where mantae had touched her.
The BOTS are really back.
OMO, oppa is so cute, all gorgeous.
"Ga eul, did you touch my oppa? I asked
"You won't believe it sun nye, oppa mantae touch my arms today" she said excitedly.
"Gboo! You mean he make out with you? I shouted.
"You are unbelievable sun nye, he helped me today when I was about to fall down, I din say
we make out"she said standing up.
Pheww, what a relieve, I thought he really touched her.
"Ga eul, no food for tonight " I yelled to her hearing.

"Here is some money, you can go buy what we will cook for tonight, I will be going to my
house" she said.
"You are going back home? I asked missing her already.
"I just want to clear something's with dad, he think you are only befriending me because of
money, and also to work on your school equipments, sun nye you need to go to school,
and I have decided to help you with that" she said.
"I know Ga eul, and am thankful for everything you have done for me, but school...
"Sun nye, please spare me that, you are starting school and that's final"she said walking
Aiish, it's getting late 🕐.
I rushed to the restaurant nearby only to found men on suit all around.
"Humm, can you please shift" I said to one beside the door.
"Sorry you can't go in" the man said.
"And who are you to say that, get out of my way" I shouted at him.
Suddenly the front door opened and a goddess in making came out of the restaurant.
"What is happening here" she asked furiously.
"And who are you "she asked checking me out.
"Ehm, ehm" I made to say something but I felt intimidated.
"Throw her out of here " she said to her guards.
"What! You can't do that, who are you to throw me out of here" I asked.
"You don't recognize me do you? She asked.
"Who are you " I asked back
She removed her mask and my face dropped.
"Yo.... Yo...... You? I stuttered.
T. B. C

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😍Episode two😍
😍Sun nye's POV 😍
"Yo... You? I said out of shock.
I can't believe that am standing and talking to my role model "Lisa park".
"Now that you know me, will you get out or should I help you? She asked eyeing me.
"Madam lower your voice, people are watching, the mask" one of the men said to her.
She covered he face with the mask and looked at me.
"Throw her out "she said walking in.
"You can't do that" I said struggling to free myself.
"Am your fan" I shouted for her to hear.
She turned and move closer to me.
"Then do what I said, kick her out "she said again and walk in.
"This is not fair, the position you are in today someone else will be there tomorrow, you are
just heartless "I said trying hard not to cry.
That is me, am a very fragile person.
"Put me down"I said punching the man with my tiny hand.
"You will pay for the embarrassment Lisa park"I shouted.
I can't do anything to her, am just making mouth.

I really love Lisa, but I didn't know that she is this type of person.
I always wish to see her face to face, but I guess our meeting isn't really good.
I walk home dejectedly, without any food.
I felt so sad.
I went home and meet Ga eul, she is back so soon.
"Where did you go to? She asked.
"To buy food of course
"Sun nye, you were away for past an hour, where did you go to? She asked standing up.
Suddenly I started crying, I hate this fragile heart so much, am just too easy to intimidate.
"Sun, what happened, why are you crying huh? Ga eul asked.
"I was embarrassed by Lisa today" I said crying really hard.
"By Lisa you mean Lisa park? She asked.
"Yes, she humiliated me "
😍Ga eul POV 😍
I don't get it, I just don't.
Why will sun nye be crying because of Lisa?
Is it because Lisa is a celebrity, in fact I am so mad at that girl right now, anybody that hurt
sun nye has hurt me.
In fact she have hurt the lee's last baby, she will pay for this, I will teach her a lesson she will
never forget in a hurry.
"It's okay sun, am here now she won't torment you again, I promise"I said to her.
She look at m and chuckle.
"Actually Ga eul, I don't blame Lisa at all if only I was born rich, she won't have been able to
intimidate me like that"she said.

"Sun nye, I have come to see you as my sister and I promised to help you from day one in
anyway I can, don't worry am here for you"I said smooching her back.
"Am not her class, born ugly, poor, no relation to call my own, no boyfriend, am just not in
her level"she said standing up.
"What if I made you pass her level? I asked and she turned.
Since the boys arrived for united states, people have not seen them again.
Many will come to the mansion and be hanging around the gate thinking that they will see
one of them, but they are always disappointed.
😍Mantae POV 😍
Coming back to Korea is great, but its just too stressful.
Tomorrow we will be having a fan signing in the mall.
Alot of people will be there, I pray that I don't get sick this time.
Tristan has been going through alot lately.
I know how hard it is to marry someone you don't feel anything for.
Though he hate the poor, he hate Lisa more, I don't know what transpired between them
but he suddenly develop passionate hatred towards her.
Whenever I try to find out anything from him, he always change the topic.
I went down the stairs to have a bottle of water and I met Tristan sitting there on a couch.
"Hey bro"I said don't blame me am still learning how to drop the American accent.
"Hey"he said back.
"Humm, about the marriage stuff"I said
"Am not going to marry Lisa, I will find someone else better than her" he said standing up.
"But Lisa is the best"I said trying to get some sense into his head.
"There is someone who is more better than her, we will be attending school tomorrow
cancel the fan signing "he said walking up the stairs.

"Seriously, I don't understand him anymore.
😍Lisa POV 😍
I know that he love me, he is just pretending.
Maybe he is shy 😊
"Snap out of it" Mina said snapping her finger.
"Oh, I lost it again " I said.
"Lisa, do you really think that Tristan love you? She asked.
"Yes, am classy, cute, hot, the goddess of song, why won't he love me? I asked.
"Are you really going to leave WAGG and join the BOTS? She asked again.
"Are you a dummy Mina? Am killing two birds with one stone, first I get to marry Tristan,
secondly my popularity increases, isn't that great? I asked smiling.
"Whoa, great idea you have got"she said.
"We will be resuming school tomorrow Mina, the boys will be there I think "
"Really, am so excited, can't wait to see mantae"she said dancing around.
One sided love is crazy 😂
😍Sun nye's POV 😍
"What do you mean? I asked Ga eul.
"Listen, I told my dad about you again I begged him, I made him understand the kind of
pain you have been through and guess what, he accept our friendship, he said am free to
help you in anyway that I can"she said
"Really"was the only thing I could say.
"Sun nye, I already did the registration and other things for you, you are starting school
tomorrow "she said excitedly.
"Gboo! Chincha? I asked

"Dee, chincha"she said
"I throw myself on her hugging her tightly.
"But Ga eul, commoners are not accept in your school"
"Do you think that I didn't think of that? I registered you with another surname "she said.
"Which is?
"Lee sun nye" she said
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😊Episode three😊
😍Ga eul's POV😍
"Le..... Lee sun nye? Sun nye asked.
"Yes, lee sun nye that is your name from now till further notice "I said handing over her
uniform to her.
"Ga eul, is this not too risky? She asked again.
"Sun nye you trust me don't you? I asked.
"I do"she answered.
"Then do as I say, you are now lee sun nye, your data list is this.
Gender: female

Talents: singing and dancing.
Background :Lee's, the last daughter of lee jong young, America base billionaire.
"Gboo? Ga eul, isn't this too much? I mean, I might get caught "she said.
"You have a lot to learn sun, and your identity is secured, firstly you will undergo a facial
surgery, your body shape is perfect, just a little touching on your face and Lisa won't stand a
chance " I said smiling.
"Ga eul, I can't undergo a facial surgery, I love and appreciate how God created me and am
proud of myself " she said.
"Are you not the one that always call yourself ugly? Now you are proud of how he created
you? I asked.
"Ga eul, I am ugly because am poor, give me a nice dress, shoe, pause, car, a sum of
money, a comfortable house to live in and decide if I really need a facial surgery in other to
challenge Lisa in beauty" she said.
She is right, she is a very beautiful lady only poverty is her problem.
"Okay sun nye, you won and I lose, your first practice is how to work elegantly with this fendi
sneakers"I said bringing out the sneakers from the shopping bag.
😍Sun nye's POV😍
"Watch me as I walk with it, then you try it too"Ga eul said.
After learning for hours I finally learn some styles the rich people walk with, talk, laugh or
smile, and how they interact with people in a classy way.
"Omo, Ga eul am tired, let go to sleep now"I said.
"We will go to school in different cars tomorrow, remember sun nye you should memorize
the data that I gave you perfectly. "She said closing her eyes.
"Dee chingu"I said jumping to the bed.
😍Tristan's POV😍
From tomorrow onwards I will start looking for the sweetest female voice in school, anyone
whose voice beat that of Lisa will officially join the group and any of her wish done for her.
But is there really anyone whose voice is better than lisa's?

I hope so cus I will never marry that witch even though it won't be easy to find someone
Sun nye was so excited that she woked up very early in the morning to prepare for school.
Earlier before, Ga eul already made her arrangements known to her family and they all
supported her.
Sun nye was allowed to stay in the Lee's mansion.
😍Sun nye's POV😍
I looked so extremely gorgeous, I can't believe this is me.
I am just so beautiful.
"Sun nye, don't forget to act smart, Lisa is smart but you should be smarter, I trust you are
going to teach her a big lesson" Ga eul said smiling.
"Ga eul, this is Lee sun nye the last daughter of the Lee's family, the last daughter of Lee
jong young, I will make sure that name keeps ringing in Lisa's head"I said smiling.
Just then two cars drove into the compound.
"Okay time to go"Ga eul said and I picked up my backpack.
We went outside and I saw two dazzling cars, a green Lamborghini and a new limited land
cruiser, you know the type I'm talking about? The inside looks like a plane.
"Ga eul, who own that car" I asked pointing at the cruiser.
"My dad, he bought it not long ago, but I want you to ride in it, I want Lisa to feel intimidated
"she said and walk into the Lamborghini.
The driver opened the owner seat for me and I enter, while he rushed to the driver seat and
drove off.
😍Ga eul POV😍
I drove into the school compound and as usual, all eyes were on me.

Some rushed to me asking of how much I bought my chamberlain.
Within some minutes the land cruiser drove in, all the students including the WAGG directed
their gaze on the car to know who it is.
Just then sun nye came out of the car with all the aura of a rich lady.
💭Whoa, who is she, she looks classy 💭
💭Check out that bag, it cost a fortune 💭
💭Omg, she is wearing fendi new sneakers, that is rare to get💭
💭She is so rich, which background is she from💭
Students couldn't get there eyes off sun nye as they were busy videoing her.
Sun nye worked elegantly to me and hugged me smiling.
💭Wow, she is friends with Lee Ga eul💭
As I expected Lisa walk to where we are with her colleagues.
"Hey, who are you" she asked sun nye.
"I owe you no explanation Lisa"sun nye said facing her.
"You should respect her, she is the queen of BHMS"Mina said.
"Oh I should bow down? Or follow her around like dogs? Listen Lisa stay clear of my
path"sun nye said while the students continue videoing.
💭She is challenging Lisa, who could she be💭
I love the action sun nye is performing here.
I want Lisa to see her as a competition.
"Watch your mouth newbie "Lisa said glaring at both of us.
"And watch your steps old hag"sun nye fired back.
"Whoa, whoa, kenchana, only someone without a job will stand here talking to her"I said.
We walk inside the school holding hands and laughing.

In a matter of five minutes the news of the super rich newbie who challenged the queen on
her first day goes round the whole school as the video was posted on the school blog.
The BOTS also saw the video in there private class screen.
"Who is this hot chick"jimmy asked.
"She is hot" Jung said
"Maybe she is family Friends with the lee's, she was holding hands with the lee's last baby,
she is rich checkout the cruiser she drove in, that's the latest model, Tristan do you have any
idea on whom she is? Mantae asked.
"Whomever she is, this school will be tough for her"Tristan said heading to the door.
. Tristan held down the stairs, sun nye also was climbing the stairs to the restroom.
Tristan was busy with his phone that he didn't notice her, so as sun nye she was busy with
her phone without noticing Tristan.
They bumped into each other immediately
"What the heck"they both said at the same time.
Sun nye looked up and was shocked to see Tristan.
"Oppa"she shouted.
T. B. C
See as sun nye spoiled this perfect plan 😒

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😊Episode four😊
😍Tristan's POV😍
"Oppa,"she shouted.
What is wrong with her, she just registered into this school and here she is calling me oppa.

"Op..... Op.. Oops, can't you watch where you are going? She yelled.
Wait, is she not the one that just called me oppa? Why the change of attitude.
"And what were you doing when you bumped into me? I asked back.
"Oh, I see oppa, oppa"she called crying.
I was confused, isn't she tryna pick a fight with me just now? Why the sudden change of
"Hey, what's wrong"I asked.
"I will have you arrested, you just injured Lee sun nye"she said eyeing me still crying.
Lee sun nye? Like the daughter of Lee jong young? Unbelievable, the family base in US.
"You are Lee sun nye? I asked this time mantae and the others are with us.
"Are you asking me that? She asked looking me straight in the eyes.
"We will be seeing ourselves more often now Tristan "she said walking away.
Oh gosh did, did I just drool?
"She is Lee sun nye? Wow this is unbelievable "Jimmy said.
"It's hard to believe, now Lisa have a competition, looking at the finance Lee sun nye is
richer, but to be a queen in BHMS, she must beat Lisa in singing "mantae said.
I was just speechless, she was so beautiful, hey don't think am falling for her.
I'm not.
I don't believe in love.
I walk downstairs heading to the senior block.
😍Ga eul's POV😍
Lisa has been restless since her encounter with sun nye.
I could see her and Mina glaring at sun nye but who cares, she won't dare try anything

Just then the BOTS came inside the class.
Gboo! You rarely see them talk much of coming to the class, they never come inside this
class whenever they come to Korea.
They always stay in their private class, what could they be doing here.
Lisa rushed to tristan's side holding his hand.
"Honey, what are you doing here"Lisa asked.
I know that their relationship isn't good, so Lisa have been throwing herself on Tristan.
"I owe you no explanation Lisa" Tristan said.
Everywhere was quite.
"As y'all know, the BOTS will be dropping a new hit soon, but a female voice is needed in
the song.
So if you are talented in singing and you wish to join the competition, you can step out, trust
me the reward is nice, ain't saying anything concerning the reward yet, but if you feel like
joining step out"he said.
😍Lisa's POV😍
What in the world is Tristan doing?
I thought everything has been finalized for me to be the female singer, why the competition
"Tristan, what are you doing "I asked.
"What does it look like, listen Lisa, if you wanna join the competition then fine good luck, if
you win then fine, if you also lose, it's okay, I would do my thing the way I want them to be"
he replied
My mood is just getting ruined today, first it was that little newbie, I don't even know her
name, now is Tristan?
😍Sun nye's POV😍
This is the opportunity have been looking for, a way to showcase my talent.

This is not just about singing with the BOTS, but also a way to make myself known to the
I looked up and about fifteen girls are already standing, I looked at Ga eul and she nodded
her head signaling me to contest.
I stood up from my seat and went to the front where others we're.
Lisa also stand up and many of the students lost hope in winning, some even returned to
their seats.
"Okay then, the first round, you will sing a song sang by any artists of your choice "Tristan
said sitting down with the others.
"Remember, the competition contains of first and second round, so if you were removed at
the first round, don't be sad now let's begin "he said.
So the competition is not ending today?
😍Mantae POV😍
Almost fifteen of the girls sang, but their voices sounds like a broken microphone.
Now it remains Lisa, the new girl, Mina, and one other girl.
Mina sang though her voice is nice but its not good enough.
Another girl did the same but hers is worst.
Now it remain Lisa and the new girl.
"Lisa, which song are you singing "I asked her.
"Well, 7 rings by Ariana grande " she replied.
"Okay go on.
Lisa's Verse.
🎧 Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles 🎧
🎧Girls with tattoos who like getting in troubles 🎧
🎧lashes and diamonds, ATM machines 🎧
🎧Buy myself all of my favorite things (yeah) 🎧

🎧Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch, who woulda thought it'd turn me to a
savage 🎧
🎧Rather be tied up with calls and not strings 🎧
🎧Write my own checks like I write what I sing yeah (yeah) 🎧
🎧i want it, I got it, I want it, I got it
🎧i want it, I got it, I want it, I got it🎧
🎧You want my hair? Gee thanks just bought it 🎧
🎧I see it , I like it, I want it, I got it( yep) 🎧
Wow! I told Tristan, Lisa is the best, no one can beat her.
The whole students clapped for her.
"So, are you still contesting? I asked the newbie. She kept quiet for sometimes.
"She can't, it's a waste of time, Lisa rules"a student said.
While the students chants lisa's name.
"I will"the newbie said.
"Gboo? I asked not sure of what I heard.
"I will contest"she repeated.
"Okay, which song are you singing " I asked.
"Helplessly by Tatiana manaois"she said.
🎹 it's not that easy with you here.
🎹But I know I want you to stay.
🎹 see this could be us in a few years
🎹But just admit you like to play
🎹Is like everyday i'm kicking rocks
🎹i could fly away but you got me at a complete stop, how do you manage to keep me
going but somehow you keep me from going.

🎹See you distract me but i'm distracted without you.
🎹i don't know how to focus baeby teach me how to.
🎹 Coz i'm standing still again 🎹
When sun nye started singing, her sweet voice is what gained the BOTS and the students
attention, followed by the melody of the song she choosed..
Jung, Jimmy and Mantae stood up singing along with her.
After she finished singing the students and the BOTS clapped for her.
Lisa was so angry that she felt like killing sun immediately.
The students wait to hear from Tristan.
😍Tristan's POV😍
I can't believe she is the one singing, I feel like am watching Tatiana on stage.
Her voice carry's melody more than that of Tatiana.
She is just the type we need, though she still need to pass the dancing contest, but I
already marked her good.
"The first round has come to an end leaving Lisa and Lee sun nye as the finalist"I said
"Lee sun nye? Lisa asked looking at the newbie.
"It sounds familiar right? Stay clear" newbie said.
Are they having issues already?
After the singing stuff I went into my car am a bit tired.
But there she stood in front of my car.
"Hey, get out" I said coldly.
"What if I don't " she asked daring
She jumped into my car laughing.
"What the heck! How dare you.
I made to throw her out but she hold me by the collar thereby making our lips touch.

"What the hell"I yelled.
T. B. C

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