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In this contemporary world,  so many people are striving so hard to be other people, they look at other people and feel like they're not as good as them, because a particular guy is always taking on presentations and answers questions a lot, you think his GP is better than yours, that is what I'm here to help you solve.
Fist of, I'll need you to delete the mindset that anyone is better than you, it's not possible for anyone to be better than you because you're the best version of you and though you might not be where you desire to be but there are things you can do to get there. But before that comes into play, I need you to know that you're the best version of you.
Now, being the only "you", version, how do make the best out of yourself?, how do you achieve your academic goals, how do you achieve you financial goal while in school, all these questions have answers.
One answer to the above questions is to be determined: Anything you set your mind to do is achievable but it won't happen just sitting down, as a student in your final year, you have decided to get rich or a job before finishing service, at this point in your life, it might seem hard, as you're almost done schooling, but if you're determined and believe that you can do it, you can actually do it.
Let's use Elon Musk as an example, a lot of people told him he couldn't achieve Space X, because it seemed impossible, he lost money, but he kept going and he did it. Same thing applies to you, you only need your determination to achieve these great things.
Another thing to do is to be positive: James Allen called mind the master for a reason, the mind attracts most time what we say and think, it's a pattern of life, from thoughts, to words, to actions, so always think positive things and say positive things and surround yourself with positive people, even if you're not doing so well as you wish to in your exams, don't say the wrong things,only the right things, the wrong things is a way of you telling yourself that you can't do what you have set your mind to.
In addition, take bold steps, you're a student and you want to start a business with the little savings you're getting from home, start it anyways, be bold, you can do it, people have done it, so you can be a better you, it might look like folly,but take that step that seems like if you take you'll fall, no one has never risen without falling, so falling is no crime,you staying down is the sin.
Go be a better you!
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This is good. You're the best version of yourself thriving to get better. Never forget that you can do anything if you're consistent and determined. 

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