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To find out more about the bling you can earn from WaleHub forum, take a look at the list below. It will explain what each piece of bling means, and how you earn it. 

Awards for likes, posts and points, are all awarded automatically. Other bling is awarded manually by admin. If you see bling here that you think you are missing, please contact admin and they will sort it for you.

Forum Awards for Post Likes
When you write a post or create a thread in the forum, other members have the ability to “like” the posts. As you gather more likes on your posts, you will be awarded the following bling

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100 Likes Medal - bronze
The 100 Likes Medal is given to you automatically when you receive more than 100 likes on your posts in the forum.

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250 Likes Medal - silver
This Silver Medal shows you have achieved 250 likes on your forum posts. It will be awarded to you automatically when you achieve this goal.

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500 Likes Medal - Gold
500 post likes is a big achievement! To celebrate, members who achieve this goal are awarded with a gold medal.

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download (4)~2


1K Likes Forum Medallion
The green Medallion is awarded to members when they reach 1,000 likes on their forum posts.

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2.5K Likes Medallion
A blue Medallion will be awarded to members when they achieve 2,500 likes on their forum posts. 

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4.5k Likes Medallion
The 4.5K Likes bling is a gold medallion. It is presented to members when they achieve 4,500 likes on their forum posts.

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6K Likes Trophy
The Thumbs Up Trophy is awarded to members who achieve a huge milestone of 6,000 likes on their forum posts. This shows a massive contribution to the forum and takes a long time to earn.

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8K Likes Trophy
The Golden Thumbs Up is awarded to members who achieve a huge 8,000 likes on their forum posts! It is automatically award by the forum software when you hit 8k likes.

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10K Likes Trophy
The ultimate forum award. When a member reaches 10,000 likes, they will receive the final piece of likes bling, the Diamond Thumbs Up! A legendary piece of bling that is only held by the longest standing members.

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Members Forum Ranks
Members ranks are based on the amount of posts they have published. You will find these badges on your profile, and underneath your avatar in forum posts.
As your number of posts increases, so does your level.
Members levels are awarded automatically.

Screenshot 20211006 180912



WaleHub Points
WaleHub Points are earned by members through different interactions on the forum. Over time you can save up your points and turn into cash from 5000 points accumulation. They're named after the best eagle species there is.

As you gather more points you will also earn the following bling:

Q 1633542496868


How to Get More WaleHub Points
WaleHub points are earned through interaction with the forum. Different actions will give you a different amount of points.

Like a Post: 1 point
Vote in a poll: 2 point
Login: 1 Point ( Max 5 Per Day)
Replying to a Thread: 2 points
Starting a Poll: 5 Points
Answer a question: 5 points
Daily Visit: 5 Points
Registration: 10 points
Starting a New Thread: 5 points
Referring a Friend: 20 Points
Member of the Month Win: 200 Points
100 likes medal: 10 points
250 likes medal: 25 points
500 likes medal: 50 points
1000 likes medal: 100 points
2500 likes medal: 250 points
4500 likes medal: 450 points
6000 likes medal: 600 points
8000 likes medal: 800 points
10000 likes medal: 1000 points


Special forum awards

Member of the Month
Through out the month the admin and moderation team will be looking for members who go the extra mile. The members who answer questions, have a great attitude, and members who over come some major challenges in their grow. The best will go into the voting system and emerge victorious in their respective section. The person's picture and whatever write-up he or she writes about him/herself will be on the section page for a month. This bling is held for one month, and then passed on to another member.

Q 1633544612510



The Student Council Award
The Student Council Award is given to members who have shown a deep understanding of at least one forum section. These are the members with years of growing experience. They have proven the depth of their knowledge through articles, write-ups, and helping new members by answering question in the forum.

images 7

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I Voted Forum Award
Awarded every month to members who have voted in the MOTM competition. On the first of every month this bling is removed from all recipients, and the voting starts again. This is a great way for Admin to keep track of who has voted, so we can run exclusive comps for the bling holders.

20210820 194721

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Admin, Moderator and section mod Badges
The admin and moderator team can help you with anything. From questions on anything, to changing your username and uploading pictures. If you need help at any time, just click on one of the links below and you will be shown who is Admin or a Moderator. You can them message them for help.

20211006 191654



Admin - Red

Moderator - Blue

Section mod - Green 


If you think you are missing some bling, then feel free to contact admin. Check the requirements by clicking on any piece of bling in this page. If you have accomplished all of them, message admin and your bling will be awarded.

More forum awards are added all the time! There will be exclusive bling for events and achievements. There will be updates in the forum to let you know of any changes!

Happy hunting everyone! Enjoy collecting your bling!




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