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In the last topic,we talked about how to find the right person date?, today let's look at how to make your relationship with the right person work.
The fact that someone is the right person for you does not mean you already have a straight ticket to an hitch free relationship, because there is none. Every relationship comes with it's perks,as there are individual differences,this means peculiarities of different humans and they vary from each other,so you as an entity have things that are peculiar to you,good or bad,while your partner too are with their own peculiarities,this is the base of every argument, because you will never argue on anything if you have similar thoughts on it.
  Now, I'll be telling you certain things to take note of and save that relationship,so if you're at this part of this post,that your love life is still capable of being saved, just read attentively
1. KNOW AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE NOT PERFECT: I can categorically tell you that it's our imperfections that make us who we are,our little faults,our little idiosyncrasies,our lapses and flaws,they are in place just to constantly remind us of the fact that we are humans. So when you're in a relationship with someone,you need to know in every of your actions that you are not perfect and neither is your partner,and that's the reason they'll do wrong things to you, you'll also wrong them, that's your imperfections manifesting so it's not that they are bad, no need to call it quits,take all their wrongdoings as natural occurrences and correct them with love,that way you will make it work.
2.TAKE CORRECTIONS WITHOUT BEING OFFENDED: When your imperfections manifest and your partner calls your attention to it, it's no big deal,no need to get offended, they love you and that's why they are even talking about it to you in the first place, so don't take that and turn yourself to Almighty Mr/Mrs without blemish, let them know you hear them and you'll work on it.
And don't because of the fact that you were corrected by them begin to find faults in everything they do.
3. CORRECT WITH LOVE: Most times we say the right things,but we say them the wrong way,you might be communicating with your partner in a way that's rude despite the fact that you're right, you'll come off as a crude person,when they make do things that get on your nerves,and you want to talk to them about, don't be too direct,don't correct them while you guys are having a fight,or maybe when you're together in a night class where people are,of it's something you want them to stop at the moment,call them stylishly, if you can't,bear it and leave them alone,then when you get to a private place,correct them and do it in a way that won't make them feel bad about themselves.
These things will make your relationship solid as rock, we'll continue in the next chapter.
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Nice points.. A relationship will work with the points raised above . The point is, are you willing to make it work?

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