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In the first part, we examined different things to take note of that will make your relationship work with that lovely person you're dating and we focused extensively on perfection, imperfections.
This time, we'll take on the emotion part, how to identify and treat your partner according to the way they love to feel.
I'll need you to read through this with an open mind, male or female, as that's all it will take and I assure you, you'll have a relationship that's as smooth as cheese on bread.
As a male 300 level student, dating an 100 level student, do you know that there's a great probability you can't relate with her the way you can relate with your classmate, (you don't understand?,hold on, you'll get it)
That 100 level student has a mind that's different (more often than not), than that of a 300 level student, because she hasn't really been to the large space and has not experienced vast amount of things, this means the things she'll love and appreciate will be different from what another girl in 300 level will appreciate, now,where the work is identifying her interests and indulging her in that aspect and the same for the woman too, you don't make it one sided, don't see romance as you being the end point of it, it's a two way thing, not just one person, look for his interests too and indulge him accordingly, don't make it look like all you can do is just be attended to.
Another thing to do is to give. Love gives, no matter how little, love gives, no matter how inconvenient, love gives, so you make sure you give to your partner, if you're going to his hostel,don't go empty handed, if you're going to her hostel don't go empty handed, buy something, no matter how little, this is just to basically show that you care and that you have them at the back of your mind, trust me if this is in place, you both will have a relationship that will not be broken over the slightest argument.
Furthermore, be a good listener, when your partner is conversing with you on a particular topic, it's not a competition, listen to them, actively listen to them, show them that you're interested in what they're saying, don't try to tell him how stressful class was for you while he is trying to tell you how stressful school was for him, let him finish and it goes for both gender, when he's done, or she's done, then you can proceed to yours,not cutting them short in between. This will allow your partner to view you as a safe haven,as a place where they get the best therapy as they can always vent too.
In conclusion,let them know their opinion is valid, if you're having a discussion or arguing about a matter, don't you ever shut your partner up, even if they are not as intelligent as you, don't shove it in their face, always entertain every of their opinion and give a thought to it consciously, if you know you can't do that for them,well you might as well just leave them alone and not bother to date them at all, you do not know everything,so in that relationship, he/she knows as much as you do, if you don't rate your partner, your friends won't rate them and your relationship will crumble easily at the hand of the slightest argument because you have given them a very good reason not to stay.
Take all these into action and have a sweet and love filled relationship ❤️.
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There's always a difference between classes but the love within and efforts bridges the gap. Take note of little things that you think did not matter and work on them. They matter

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