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    Friendship has always been an issue of debate among humans for a long while.. Everyday we look around and see people trying to relate with each other for various reasons.. All these when collated together gives us the confirmation that man Is indeed a social animal. Friendship means a close relationship between two or more people for companionship or interaction or both. However in today's world, with increasing technological advancement, friendship has lost its real meaning. We see people relating with others thousands of miles away without actually knowing them.. Cases have been heard of such friendship ending in disasters such as fraud, bullying, blackmail,etc. All of these unfortunate incidences occur because this sort of relationship wasn't built on a solid foundation of LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT AND SELFLESSNESS- KEY INGREDIENTS FOR TRUE FRIENDSHIP. Thus, it is surely headed to CRASH.
     HOWEVER, inspite of all this, there are ways one can actually build a solid friendship without having to go through these terrible consequences. A ray of hope of still making good friends and keeping them and also identifying bad influences and discarding them.. A friendship of assurance always watches out for each other's interest, well being and future. It isn't based on selfishness but rooted deep in years of closeness and activities. Before actually calling a person your friend, ask these 3 questions:
1. How well do I know him/her?
2. What are his strength and weakness?
3. What kind of influence does he radiate?.
Answering all these questions honestly would give you an hint of just how far you are willing to go to make the friendship work or walk away if it doesn't suit your lifestyle.
    In today's modern world, peer pressure has to be the no 1 reason people choose friends as a criteria to BELONG. They rather want to hide thier cowardice and show FALSE COURAGE. But wait and think to yourself, that you know when something is bad and when it's good.. So beating about the bush is not necessary. Remember this: YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS!!! PICK YOUR FRIENDS RIGHT. According to statistics, over 80% of people who live in communities relate with each other everyday but know less than 1% of themselves...  Thus, there exist misunderstanding, conflict and misplaced values. No wonder even up till this age, RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE STILL OCCURS...  PEOPLE REFUSE TO BUILD QUALITY FRIENDS BUT PREFER TO HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA ACQUAINTANCES.... SUCH A PITY!!!! 
        IN CONCLUSION, a friendship with assurance is guaranteed to stand by you in phases of your life especially the dark ones.. Avoid ISOLATION AS IT BREEDS SELFISHNESS. MAKE REAL FRIENDS AND SEE YOURSELF IMPROVE IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.
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Getting an assured friendship is something had to come by but it will be attainable by efforts of both parties coupled with a willingness from within.

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