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    From previous analysis of various reasons why people struggle to live a financial free life, we see that the mindset plays a pivotal role. Take it or leave it, all humans must occupy a strata or standard of living. They include:
1. UPPER CLASS: These strata or social castes are the top echelons of the society. They are mainly refered to as the ELITES, ARISTOCRATS, OR NOBLES. They are the policy makers of any society and are certainly top-notch. The members of this caste have a single thing in common. This is their being RICH AND WEALTHY. Now In the previous article I explained the difference between being rich and being wealthy. Imagine one who now merges the two together.. That is why citizens at this level have unprecedented influence and are always in charge of administration. No academic environment will place a visionless leader to direct it's affairs. Look around you your SUG PRESIDENT, V.P, AND OTHER STUDENT SERVING IN ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS they are always confident, charismatic and financially stable. That is why you voted them in to lead you. 
2. MIDDLE CLASS: These set of citizens are those who are always professional in thier doings. They carry out activities clockwork and follow the principle of TIME. Therefore they are RICH BUT NOT WEALTHY. They are majorly interested in working to make immediate cash but not creating jobs. This set spend thier time building financial stability for the upper classes while they are content with receiving money in return.. Thier TIME isn't always thiers to use freely. Rather they depend on what thier BOSSES WANT. examples include: managers,etc.
3. SEMI MIDDLE CLASS: These sets of citizens are those who engage in performing tasks from the scratch and delivering finished products to the middle class. They also do not control thier time to a large extent and are dependent on SALARIES. These strata are mostly surviving from hand to mouth, i.e: they struggle to get through each day as thier budget is limited to thier salary scale. To say the least over 80% are POOR. E.g: CIVIL SERVANTS.
4. LOWER CLASS: These strata occupies the bottom of the social ladder. They are also known as PEASANTS OR COMMONERS. These group engage in physical labour to earn a daily living and get PEANUTS IN RETURN. Most people who are in this category are either usually semi-skilled or totally unskilled. Over 95% are living below abject poverty. 
   In actual reality, society didn't just fracture into these creeds overnight. It came into existence as a result of positive thinking, actions, vision and accomplishments of certain individuals who saw the need to acquire a better life. An adage goes thus: IF THE FOUNDER OF AN EXISTING EMPIRE WERE TO KNOCK ON THE DOORS OF HIS PRESENT GENERATION, HE WOULD BE THROWN OUT. This tells us just how bad the condition of wealthy families were in times past.. Most at times they were usually poor fishermen, farmers, shoemakers, hunters,etc. But they changed thier mentality and unlocked the secret to WEALTH BUILDING. I always tell people at all times. IF YOU WANT TO BE WEALTHY, SOLVE PEOPLES PROBLEMS AND GAIN THIER TRUST. If you do this, they would pay through thier noses to acquire your products or services.
    In conclusion, you alone can decide what strata or level of society you want to occupy. It all balls down to your mindset. If you dream big you achieve big things.. Remember this: AIM FOR THE SUN, IF YOU MISS YOU MIGHT REACH THE SKY. NEVER LET YOUR BACKGROUND PUT YOUR BACK TO THE GROUND.. WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IS RIGHT AND MAKES YOU HAPPY GO FOR IT. IDEAS THAT MAKE PEOPLE WEALTHY AT FIRST INSTANCE SOUND CRAZY. BUT THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE LIKE CRAZY IDEAS BECAUSE IT BRINGS WEALTH.
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This is a great write-up.This way, students should be able to make up their minds through this write-up and all they have seen so far in their sojourn as a student. This is a great analysis.

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