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    After extensively discussing the various strata that exist in human society, we will now do justice of proffering ways of climbing up the ladder from the lowest rung of LOWER CLASS TO THE ELITE OR UPPER CLASS. AS DIFFICULT AS THIS MAY SEEM, IT IS ACTUALLY SIMPLE AND PRACTICABLE. ALL THAT IT REQUIRES IS YOUR UNDETERRED CONSISTENCY AND EFFORT. This article is practically for students, however it will try as much as possible to encompass everybody as we all struggle in keeping up with our finances.. 
     My well drawn out and detailed plan for achieving wealth exist in an acronym called: S.M.A.R.T. 
1. SMARTNESS: As an human being existing in an information age, we do well to keep abreast of current happenings in our society. You don't expect to sit at the comfort of your home doing nothing and expecting a miracle.. Life doesn't work that way.  You have to gather information, Make thorough research and be tech savvy ( up to a moderate level) before you can upgrade.. Having a phone and data connection gives you an edge of achieving success in a ratio of 5:1. Don't waste away your precious time.. You don't expect me to give a contract of tarring a road to a tailor... Why? Simple: Because he isn't qualified for it. Remember this: POVERTY IS A THING OF THE MIND, WEALTH IS A THING OF THE FACT( INFORMATION).
2. MODERATION: A dictionary defines this word as being restrained in discipline. And how TRUE WE NEED THIS VIRTUE IN A WORLD WHERE  UNNECESSARY SPENDING EXISTS. YOU don't expect to spend money without planning and achieve wealth.. it doesn't work that way.. Watch out for what you buy because only items that add VALUE to you are worth it. E.g: books, newspapers,etc. If you use a credit card, build yourself to buying only important and urgent things. This will improve your savings culture and make you well prepared for unforseen eventualities and opportunities for investment whenever it comes knocking... Remember: A PERSON WHO IS PRESSED THINKS ONLY OF THE TOILET SO ALSO A PERSON WHO IS BROKE THINKS ONLY OF MONEY. BE FOCUSED!!!
3. ARTICULATE: THIS mean being straight forward and going to the point to getting what you want. It can also be called ASSERTIVENESS. Always stand up for what you believe in without hurting other peoples feelings or pride. Remember to make wealth, you have to solve peoples problem. And whether you like it or not all human beings are only interested in themselves first before any other thing. So being articulate and selfless is essential to acquiring wealth. 
  • 4. REALISTIC: This means being honest or truthful to yourself without deceit.. SELF-DECEIT IS THE SUREST WAY TO POVERTY. You can't set goals and flout it Everytime and expect to succeed. It's not possible.. WEALTH ONLY LOCATES CONSISTENT FOLKS... SO SET GOALS FOLLOW IT AND SEE POSITIVE CHANGES 
5. TIME-CONSCIOUS: This factor can either be your best friend or worst enemy depending on your perspective. Time is short and scarce therefore be smart when using it.. Build yourself, learn a skill, stick to your rules, spend wisely and succeed. If by 25 you haven't achieved a moderate level of financial freedom then you will understand the proverb that says: BY 25 YOUR ALARM DOSENT NEED TO WAKE YOU BECAUSE YOUR PROBLEMS WILL. So always stay true to your self and work with time.
  •      Thus, we conclude the topic as a whole.. always remember to improve your mindset as it is what assures your spot among TOP ECHELONS IN THE SOCIETY. NEVER EVER SETTLE FOR LESS. YOU CAN ALWAYS IMPROVE.
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SMART🤔... Good one. Very good. Now this is something everyone should proudly work on and hope to see results if followed diligently. 

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