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Psychopath (completed)

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Written by Haryormideh Ayeni
Episode 1
I arrived California in the night.
I board a taxi to the hotel I had booked. I asked to be given the VIP suite.
It feels so good to be very rich.
I left my German Shepherd with my neighbor.
I'm already missing my dog. I wish I deal with this case as quickly as possible and return back
to my normal life.
I entered my suite and fell on the bed.
I was so exhausted, it took all of my will power to drag myself to the bathroom and take a
After the shower, I crawled to the bed and slept on a empty stomach.
The following day, I board a taxi to the nearest police station and bought coffee on my way.
"Good morning" I greeted the police man on duty behind the table "can I see the Asp. I heard he
works here"
"Any problem?" He asked
"Yes, I'm somehow connected to the deaths that happened this week"
"What?? How come? Wait let me call and check if he's busy?" He replied and called the ASP
" He's not busy, you can go in"
"Thank you" I stood up and went to the Asp's office.
"Good morning sir, I came to report my boyfriend. I think he's a psychopath. He sent a letter to
me asking me to come home else he'll start killing people and that's what he's doing. He's the one behind those deaths. You have to do something because I'm not going back to him and also I'll
need protection in case he comes unawares."
"Hmmm..... can you show me the letter?" He asked
"Sure" I opened my back and rummaged through but couldn't find the letter.
I dumped all the contents in my bag on the man's table and searched thoroughly.
Halfway through the search, I remember I had squeezed it and threw it in my apartment back in
I'm so silly
"Sorry sir, I forgot the letter back in my apartment in Turkey."
" Funny enough, a young man came to this district too and said he was sent a letter but he didn't
say from whom. Exactly what you said was what was in his letter. He has been on the run ever
since I asked him to provide the letter."
I sat forward in my seat "did he mention his name? Maybe he's my boyfriend"
"No he didn't...."
A police man rushed in without knocking "sir another murder in Craven's avenue"
The man stood up with an angry expression "how does your psychopath boyfriend manage to do
all this. Six deaths now."
I shuddered in my seat in fear, I can't imagine what he'll do to me.
"Sir I need protection pls"
"I'll assign two officers to you. They'll also help in investigating so help them in whatever way you
"Thank you sir" I stood up and left.
Looking at every sides in case I catch sight of him.
"What if he's following me?!!"

I walked faster and boarded a taxi back to my suite.
Few hours later, after I ordered for my food and ate.
A knock came on my door.
I opened it to meet two good looking police men.
"Hello" I greeted "please come in"
One of them gave me a bright smile while the other frowned, like he's very angry.
"What can I offer you?" I asked them
"We're okay!" The friendlier one replied
" must be the one assigned to me "
"If you mean bodyguard, then yes" the angry one replied.
Oh that must be the reason he's angry.
The friendlier one tapped him "sorry about that but the ASP said whenever there's a case
related to this, we're free yo live you, I hope you are okay with this?"
"Yeah, sure" I replied
"And we'll take turn in watching over you in the night."
"Okay sir" I smiled appreciatively
"Let me introduce myself, I'm Jake and he's Sean"
"Nice names and nice to meet you"
"Thanks" Jake replied
"Are you married?" I asked.
"Yes I'm happily married with two beautiful girls" Jake replied
"What about you Sean?"

He looked at me stonily "What's your business? You want to marry me?"
"Are you sure a dickhead?" The words came out before I could stop it.
He glared at me and stormed out.
"Gosh..... I'm so sorry" I said to Jake.
"Don't worry, he'll get used to it, he's very charming just that he's angry ASP assigned us to
"I don't see him charming, not even in my wildest dreams" I sat on the chair beside Jake.
He laughed "I can see you two falling in love" he winked
"It's never going happen, not even as a nightmare"
"That's what you peep say and boom the next thing we get is an invitation card to your
I laughed "I like you, you're very funny and your wife and kids are very lucky to have you."
"Thanks so much, it's not everyday I get a compliment from a foreigner" he replied
"I'm not really a foreigner"
"Wow really? Tell me about you then"
I smiled and began the story of my life.

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Episode 2

Jake is really friendly, the mostly friendly person I've ever met.
I told him all about my possibly sick boyfriend and the letter which was the reason I came back to
California, back to the past I was determined to forget.
Now I believe that there's no escaping from your past, it always find a way back to you.
"You have a very interesting story" Jake said
I smiled " I doubt if that's interesting"
He looked at his watch "it's late already, who do you want to start the watch? "
" Sean? " I laughed unsure
" Really?" Jake's eyes widened in surprise
" I just want to get used to him, that's all" I replied quickly as his eyes was beginning to have a
knowing glint.
"I'll be expecting an invitation card after this cause then" he winked and walked to the door
" Gosh no! We'll never get married, not in this life" I argued
" With that, I rest my case" he laughed and walked out.
Gosh.... He's sooo impossible.
At approximately an hour later, Sean came in without even knocking, what if I was dressing.
I looked up at him "why didn't you knock before entering, what if I was dressing?" I eyed him
" If you wanted to dress. You'd dress in your bedroom, this is a suite after all"
"Thankfully, it has two entrance and a balcony, so if you're going to go anywhere later, you don't
have to use this door but make sure you tell me where you want to go in case you get missing, I'll
know where to start my investigation" he added and plumped down on the only three seater chair
with his eyes tightly closed.
I scoffed loudly and turned on my heels to the bedroom.
"He's sure a dickhead" I muttered under my breath and slammed the door close.

After several attempt of sleeping, I changed my clothes and went to the hotel restaurant to kill
Somewhere along the line, I must have slept off and someone picked me up to my room on my
I woke up the following morning to the noise from the living room.
I stood up quickly "what's happening?"
I went to the living room and found Jake shaking his head and Sean looking at my bedroom door
angrily which means as I came out, he's looking at me angrily.
Jake looked up when he heard me enter "Two deaths happened again yesternight. The killer is
using different methods so it'll be hard to catch him. How does he move so fast?"
"I don't know" I sat down
"The death happened about 1.2km from here so he must have seen you somewhere" Jake said
"No I don't think he did." I replied and turned to Sean to find him still looking at me angrily "why
are you looking at me that way?"
"I'm sorry, I was just lost in thought about your so called boyfriend. How did you put up with a
maniac like him?" He asked.
Sean is sorry??!!!
Tears pricked at my eyes "he wasn't like this, all I knew was he's a very jealous type but apart
from that, he's very good" I replied
"You still like him?" Sean looked at me flabbergasted
"What?!" I screamed "No no, I don't. I was just telling you how he was"
"Okay!" He sounded like he doesn't believe me.
"I'm over him, why do you think I left my country?"
"It's not time to argue lover birds, Sean and I are going to visit the crime place" Jake said grimly

"Will you be okay by yourself?" Sean asked
"Yeah" I nodded, still surprised by his change of attitude.
"Okay, good" Jake replied "let's go" he turned to Sean and led him out but not before winking at
me and mouthing "we'll be back before you knew it"
I groaned and hit my palm on my forehead.
I can never go out with Arrogant Sean even though he suddenly changed his attitude this
Since I'm all alone and I have it in mind not eat this morning.
I brought out my note book and started writing out Kyle's family members name and their
Thank heavens for good memory I have.
When Sean and Jake comes, I'll show them the list.
We'll have to pay them all a surprise visit, Kyle might be staying with one of them or he should
be in contact with any one of them.
Kyle get ready for me.
My phone rang.
"Hello" I said to the person on the other end.
Who's calling from Turkey
"Am I on to Miss Della?"
"Yes, who's this?" I asked
"This is the police ma'am, a neighbor reported something to us and gave us your number?"
"I'm sorry ma'am, we found your dog outside your apartment. He was stabbed severally and left
to bleed to death"

"What??!" I screamed so loud "my best friend!!"
I'm sorry" the police man said and hug up.
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Episode 3
The Police Department
"Something tells me that guy, that her boyfriend isn't the one behind these deaths" Sean and
the Inspector eyed me.
"I'm serious, I just have that feeling"
They both continue looking at me.
"Jake, are you sure you're in your right state of mind?" Sean asked me.
"I'm very sure, something keeps telling me"
"Didn't you hear all she said about her so called boyfriend, what's his name again" He paused for
a few seconds "Yeah right, Kyle. He really sound like a psychopath to me. Ohmahgawd, I wonder
how that poor little soul must be faring inside"
I narrowed my eyes at me "how did you know all these?" I asked "you were outside when she
was talking to me"
"Ah....well" he stuttered "I.... I was indeed out... outside but just outside the door" he nodded as if
to reassure himself
"I won't pursue that one" I eyed him
"Well..... I agree with Sean, the boyfriend really sound like a psychopath" Inspector said

"Thank you Inspector" Sean grinned "We need to capture him, he has killed her dog"
"How do you know? She didn't say anything like that to me" I asked
"Oops, sorry it just a guess" he replied looking down
"You sounded so sure Sean" I advanced on him "are you keep anything about the investigation
from me?"
"Let's conclude guys, we don't have all the time in the world" Inspector shouted hitting his hands
on his table.
I cleared my throat "Sir, from the investigation so far, I'm very sure Kyle was the one that came
here to report the letter. It's not some sort of coincidence. Someone sent a letter to him and that
same person sent a letter to Della" I looked at him in the eyes ",Kyle is not behind the deaths"
"Then why's he on the run?" Sean asked
Even though Sean is my Colleague and looks like a hard nut, he can be so dumb and childish at
"I'm not sure though, could be he kept receiving threatening messages from the person that sent
him the letter"
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
"Why didn't he present the letter before being on the run?" Inspector asked me
"That is what I'm trying to figure out, Della also forgot the letter in her apartment which is
already in the trash bin. I just need to investigate further."
"I know Kyle is the one behind the death and I'm going to prove it" Sean huffed so sure of
"I know he's not, someone is behind this and I'm going to prove it too" I looked at him squarely.
"Now I declare"Inspector raised his hands to the air "you go on each on your assignment. I'll
treat the winner to Victoria's Secret"
That got us laughing "we aren't ladies" Sean said
"I'd love to pick a few underwears for my wife" I winked at the inspector.

"We'll still work together right?" Sean asked as we left the Inspector office to Della's suite
"Yeah Sure" I patted his back "only with a different course"
"Thanks" He smiled gratefully

Della's Suite
I was sure I've slept and woken up that afternoon almost six times.
I just wish I can go back to my apartment and now he has killed my dog.
I couldn't bring myself to cry, I guess I was just tired of everything.
I stood up to the refrigerator and brought out a bottle of water and downed it at once.
I heard a knock on my door and seized my breath.
"Della it's us" Sean shouted.
I let my breath out and dropped the empty bottle on the bedside table and went to open the door.
"Hi, welcome back? I've got good news" I smiled at them
"Is it true your dog is dead?" Jake asked.
My expression turned sour "yes" I answered.
"Sorry about that" Jake said
"So what's the good news?" Sean asked smiling
"Yeah what's it?" Jake added
"I've written down his families address, let's say them a visit starting from his family house"
"Nice idea!" Seam exclaimed
What's with him?

"Let's go then" Jake said and led the way out.
I quickly rushed to the bathroom and washed away every trace of sleep on my face.
Today is going to be a long day...
We got to the family house after a long silent drive.
Jake rang the doorbell.
"Hello?" Kyle mother opened the door with a frown " how may I help you?"
"We're a friend of Kyle and wondering where he could be. It's been long we heard of him"
Her face turned sad "we haven't heard from him in a while now"
"Jane, why are you at door? Come and help me with the kids" a voice which I'm sure is Kyle's
dad said
"I'm coming dear" she replied him "please when you find him, contact me. I'm sure Della has my
number and I know for sure that you're a police" she slammed the door
"Well?" I asked
"That was pretty cool" Jake muttered
After visiting eight houses and getting negative responses, the last one gave us little hope.
"Kyle?" His sister said "I don't know what he has been up to this days, he rarely comes home or
visit. And I miss him so much" a lone tear appeared on her face.
I hugged her sympathetically "We'll find him" I assured her
"He's been receiving messages, he confided in me and also he's on the run from loan sharks. I
don't if he has paid them or not"
"I'm sure he's okay" I patted her awkwardly "I couldn't bear her tears"
"Thanks Del"
I nodded and we left immediately.

The instant we got into my suite and sat down, Jake's phone rang
"Hello?" He said into the phone
"What??!" He shot up from his seat.
He turned to us with shock in his eyes.
"Remember the last person we saw?" He asked
Sean and I nod our heads
"Well she's dead"
I was frozen in my seat
"More reason I think Kyle isn't behind the deaths, he can kill his beloved sister"
My heart started beating fast "if it's not Kyle, who's behind this?"

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Episode 4
My heart started beating fast "if it's not Kyle, who's behind this?"
"Is someone setting us up? What's the person after?" I asked Jake
"I'm as clueless as you are" Jake replied.
"A psychopath can do anything, beloved or not. I'm sure he's behind it" Sean came to sit beside me "I'll always be here for you okay?" He caressed my cheeks.
I was lost in his eyes and every other cease to exist. It's been long I have this feeling though tiny
it's deceiving and I need to crush it immediately.
I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked up to find Jake grinning.
"Can I take you out tomorrow?" Sean asked.
"No, I'm going to see my godfather tomorrow. I'll probably use a day or two and it's safe there"
"That's good" Jake said and went out to receive a call.
"After this case, can I take you out for a date?" Sean asked
I raised an eyebrow at him
He raised is two hands up in mock surrender "I'm not in love Della, it's just to get to know you
better. I'm not even crushing on you" he laughed
Gosh.......why does that hurt?
"Okay then" I agreed "Capture Kyle or whoever is behind this."
"Sure ma'am"
Jake came back in with an incredulous look on his face.
"Inspector said the killer sent a threatening message to him." He announced.
"Why does his face pop everywhere, I'm beginning to put your lives at risk" I cried.
"We'll capture the culprit, don't worry" Jake said assuredly.
Two days later,
I sat in my room in my Godfather's House. The room has always been mine since I was born.
I'm getting tired of staying in the country and I don't want to go to my parent's.
Jake earlier called and informed me another two relative of Kyle and one of mine is dead
excluding other citizens in just two days.

Something needs to be done and I'm going to act.
If I set my eyes on him, I'm going to kill him.
Since a death happened few miles away from here, he should be somewhere around.
I'm just going to sneak in to every house and search for him.
I dressed in a black ninja outfit and set out, blending in with the dark..
I began my search.
As soon as I reached the ninth house and was about going out since I didn't find anything
interesting except for a room that was locked.
I heard the siren on the police. They're just few yards away so I can't go outside through the front
door else I would be arrested for bulgary though I didn't steal anything.
I found the back door easily and ran out. Thankfully, bushes surrounded the house. I ran into the
bush and continued my hunt.
The Police can't stop me.
A woman called earlier and reported someone breaking in to her house.
Few minutes later, still on the phone, talking to the cops, her scream was heard.
That got us moving.
I cane to see a friend in the district and happened to hear the exchange.
The killer is in this town.
I got into my car and drove fast to the crime scene.
I got there first and found the front door opened.

If the killer is still around, he wouldn't use the front door because the siren of a police vehicle
could be heard so he'll use the back door.
Though we were minutes late and the killer should have gone, I couldn't help but hope.
Maybe he decided to have a drink in the woman's house before going or prepare dinner or
something but it's highly impossible.
I got to the back door in time to see someone run into the bush, I caught a glimpse of her face
and she looks exactly like Della.
"What's she doing here?"
"Isn't she supposed to be in her Godfather's?"
I shook my head and went out front, deciding to put more effort into my investigation.
Days are gradually turning to weeks and two more of my family member is dead.
The only positive thing is the killing reduced.
It's over three weeks I arrived and the killer hasn't been apprehended.
Is the police here so dumb?
I came back to my suite after that night and I saw less and less of Jake and Sean every day.
I wore a jean trousers and a hoodie to cover the weapon I was carrying in case I catch Kyle.
The Kyle I know has always been a weakling but I don't know what to expect now if I see him.
I went out of my suite and head to a nearby supermarket.
I was on my way back to the hotel when I caught sight of someone that looks like Kyle.
I paused and shouted his name. "Kyle!!"
He turned and when he saw me, he began running.
I threw what I bought on the floor and ran after him in a hot pursuit.

I found him in a dark alley between two buildings, his back was turned to me and his phone in
his hands.
Maybe he wants to call for help or has called for one.
Walked stealthily and crept up behind him. I raised my weapon high and stabbed him in the
He screamed out on pain.
I brought out the knife and played with it.
"Hello dear, I finally caught you after so many deaths of the innocent."
"I haven't killed any one" he said weakly.
I stabbed him again in the thigh." I'm supposed to cause you lots of rain because of the innocent
bloods but I'll call the cops instead."
Jake suddenly appeared in front of me.
" I found him Jake" I squealed
"Yeah, I can see. The cops would be here soon."
"I haven't killed anyone please" Kyle pleaded.
"Then why have you been on the run?" Jake asked
" I was running from loan sharks and the killer" Kyle replied
"I believe you" Jake said surprising me.
Kyle sighed in relief
"Jake??? You believe him?" I asked
He nodded before answering "I do and I've found the killer"
My heart raced from either fear or anticipation, I didn't know.

"Who's it?" I asked
By then cops have surrounded us while Sean knelt down beside Kyle
"The killer is YOU"
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Last Episode
" Wha.... what do you mean?" I stuttered
"You are the killer" Jake repeated and smiled
" You've been the killer all along, no one would have suspected you"
"This is outrageous" I placed a hand over my chest " how can you accuse me?"
" You know I'm not accusing you, stop with the pretense because either way, you're going to
court. I have all evidence against you"
From the corner of my eyes, I saw Sean stand up.
"How can you say she's the killer Jake? Some weeks ago, you said someone is setting them
up!" Sean stood up for me.
" Trust me Sean, I know what I'm saying" Jake replied and signalled to two cops " Arrest her"
he ordered.
They sprang to action, coming my way.

I can't just go without accomplishing what I came here for.
Then I remembered I have a pocket knife in my pocket.
I brought it out and threw it in the air, aimed at Kyle.
I watched it implale through the air, going with a purpose.
Everyone stood in shock and even time seemed to stop.
Just as the knife was about to pierce what's probably his heart, the cops blocked my sight of
view and hand cuffed me, pushing me to the police van.
But I heard satisfactorily, a grunt.
The knife hit its target!
I almost jumped with joy, that would teach him not to mess with any girl.
I smiled at myself for job weldone. I'm so good at aiming.
I heard Jake barking out orders and the wail of a ambulance in a far distance.
He would lose too much blood and possibly die before the ambulance gets there.
I laughed out loud happily, sounding like a maniac.
The cops beside me looked at me and shook their head.
"She's indeed a psychopath, no one would have suspected her because she looks so innocent,
even now" I heard one say
Everything went according to plan. So perfect. I should probably take a Job in assassination as
soon as I get out of this one.
I wonder how many years I'll spend in prison, well it's worth it.
I was rough handled out of the car and they were also rough handling me to the station.
"Watch it guys!" I stopped and snapped at them "I'm going to walk in to the station with my head
high, I'm going to walk regally. You get it?" I glared at them each

They left me and I walked into the station with joy.
"I accomplished my mission!! I did it! You did it! We did it!" My brain kept screaming making me
grin widely showing my set it teeth.
I was led to the questioning room where I sat patiently for Jake to come in.
I put a leg over the other and smiled at memories.
The thrill I get when I kill a living being makes me yearn for more.
When I had my first kill, my mind didn't prosecute me all, it wasn't guilty instead all it asked for
was more.
Travelling down here for the kills wasn't a problem as I had the money to do anything.
I always book a flight to the nearest state and then travel by road to wherever I was making my
The feeling is just unexplainable, watching them squirm and beg for life is the best thing then
watching them die, life slowly ebbing out of them makes me want to kill more and more.
Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his
whatsapp group.
In their next life, it would teach them not to trust strangers, especially those with a very innocent
I'm the mastermind of myself after all and Jake seems to be very good at what he does, no
wonder he always ask to follow me to wherever I was going.
He's lucky I didn't kill his wife and children as more threat to the police when I asked them to stop
the investigation by sending a SMS to the inspector.
All this wouldn't have happened if Kyle had been submissive from the very beginning.
Jake entered the questioning room with Sean and sat opposite me.
"Start with the real story" Jake said and turned on the recorder.
I smiled and unhooked my legs "what exactly do you want to know?"
"All you said about your life is a lie, yes?"

"Yes" I agreed "And I must admit, you've got brains"
"There wasn't a letter right?" He asked
"Oh there was" I sat forward with all seriousness "only that I sent the later"
"Start with your true story"
"Fine" I muttered and looked directly into his eyes. "It all started this way, I was once an innocent
girl with only one love who's Kyle."
"Kyle has been my boyfriend since college and one night, he suddenly told me he wasn't
interested in the relationship any longer. I begged and begged but he wouldn't change his
decision. He was the only one I trusted and loved so much. I went through a lot of sleepless night
and eatless days because of him"
" I wouldn't take no for an answer and began stalking him. I found out that he left me for another
girl. I fell into depression and recovered years after. And I decided to make him pay for leaving
" Fortunately for him, he travelled out of the country, so my plan had to be put on hold. I
decided to leave the country too and work for money."
" One bright day, I got news that Kyle was back to California. I resigned from work and began
preparations to carry out my plans. I found his home address and began threatening him."
"One day, after my daily activities, I sat down and wrote a letter to him via email" I paused and
looked at Jake.
"What's the content of the letter you sent?" He asked
I read out the letter from my brain,
"Dear Kyle,
Finally I caught up with you after several years of searching.
You left me all alone here and ran off to another country.
As a result, I've decided take drastic measures to get you back to me.

I want to see you
I want you back into my life and I'm afraid if you don't, I'll start killing till you come.
I'm going to visit each town and kill five people, thereafter I'll start killing your distant families
and if you haven't returned by then, I'll move to killing your family.
Come home quickly to avoid the shedding of innocent blood.
Yours Forever
"If he had obeyed, I wouldn't have discovered the potential I had in me. In other words, I'm glad
he went on the run"
"What's the potential you found in you?" Sean asked and grimaced
"I found out I had the potential to become an assassin" I smirked.
"Continue with your story" Jake said coldly.
" A week after I sent the message, I began the deaths and travelled with different passports in
order not to cause a trail"
"When I saw the news, Five murders in a week! I was so happy, I did it! I pulled it through. I
killed five people in a week. I was getting popular but the foolish media named me a serial killer,
couldn't they give me a more cooler name?"
" Then I travelled down here to make a report so as not to cause a suspicion because I knew
Kyle would have reported my letter. The first night Sean stayed with me, I went out for a kill but
lied to him I was going to the restaurant"
"How did you kill Kyle's sister?" Jake asked
" I stung her with poison when I hugged her. She's his beloved sister so her death would make
him come home from wherever he ran to"
"How do you kill others?" Sean asked
"I killed some with guns, knives, poison, it depends on my mood" I shrugged.
"That woman near your Godfather's, why did you kill her?" Jake asked "I saw you running out through the back. That was when I started my investigation on you"
"I didn't kill the woman, she died of shock when she saw me in my ninja outfit. Then, I was
looking for Kyle because someone spotted him around. So that's the end of my story"
Jake clicked the recorder and turned it off.
"You know I liked you same as Sean" Jake said, folding his hands.
"I liked you too that's why I didn't kill your wife and children to carry out my threat to the police"
he looked shocked
"Do you know how many times I've watched them in a distance?" I continued " But I couldn't do
it to you. That's the only time my mind ever had conscience. I even gave your girl a big teddy bear"
His eyes widened as he remembered something " you shouldn't have embarked on this journey
and kill many"
I shrugged "I was hurt"
" Not enough excuse for you" Sean snapped
"Well what could I do?" I shrugged again.

Three days later,
I sat on the electric chair I was about to be electrocuted in.
The penalty for my sins is death.
That was my judgement and I'm ready for it.
Even as I sat in the chair, I felt no ounce of guilt.
My only regret is Kyle survived.
Jake and Sean stood far off and watched me with pity in their eyes.
I looked back at them defiantly.
The helmet was placed on my head.

I tried not to scream but it was inevitably.
Just before I died, I saw Kyle standing far off and laughing at me.
He stuck out his tongue and called me a loser.
The word kept ringing in my ears.
I knew it wasn't Kyle because the real Kyle is still on the hospital bed.
My mind was playing tricks on me.
I was truly a loser.
I stop screaming and gave up.
My spirit came out of my body and I saw Sean crying while Jake kept on shaking his head.
Those two never listen.
It's sad I wouldn't make use of my potential again, I won't become a professional assassin.
The End.........
Haryor Writes

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