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Teacher chuks season 5 (completed)

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Part 21

“But what?” Tina asked
“Her lips touched mine...” I said like a scared defeated baby as I touched my
lips with my shaky fingers. Never had a female lip on my lip felt like poison
until that day...
“Was there any form of tongue locking and exchanging of saliva?” Tina asked
“No” I shook my head in the negative
Tina heaved a sigh of relief...
“Thank God! Because that would have been your end... Linda was the boss of
the SLAYERS under me when I was boss over there... I am sure you
remember who the SLAYERS are...” Tina said....
I nodded in the positive... I remembered the SLAYERS at the SCA. They had
sex with men and women to kill them. They were the assassins.
“A kiss with Linda would have terminated you Chuks, she didn’t need to sleep
with you, you know how it is, all she had to do was to pour her venom into
you...” Tina said tapping me on my shoulder as she walked away from a
shocked me...
“Thank God... but why would she use my image...?” Favour said to herself
“The SCA knows who Chuks has a soft spot for...The devil doesn’t tempt you
with what you don’t like...” Tina said
Favour and I exchanged looks . There was silence afterwards which was filled
with deep unspoken words...I quietly walked away towards my office in shock
with the full realization that I would have died few minutes earlier.

I heard Favour calling my name but she was the last person I wanted near
me... I heard her shout...
“Chuks, that wasn’t me and I can never do that to you!”
That meant nothing to me. I knew I was walking but how I got to the office
was the most Herculean task ever...
Gambo ran up to me just as I was about to open the door to my office....
“Daddy Daddy!” Gambo cheered heartily. I couldn’t turn to look at her as I
felt a sharp pain in my heart...
“If I had kissed the girl, I would have disappointed Gambo, I would have left
her fatherless... and she might have doubted her new faith... She would have
said God was wicked without knowing I was the careless one!” Hot tears
dropped down my face at the thought of what would have happened to
Gambo turned Grace.
Gambo had hugged me from behind as her playful self, but she noticed I
stiffened at that, she moved forward looking at me...
“What’s wrong? Why the tears? Are you sick?” She asked as she pulled me
inside the office...
“Daddy, what is wrong!” I couldn’t find my voice... I wish I could get a knife
and cut off my manhood... I wanted to slap myself for the “almost attempt “.
Favour walked in and Gambo knew it was time to leave, so she stood up to
leave but I was scared if she was the real Favour, so I held Gambo’s hand
indicating she stayed...
“I am the real Favour...” Favour said and I faced Gambo instead...
“I almost messed up today, I almost lost you today and right now I feel like
beating myself up for that!”

I took my time to explain in details what had happened to Gambo. I had my
reason for doing that. I wanted to be responsible to someone, should in case
my emotions wanted to land me in trouble in future, I wanted someone who
would always remind me of the truth...
“The devil knew my weak point, he knew I had feelings for your Aunty Favour
“And he knew I had been nursing this inner crush for your father coupled
with my state of loneliness, so I was the perfect bait for him...” Favour cut in
“But Chuks” She said facing me as guilt was evident in her eyes. I could see
she felt bad she was the bait used...
“Chuks...the love I have for you will never let me make you sin against God.
I can’t love you and want you spiritually dead... We are humans and we have
feelings but what proves our Christianity is the ability to say No to Lust,
because once Lust is conceived, Sin follows and when we fall into sin, we
die...That is what the scripture says...”
There was a moment of Silence, before Gambo broke it..
“Why then can’t you both get married and stop the temptation...?” Gambo
“Marriage cannot stop temptation, as you grow in life Gambo, and find
yourself in different places, you will always find someone who you will be
attracted to, so will you marry every one of them?” Favour said
Gambo shook her in the negative...
“Exactly, there are people you will meet along the way who no matter how
attracted you are to them, you will have to turn your face away, because it’s
either they are unavailable or you are unavailable... in this case your father is
unavailable because he is still married to his wife...” Favour said
Gambo nodded in Silence, Favour was a good teacher who after she lectured
anyone, you definitely had no other ideas to share...

Favour walked out and Gambo knew she had to leave me likewise, but before
Favour left, She said...
“Although I find it very insulting that an agent of darkness will transform
into an angel of light using my image, shows my spiritual Fire has really gone
down... I Hope to get back on track.... I am sorry once again...”
I wasn’t angry at Favour, instead I was angry at the SCA.
The SCA knew I was out of their captivity and it was obvious I was soon going
to pull them down, so they thought of a better way to pull me down first.
They were able to put cancer into me and they were just about to end my
life... I knew it was time to get serious with them...
They brought the battle to me all this while, now it was time to take the battle
to them!
To be continued
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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Part 22

I noticed Favour gave me a Lot of distance, although I knew I started it first.
We only greeted each other officially. I wasn’t free around her anymore.
“Favour is not the enemy, stop treating her as one... You more than anyone
should know this is how the kingdom of darkness works. They present you
the image of someone you love as an enemy in your dream to make you far
from such a person, and moreover this case is even different, Linda revealed
herself right here before us... You should stop this distance you are creating
between you and Favour.... Moreover, you should know this could be the
SCA’s Plan B. They may want to build up enmity between you two... Favour
has your best interest at heart. Back at the SCA. I saw how she fasted for you
one day a week for the salvation of your soul, so if she suddenly lost it by
being emotional, you should know she is human...” Tina said to me bluntly
in my office.
“Thank you!”
“Is that all you have to say!”
“Tina, honestly thank you!” I said
Tina was obviously irritated at me. It must have taken her new found faith in
Christ that restrained her from cursing.
She walked out very pissed at me...
Favour was seated at one of the balconies at the Lighthouse. She was having
a video chat with Mercy...
“You really look lean and unhappy!” Mercy said
“I am fine, trying to watch my weight!

“What weight? You are beautiful just the way you are!” Mercy said “Mum,
please be careful about the craze of losing weight ooo, a lot of people are
becoming psychologically imbalanced because of this trend!”
“Hey Mercy! Sorry to intrude!” I said, Favour jumped back in Shock
“Hey.. Uncle Chuks, I am not happy with you, you promised to come say hi
to Kenneth and I but we haven’t seen your brake lights...” Mercy said
“I am sorry... I really don’t know why recently I have been offending a lot of
people” I said jokingly
“Really?” Mercy said taking my joke seriously...
“Yeah, and I think your mum is part of those I offended, so can you please
apologize to her on my behalf”
“Hmmm... that sounds interesting... What was your offense?” Mercy asked
“Mercy, never mind... its adult stuff!” I said laughing
“Ok... now that is an insult, Uncle Chuks, because the last time I checked I
was an adult, fully married” Mercy said
That brought Favour out of her shell as we all burst into laughter...
“Seriously... I am an adult” Mercy went on and on about being an adult.
She ended the video call getting nothing out of both of us, but ended with
these powerful words...
“I know whatever it is, you both will settle it, you are a team made from
heaven... Though you may not be married, but I see you as partners that God
has prepared to capture, nurture, repair and launch great destinies into our
world who will in turn do great wonders for God!”
“I am sorry!”

“For?” Favour asked as she maintained a straight face
“For trying to create unnecessary distance between us...”
“It’s okay!, it’s for the best!” Favour said
“No! We are partners... and partners can’t be far from each other...”
“Our feelings?” Favour asked
“We are a work in progress, we will be able to put our feelings under
subjection, as we have a greater assignment in our hands” I said
“Which is?” Favour asked
“To pull down the SCA and I need you as my partner...”
“Tina is available ...”
“Yes I know, but Tina can never replace you in this fight, Favour, you are
special and graced. You carry a special kind of anointing, zeal and Love of
God that can bring down the SCA ... Please.... Will you join me in this fight?”
“Only on one condition!” Favour said....
“Tina joins us in this fight, a third person will serve as caution!”
“Fine! I agree to that, besides a threefold cord can never be easily broken.
With you and Tina as my partners, we can and will pull down the SCA...”
Favour stretched forth her hand for a handshake and I reciprocated, though
I wanted a hug as I wanted to let her know how sorry I was.
“Partners..?” She said “Nothing more, Nothing Less” She said with a smile
“Partners, Nothing more, Nothing less” I replied
“Now, this is more like it...” Tina said from the doorway of the balcony...

Obviously she must have heard our conversation because her next line was...
“I promise to be the Love watchdog between both of you, making sure you do
not cross the line in your line of duty, so help me God!” Tina said laughing as
she stretched her hand for the partnership handshake....
“So what is the plan?” Tina asked “It’s time to take down the SCA”....
To be continued.....
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OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please
do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.
Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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Part 23

“That has been the journey so far...!” Teacher Chuks said to Reporter Joan
who sat across him in his Office... “I am grateful I didn’t fall recently, that
Kiss would have ended my life and I won’t be the one telling this whole story.
In summary, my life experiences has taught me that, Sex is more Spiritual
that Physical. Once you are ensnared by it, it takes total surrendering to God,
deliverance through prayers and fasting, consecration and determination not
to undermine any form of temptation to be completely free. We are humans
and we will always be tempted sexually, but we definitely must choose to
walk away from the temptation that stares us in the face”.
“Hmm”… the reporter sighed deeply
“Do you know the scripture that summarizes my life story?” Chuks said to
the reporter
“James 1: 14-15…. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed
by his own desire, then this desire or lust gives birth to sinful actions. And
when sin is allowed to grow, it brings forth death.” Chuks said with a tone of
finality in his voice
“Wow! A page Write-up in our magazine will not do justice to this powerful
story of yours. When Ajaara told me about you and that your story would
make a good cover page, I never imagined half of what you have told me. Sir,
honestly can we turn this to your Autobiography. I have it recorded here on
my phone. I will have it written out on paper. Then, you go over it and cross
the “T’s” and dot the “I’s” Where necessary.
“An Autobiography? Well it is a good idea but I am yet to achieve my main
purpose of GOD giving me another chance in life... from the comfort I have
received I must comfort others. I must ensure people come out of the snare
of Sexual immorality, especially from the SCA” Chuks said
“I believe you can and you will, besides by releasing this Autobiography, you
are already fighting the SCA, because Knowledge is power. Once people get to read more about the SCA, you have given them the power to overcome
them by avoiding their traps....”
“She is right... I think you should turn this to an Autobiography...” Favour
said from the doorway...
Joan guessed the lady at the door was either Favour or Tina, but the softness
in Chuks’ eyes as he looked at her gave him away...
“I guess you must be Favour in the Story?” Joan said stretching her hand for
a handshake ... “It’s nice meeting you in person, you are a friend everyone
“Aww, thank you... I hope he said wonderful things about me in his story!”
Favour said with a million dollar smile
“Amazing things I must say! “ Joan replied as Tina walked in. Joan didn’t
need anyone to introduce Tina to her. She had the aura of feminine
leadership in her. She walked with poise and gait, but with a mission.
“Hi, you must be Tina!” Joan said
“Sure, and you must be the reporter!” Tina said
“You trio will definitely make an awesome team and I wish you Success in
your endeavor...” Joan said enthusiastically
“Did he mention that in the interview?” Tina asked very surprised
“Yes! Do you have a problem with that?”
“Well, I think we should keep our plans under wraps till we catch the SCA
unawares” Tina said and Favour nodded in agreement
“Well, I will edit that out, although I suggested us turning this into a book, so
as to reach out to a lot of people.”
Tina looked at Chuks and Favour for what they thought...
“I think it is a good idea!” Favour said

“I like it too!” Chuks said
“Fantastic!” Tina agreed
Joan looked at the Trio and saw a perfect blend of personalities. This
partnership would definitely pull down the SCA.
FROM THE END…. Read more about his life in the new sequel “THE
LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” It is a new ball game … Read an excerpt
“Our first target is AKANBI DAMINO.... Akanbi Damino like you know is one
of the richest men in our country, but I am sure you don’t know that he is one
of the highest ranking sperm collectors in the country.” Tina said
Tina, Chuks and Favour were seated in Favour’s office.
This was three months after Joan had interviewed Chuks. After the interview,
the trio had gone into 3 months of intense prayers where they discovered
certain Spiritual gifts and abilities....
Tina discovered she could see into what would happen in the future and what
may have happened in the past....
Chuks realized his words carried power. Whenever he said something even
jokingly, it happened immediately... As little as saying, “That cup will fall”.
The cup fell almost immediately. Hence, Chuks started cautioning the words
that came of his mouth...
Favour had discovered her Spiritual gifts but was careful not to disclose
them all to the other two. God gave her the gift of the Open eyes and ears
which she disclosed to them... He also gave her some undisclosed gifts...
Here they were, seated deliberating on their first attack on the SCA. Tina was
suggesting they picked Akanbi Damino as their first target....

Akanbi had two sons he never joked with, as evil as he was, he protected his
sons with his life, because those were the two sons he had before joining the
SCA. After joining the SCA, his sperm was drained in exchange for his wealth.
Tina knew If Akanbi Damino could be won over to their side, the SCA was in
for big trouble....
Akanbi Damino could swear some people were speaking about him and
deliberating over his matter.... The rate at which they were calling his name
was distracting him. He was trying to tie up a multibillion partnership with
a foreign company in the ongoing meeting, but he kept hearing his name...
“Please Can I use the restroom!” Akanbi stood up sharply from the meeting.
He needed a minute to himself....
He walked to the gents and looked into the gents mirror....
“Who are you? And where are you? You who keeps calling my name...”
Akanbi said wearing his SCA specs.
Favour froze! Tina noticed…
“Favour what is wrong?” Tina and Chuks asked…. Instead of replying, Favour
looked sharply to her Left. Favour saw it coming, she could see an intruder
running by the Speed of Light into their midst....
“Someone is coming to spy in on us...” Favour said as she jumped up...
“That must be Akanbi, he must have sensed us mentioning his name....” Tina
said. Her years in the SCA made her familiar with the ways of its members...
“What do we do?, He is coming really fast! He will be here in few seconds”
Favour said
“I build a wall of Fire around us right now in Jesus name” Chuks said


Favour immediately saw a wall of Fire around them, but Akanbi on seeing
the fire built a metal frame around himself as he kept charging towards
“He has built a frame of metal around himself... He will penetrate the fire
soon and discover us” Favour said panting....
Tina knew that would destroy their plans. Akanbi was a brutal man who was
deep in high levels of occultism...
“There has to be a way out!” Tina tried to reason fast...then she saw a flash
of what she could do.
She saw an Angel encompassing a group....
“Let’s begin to pray, I read in the scriptures, that when we pray, God’s Angels
are there to guard us. “ Tina said “I believe when the Angel surrounds us,
Akanbi won’t see us “
The trio immediately burst into tongues.... Praying in the Holy Ghost....
Akanbi passed through the fire, but on getting to the spot of his destination,
He couldn’t see anything ... He saw big wings hovering over a set of people...
He moved around to see who they were but the wings had covered them up...
Never had his SCA Specs failed him.....
He immediately ran back to where he was coming from....
Back in the toilet, Akanbi could tell he was in for big trouble....
“Whoever these people are, I will get you and finish you!” Akanbi muttered
to himself…
To be continued in the SEQUEL OF TEACHER CHUKS titled
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