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Teacher chuks season 5 (completed)

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Part 1

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
I did start from the scratch...
“Chuks, what’s happening, Carol said you have not been eating for 3 days...?”
Favour asked me three days later
“I am waiting on the Lord...” I replied
“Wow! That is great! But that means you have not been taking your
“Yes! I will get back to it after my fast...”
“Well, I think God will want you to use your medications, because you need
the body to be in good condition for you to receive from God... You will break
your fast now...” Favour said to me....
I broke my fast but I still felt empty. I felt like the three days did not do
anything to me spiritually...
“God, why do I still feel empty after fasting for three days...” I said quietly to
God in my heart...
“Come closer to me...” I heard those words Loud and Clear...
“Closer to you? How?” I asked.
Ever since I got back to the Lighthouse, I didn’t have that close rapport with
Baba Agba, because He and Mrs. Uyai were inseparable like young lovebirds,
so I had no body to feed me spiritually. Favour and Sammy were like the new
leaders in the house, so I had no business with the teens.
“God, How do I get closer to you?”
I heard no reply but my gaze went to the Bible in front of me.

“The Bible?” I asked and though I didn’t get a reply I knew that was what God
was pointing my attention to.
I didn’t know where I was going to start reading the Bible from. It was quite
overwhelming, but I knew there was no turning back for me.
I walked towards where my Bible sat on the table.
I decided to start from 1st John, since it was short and that was where God
spoke to me from three days earlier...
“Fasting to get my attention without knowing me is a waste of time..” I
heard Him say again...
“A lot of people punish themselves in the name of fasting, unknown to them
they are on a hunger strike because throughout the fast, they never seek me
through my Word. Most of their answers would have been answered if they
had sat with my Word.” I was hearing this silent voice saying to me...
I flipped to 1st John and on reading the first chapter, I knew exactly what I
needed to do. Verses 7-10 stood out for me in the verses of the chapter....It
“7 But if we live in the light—just as he is in the light—then we have
fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us
from every sin.
8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and there is no truth
in us.
9 But if we confess our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is
right: he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrongdoing.
10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make a liar out of God, and his
word is not in us. GOOD NEWS TRANSLATION

“Hmm... “ I knew I was a big sinner and for one hour... I started confessing
all the terrible things I had done in my past... I confessed everything I could
I said words like...
“God, I confess the sin of immorality with....” I mentioned names I could
At the end of it all I then ask for the blood of Jesus Christ to purify me of all
the sins using verse 7 as a reference...
It felt like a cold breeze blew on me... I felt like a liquid in form of a shower
was poured on me. Afterwards I felt fresh, strong and youthful.... the
atmosphere around me felt light... I was so happy... The Joy I felt couldn’t be
described by words.
That night the Lord confirmed the spiritual transaction that had taken place
by a dream I had.
I saw myself looking very sick and full of sores, a man walked up to me and
“You asked to be purified, come with me...”
I followed without hesitation.
We got to a venue that had different fountains. He took me to a particular
fountain and I was told to stay under it, instead of water, the fountain was
producing a red liquid like blood. As the blood touched my skin, the sore on
my body were healing up...
I woke up agile and strengthened... I sat back to analyze the dream but what
struck me most was the revelation I caught from the dream...
“Every Sin we commit creates sore on us spiritually, so committing sin is not
affecting God but affecting us”
To be continued

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Part 2

I was literally in solitude enjoying God all the way. I didn’t want to leave the
presence of God. I just wanted to swallow God if it were possible.
I took my spiritual baby steps with joy. I started eating the Scriptures with
alacrity, like a new born who needed the milk from his mother to survive. I
knew I needed strength from God, Spiritually, psychologically, and
physically, so I sat with the Bible to draw strength from there.
I didn’t rush to read the whole Bible at once, but one verse per day. I took the
Scriptures like daily pills that I couldn’t afford to miss.
And gradually, like a plant that was constantly watered, I grew spiritually. I
became charged in the Holy Ghost. The teenagers and youths in the house
knew something was happening with me, as I sat praying for hours on most
I was particular about getting to know God and getting close to Him, than
impacting the teenagers...
I had a dream that made things really clear to me.
I saw a baby who I carried in my hands, the baby was a replica of me. Days
passed by as I carried the baby in the dream, he kept losing weight till he
became like a skeleton in my hands. It suddenly dawned on me that I was
starving the baby. I reached out for a feeding bottle that had milk in it and
gave it to the baby. As the baby sucked on the bottle, he started growing back
and his face began to radiate. He was all smiles as well...
Immediately, I woke up, the Spirit of God interpreted the revelation to me...
The baby was my Spirit man that needed to be fed.

During the course of my spiritual feasting on the WORD of GOD, I also
encountered God in another dimension...
“I want you to be my Son and not just my Servant” I heard those words during
one of my prayer time and I wondered what that meant.
“Most Christians Pride themselves to be “My Servants”, but I want Sons and
Daughters. The relationship between a Servant and his or her master is an
official one.... just basic errands, while the relationship between a father and
a son is cordial. A father can also send His Son on errands. Chuks, I want you
to become my Son before raising me other sons and daughters... Too many
servants ...”
For days, I ruminated over the issue. I had grown up hearing the Word
“Servant Of God” as a dignified title , but what I was listening to on the Inside
of me was saying otherwise...
I explained my encounter to Favour and as always, she gave me an in-depth
lecture on what I was receiving from God...
“Yes, Chuks... there are a lot of Servants of God as Opposed to Children of
God. Meanwhile, Bible has declared us Children of God....1st John 3 verse 1
states “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be
called children of God! And that is what we are! “
“So Chuks, we are first sons and daughters of God, before Servants.
Christians who are more concerned about serving God than having a
personal relationship with God are mere servants....Most pastors, ministers,
teachers of the Word, Mentors , Pastor’s wife, women leaders, teenage
teachers only get close to God to get messages for others. They are like
courier men and women, Servant who run errands....
Chuks, Do you notice Jesus referred more to Himself as the SON of God...?”
Favour gave me time to reflect on all that she said before she continued...

“Chuks, even as the administrator of this house, I have disciplined myself to
always have two hours of fellowship with God every day, before attending to
the teenagers and youths in this house...
It is therefore important to develop a good relationship with God as your
“How do I go about it? I mean how does one become a son or daughter of
God?” I asked Favour....
To be continued
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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Part 3

“How can I be a Child of God?” I asked Favour
“We all become children of God; specifically New born babies in Christ, the
moment we become born again... We become joint heirs in the Kingdom with
Christ, but overtime we grow into sons and daughters of God Who He can be
proud of any-day, anytime. When you become a son, you will hear his voice
and your life will be meaningful.” Favour replied...
“His voice? How can I ever hear His voice, does he speak audibly?” I asked
with full interest...
“Yes He does, but the best way to hear from Him is to read His Word.” Favour
“The Bible?”
“Yes...To prove your love for God, you need to obey his commands, and you
can't obey the commands that you don't know...hence there is the need for
you to know and understand the commands of God, which has been specified
in the Bible.”
“The Commands of God... I believe the commands you are referring to are
the Ten Commandments?” I asked hoping to learn something new
“Yes...but more of what you taught the teenagers..." Favour said
"What did I teach the teenagers...?" I asked
“That Christianity is summarized in two commandments, which are...?”
Favour said raising her eyebrows indicating I conclude the statement

“So, Chuks to be a son of God, you must be willing to read God's Word and
obey Him all the way, which is born out of the Love you have for God!.
Also, a child not only listens to his or her father. He or She must also learn to
have conversations with his or her father... Chuks, you should also learn to
speak to God the way you would speak to a friend who is seated beside you..."
Favour said and I laughed liking the idea that I could speak to God like that...
Favour went on and on , but at the end of her talk...I knew what it meant to
be a child of God....
Love God
Read His Word
Obey His Word
Communicate with Him...
And most importantly she stressed this...
“Chuks, you need to say bye to can't say you love God and continue
in sin, because Sin is DARKNESS and God is Light..." Favour said
Favour continued "The Bible tells us that anyone who commits sin is of the
devil, so you can't be a frequent sinner and call yourself a child of God...”
I soaked all these in and I went on a 90 days spiritual journey with God...I
was in that same house. I didn't go to any mountain, I sat with God in my
room at the Lighthouse. I came out occasionally to mingle with the
Teenagers, youths, Favour, Baba Agba and Mrs. Uyai.
On the 95th day, I was outside discussing with Ajaara about her ambition at
about 10:30pm when we heard a loud thud beside the fence. It was obvious
someone had jumped over the fence into the compound. Ajaara jumped back
in fear...

“Armed robbers?” Ajaara whispered to me....
Fear gripped my heart... Armed robbers!!!
“The girls in the House!” That was my first thought... the thought of rape
tucked at my heart...
I knew I had to do something fast. I swung into action and rushed into the
house. I didn’t know what to do, but I picked up the first thing I saw...
A cutlass...
I told Ajaara to stay in the house... I walked cautiously towards the place the
thud had come from..., but almost immediately, I heard the gate of the
Lighthouse sounding loudly like a group of persons were shaking the gate....
“Open the gate.... Open this gate now!”
To be continued
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do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.
Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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Part 4

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
I moved with caution towards the figure... The figure was hurdled up....
“Who are you? If you make any funny move, I will cut you down...“ I said...
“Please don’t hurt me.... I swear I didn’t kill her, it’s a false accusation”. a
tiny polished female voice said
“Open the gate now!!” At the same time, I kept hearing the angry voices of
those at the gate...
“What did you do? You stole? “. I asked
“No, someone shot at a lady and they thought I was the one...”
“Ah! How come? Was the gun in your hand” I asked trying to gather as
much information within the shortest time....
The girl opened her mouth to speak and in three minutes she managed to
summarize all that happened....
“Do you know who my parents are? What is so special about your beans and
plantain? I am just a beans freak. In fact where is the head of the caterers...?”
the young girl told me she had said those words to a young lady who was
serving food at the party she attended in the area...
“I screamed at her because I was pissed at the fact that the wedding my
mother sponsored, I was not able to eat. Sir, my mother gave the couple 25
million for their wedding, I was right there... so you can imagine how angry
I was when I asked for food at the party and the girl said I couldn’t have...”

“So what happened?” I tried asking in a rush as the gate was consistently
been banged...
“So we exchanged words, she called me a spoilt brat, I called her a lunatic,
she called me a Money miss road, and I called her a Money lacking fellow, I
told her Money was actually on its way to her house, but the moment he
sighted her home, money ran home because poverty was the head controller
of her family... That was all I said and before I knew what was happening,
she slapped me and pounced on me...” the childish girl was saying, the way
she picked her words was highly irritating. I felt like pouncing on her as
“So what happened?” I asked impatiently...
“I heard a gunshot and I saw this blood on me...” She said showing her blood
stained expensively beaded dress...
“Someone shot at her?” I asked and she nodded “So why would they be
chasing after you...?” I asked still not getting the point...
“The person who shot at the service girl was my Bodyguard...!” She said and
I immediately assumed what happened.
The bodyguard who must have seen the girl under attack and he wanting to
defend his job, shot at the service girl, and knowing the slum where the
Lighthouse was situated, the touts in the area must have chased after the
bodyguard and the girl....
“Where is your bodyguard?” I asked
“I don’t know..., all I know is that I have been on the run since afternoon. I
hid in a public toilet since evening, so few minutes ago, I decided to come out
because everywhere was dark, but little did I know, they were still hanging
around... All I heard before jetting off was...

“I tell you say she enter toilet, you no believe” the pidgin sounded like Greek
on her lips. It was obvious the girl was from a wealthy home. She reminded
me of the Late Rejoice.
“Chuks! Chuks!” I heard Favour calling out my name...
I didn’t know what to do at that point...
“Yes, I am here!”
“Are you okay? Ajaara said...” Favour was saying when she saw the girl...
“Who is she?” She asked very surprised...
“Em... em...” I didn’t know how to explain...
“Or is she the killer the police are looking for?”
“She is not a killer, she was wrongfully accused!”
“Chuks!” Favour said implying I should let the law take its full course...
The girl’s story did not make me realize, Baba Agba had gone to the gate to
attend to those banging the gate. It was the touts accompanied by
“Chuks, she could have told you her side of the story... Let her face the police,
if she is not guilty she will be released”
“Announcement, everyone... Let all housemates step out to the field for a roll
call...” I heard Mrs. Uyai’s voice over the public address system...
“Chuks... she will be spotted out...” Favour said to me...
“What would Jesus do?” I asked Favour at that point. I knew that could be
an access point into her...
“Jesus would have wanted justice to prevail!” Favour said

“Yes, but in this case we don’t know the true story, what if she is
innocent...Please let’s do what Jesus would do...” I said pleading...
Favour looked away from me...
“Remember when the adulterous woman was brought to the feet of Jesus, he
did not allow them stone her to death...Please Favour...” I said
Favour did not reply rather she walked past the girl and I and reached out
for one of the clothes on the line...
“Change into this...” Favour said and with that I moved away as I did not
want my eyes to behold what it shouldn’t see.
I stepped out to the field and behold, I saw angry looking touts who had
revenge written all over them. They had sweat all over them...
The youths had lined up according to their age grades... I watched as the
policemen and touts shone torch lights on the faces of the teenagers...
I saw Favour walking out of the corner, with the girl but this time she looked
different. Her long weave on was gone...
Favour took her towards Ajaara and Gloria and whispered to them…
“Protect her”....
“Who is that girl?” I heard one of the police officers barking out loud at
“Jesus!” I exclaimed under my breath...
To be continued
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Part 5

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
The police officer shone his torch on Ajaara....
“How long has she been here?” He asked....
“Over 8 years” Favour replied as she walked towards Ajaara stylishly pushing
the girl aside.
The touts looked towards Ajaara’s direction. The girl was beside Ajaara and
should the police officer move his torch a bit , he would see the suspect. I just
kept praying under my breath...
“That is Ajaara, we know her very well officer, she was a street wise babe
before God save her” said one of the touts. I quickly swung in to action...
“Officers, we don’t have a killer in our midst, please kindly let these young
ones go to bed, tomorrow is Sunday and we don’t joke with church here, we
wouldn’t want them dozing during the service” I said very firmly
“Yes sir, we don’t have any strange person in our midst, if we find any of such,
I will personally bring him or her to the station first thing tomorrow
morning.” Baba Agba said unknowing to him there was indeed a stranger in
our midst.
The police officers left banking on Baba Agba’s words...
The housemates also returned to their rooms as I whispered to Ajaara to take
the girl to Favour’s office.
As Favour and I were going to her office to discuss with the girl, Baba Agba
stopped us...
“Chuks, Favour, I hope we don’t have a killer in our midst?”

“No... We don’t have a killer in our midst” I replied affirmatively. I didn’t see
the young girl as a killer, so there was no killer in our midst.
“Ok...” Baba Agba retired to his Room.
On entering the room, the girl was curled up on the chair as Ajaara and Gloria
stood by. It was unlike Ajaara not to be having a conversation with a new
person. She was the type that connected to people easily...
“So Ajaara, what do you think?” I asked
“Our new friend...”
“Don’t think she is ready to live here or be our friend, I tried sitting close to
her to console her and boom she said...
“Hey, please I don’t need your babysitting, besides why do you smell cheap?
What kind of perfume do you use? Please take a step backwards, your
perfume is choking me!”
“That was what she said to me, when I tried reassuring her, everything would
be fine!” Ajaara said
Favour and I exchanged looks...
“Is that correct?” Favour asked Gloria and the new girl...
“Well, with the way she is saying it, she is painting me like I am a horrible
person... I said those words but not like the way she said it” the new girl said
Favour and I were lost. The part of our brains that composed words literally
shut down, but Favour recovered before I did...
“Sorry, who are you really?” Favour asked
“My name?” The girl asked dumbly
“No, my name!” Favour retorted and the girl got the message

“My name is Gambo, my father is the former Minister of Information. I am
from a very rich family, I mean filthily rich. When I mean filthily rich, I mean
the kind of wealth that can never finish... Do you call this place an office?,
what you have here is not even as beautiful as my gateman’s room....So you
guys should mind the way you speak to me, because when all of these is over,
I can have you arrested and this place locked down...”
The office was dead quiet, Gambo continued...
“I knew you all would eventually keep quiet when you finally know who you
are dealing with... My requests are...
One, get me a decent place to sleep, good food to eat and call my father to get
one of his private jets to pick me up from here....That’s all...”
I could see Favour’s Anger was at its peak....
“You are ....” Favour stopped herself from using the wrong words on Gambo,
instead she said...
“You are going to sleep on the bare floor, you are going to eat nothing and
first thing tomorrow morning, the police van will be here to pick you. You
spoilt ingrate.” Favour said and stormed out of the office. Ajaara and Gloria
did likewise.
Fear had set in on Gambo’s face....
“Hey!” I said as I sat in front of her
“Did she mean that?” She asked
“Yes.... absolutely!” I picked up the Office land phone “Give me your father’s
phone number”
“My Dad’s Number? My phone is missing, it’s on the contact list!” She said
“You mean you don’t know your father’s number by heart? What about your
mother?” I asked very bewildered...

“Why would I want to stress my brain, when there is a phone that has over
125 GB to do that work for me...?” Gambo said...
I sat speechless at how a parent could have done so much injustice to this
young girl by raising her to be a spoilt brat. I moved away from her....
“It seems I was wrong, you are indeed a killer, I will call the police now!” I
“No please, I told you the simple truth, please save my life...” she pleaded
“Then get down from your high horse and communicate with me... We are
trying to save your life here and you are giving terrible attitude... and can I
burst your bubble, I don’t know how much your father is worth, but I am sure
it is not up to a quarter of the money I have in the bank that was given to me
by the devil which I had to abandon... So stop this thing you are doing...”
She looked at me with fear in her eyes...
“The devil gave you money? Are you a ritualist?” She asked with fear in her
“Yes...” I said as I knew I needed to tell the girl my story. She needed to see
life for what it was, her view of life was very myopic thanks to her parents
who made her see money or wealth as the determinant of a great life...
Gambo had jumped back in fear....
“I was a ritualist....” and I narrated all my experiences at the SCA, and all that
happened afterwards till I got to the point we were...
It took two solid hours as I explained in details, she sat glued looking at me
for hours....Then she asked
“So you mean it was Jesus who we call Prophet Isa that saved you ?”
“Yes!” Then it dawned on me Gambo was a Muslim....
To be continued

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