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Teacher chuks season 3 (complete)

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Part 21

One month passed after that day. All these happened within 3 months after my new birth.
Favour had gotten over Mercy’s incident. With what happened to Mercy, she was more
committed to helping me with the Young ones, especially since she had quit her job.
She had insisted I played the video for the children, which I was not comfortable with.
She told me it was to save them. What made her win me hands down was when she
“What if Mercy had seen a video like this, would she be in Saudi Arabia now?” She asked
me and I knew the obvious answer
“No, she would have been here with us… Chuks, let me save these ones …” She had said
The teens and youths were seriously affected by the video. Some felt pity, others
understood that there was nothing on the outside world. Kenneth was hit badly especially
the part where Mercy had said she lost her virginity. Kenneth had his head bowed and he
sobbed for over 30 minutes crying without raising his head. Everyone tried getting him to
raise his head but all to no avail. After crying for 30 minutes, he stood up and went home.
I told Favour, I didn’t like what she had made us do.
Favour told me, she did that for two reasons. First, if Kenneth really loves her daughter
and it’s not some infatuation he will marry her regardless. Secondly, she wanted the ladies
to see how important virginity was to men, especially for those who had not been defiled.
Life continued, Mercy tried to speak to us on video call every day. She was a part of us,
though online. Kenneth could not bring himself to speaking to her. Whenever she was
online, he would step aside. On one occasion, Mercy Specifically asked for Kenneth, but
Kenneth refused speaking to her.
We had moved to the structure, about 20 of the teens who were the homeless ones,
stayed with us. Mrs. Coldwealth became our matron as she got aids, donations for
us. Parents of other teens who came on daily basis brought in food stuffs for the ones in
the house.
Things turned around. The teens became on fire for God. Parents were happy about
their wards. New teens and youths joined every day.
We nicknamed the structure “LIGHTHOUSE”

Tunde had decided to go learn Fashion Designing.
We had volunteer teachers who came to teach some of the teenagers who wanted to
still continue their education. They helped them prepare for the Senior Secondary
Certificate Exams.
The teens’ preparation for Light up Lagos was in top gear until I received a shocking
Favour was the one who noticed at first. Gloria was not her usual playful self, so Favour
had taken for a pregnancy test. It turned out positive. She was 2 months pregnant at 12
years old.
“Uncle Chuks, I only did it once ooo, it was a mistake, I didn’t burn my bridge. It was just
once…” She kept lamenting. From her story, she had mistaken fallen into sin with
someone she refused to mention his name.
When her father got to know about it he was enraged. He was ready to kill Gloria…
“Is this how you will pay me back for taking care of you and your younger ones after
your useless mother left me? You are just like your mother, a useless dog is what you
are.” her father had said.
Since Gloria and her siblings were leaving in the “Lighthouse” with us, there was little
her father could do, but there was a problem: she was not opening up on who got her
pregnant…or could it be…?
To be continued…
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Part 22

There was someone I suspected, but I overlooked it. We didn’t pressurize Gloria anymore
about telling us who was responsible for her pregnancy, but her father was not going to
give up easily. Favour, Mrs. Coldwealth tried to speak to her father to give her some time.
In the midst of all these and the Lighthouse growing on a daily basis to the glory of God,
I received another strange visitor again…
Who? Rejoice… The first secondary school student I deflowered and turned into a Sex
I was told by one of the teens that Saturday morning that I had a visitor.
The moment I set my eyes on her, I knew I was in trouble. She was Sex personified. She
had grown into a fine woman with a tempting shape. I saw the way the teens looked her.
Rejoice made things worse for me, because the moment she saw me, she jumped on me
using her whole body to caress me…
“Mr. Chuks, I knew my eyes could not deceive me. I knew you were the one I saw on T.V”
She said very excitedly…
A tissue paper was better than the type of Cloth she had on. I could literally see her entire
body. Immediately, the old memories came rushing back…
All the time I made love to her in the house I had rented close to her school. In the midst
of going down memory lane, I could literally hear Baba Agba’s voice in my ear…
“Burn this Bridge, Don’t look back so you don’t become a pillar of salt, Get her out!”
But then I heard another voice…
“Don’t send her away, you corrupted her, you can also save her …”
“Which voice am I meant to follow” I searched within my heart as I took Rejoice to My
office, which was a big mistake…
To be continued

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Part 23

She was all over me in the office…
“Uncle Chuks… I have missed you, you just disappeared into thin air.., I was so happy
when I saw you in T.V. Can I kiss you?” she blurted out
“No… You can’t… Calm down and let’s talk, now I am a Christian, a born again Christian.
I don’t do all that again. Now I teach young ones sexual purity, therefore I must be a good
example. “
“Hmm.. then I guess I have become one of your projects because Uncle Chuks, I am so
addicted to sex, I hate it. “
“God can and will help you, if you are willing” I said as I wanted to use that opportunity to
preach, but she was restless and not ready to listen.
“No, it’s you I want… I want you to help me out of addiction to sex, because you brought
me in, in the first place.” she said as she was coming close to me and stroking her lips.
She remembered that was one of my weak points…She remembered how to arouse me.
I quickly changed the topic.
“What do you do now? Where are you based…? I mean tell me what is going on with you!”
I said deliberately in a way to lighten the atmosphere that was thick with lust.
“Not much, I am now into modeling” she said stepping away from me.
Modelling? That didn’t sit well with me… That was not the original destiny I saw in my
Spiritual googles. She was meant to be a leader. A female record breaker.
I felt guilty and I felt I had to correct the error I had committed in her life.
“That is going to stop! You can stay here with us, but there are rules you must obey…”
“Rules? … Like no kissing Uncle Chuks” she said jokingly
“Yes!” I said affirmatively
“Ok… I will try”
I stood up and was walking towards the door, when Rejoice blocked me, Let me have the
First and last kiss Uncle Chuks after a very long time.
At that point, my walls came crumbling down for few seconds as she kissed me. I snapped
out of it and pushed her away.

“Stop it Rejoice or I will send you away from here!” I said and right there in my heart, I
knew I ought to send her out immediately as she wasn’t planning on getting saved, but
rather she wanted to get me back to her bed…
I noticed the teens were not happy with her presence, she came in with a lot of negative
vibe. She was sassy and was trying to prove she was a big girl. Dabira couldn’t stand her
one bit, but I guess our sexual past made me have a soft spot for her. I tried to give
excuses on her behalf whenever anyone reported her.
Favour also couldn’t stand her guts…
“This girl should not be here, she is an elephant trying to trample on your little crops…”
Favour had said
“I am just trying to help her” I said defensively
“You help someone who wants to be helped, she is making all these a child’s play. I know
you feel guilty about your past with her, but you are not the Messiah to save her. She is
not bending to your rules, send her away before she bends you and breaks you!” Favour
had said
Truth be told, I knew the right thing to do, but I didn’t have the will to do it.
One night after everyone had gone to bed, she had knocked at my office door where I
had been working late in preparation for the “Light up Lagos “program.
“Uncle Chuks! I can’t sleep, can we go out …?”
“Go Out? This is 11:30 pm…”
“I have been in this place for 11 days and I am not used to staying in one place…”
“Where do you want to go?” I asked stupidly
“Just outside!” She said eagerly
“Ok, I will take you out and buy you some Suya (Roasted meat)…”
“Great!” She said.
I told the security man I was going to get the roasted meat for Rejoice. He looked a bit
surprised but didn’t say anything…
We had just walked few meters away from the facility when a car light shone its headlamp
on us and within a twinkling of an eye, hefty men had jumped out of the vehicle seizing
Rejoice and I…
“What in Christ name was going on?”

“Was I being kidnapped?” I said as I tried screaming for help.
To be continued
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Part 24

“You think you can escape from me?” I heard a dark husky voice saying over a radio in
the bus…
“Please who are you?” I asked as the faces of the men in the vehicle were covered…They
didn’t respond to my question and neither did the man over the intercom say anything,
but I heard Rejoice cursing…
“Oh Shit.., Oh damn…, I am finished!” Rejoice said and I suspected this had to do with
“Rejoice, you know these guys…Answer me? Who are they and what do they want from
me?” I asked
“I am very sorry… I shouldn’t have come to you! He is my husband…”
“You are married?”
“I will explain to you later!, it’s complicated!” She said
“Oh my God!, I hope her husband doesn’t feel I am sleeping with his wife!” I exclaimed
silently in my heart…
“I should have burnt the bridge, I should have sent her away when she came, but lust and
old emotions came tugging at my heart. Oh my God!, Was I about to be killed?, What will
happen to my teenagers , and Favour…”. I reasoned silently
“Please, I am not dating her, she only came to me for help, I didn’t know she was married,
I was her teacher over 7 years ago…She said she saw me on T.V and traced me to the
facility for homeless children I am managing… Please drop me off and you can take her
back to her husband…” I pleaded but the men did not pay attention to me one bit.
I looked around the bus there was no sign of a gun. I decided to outsmart them. I
rushed at the bus handle and pulled it. Fortunately it opened, I was about jumping out
when two of the men, pulled me back. I felt a prick on my neck and that was the last
thing I remembered…
“You dumped me because of your old lover” I heard the same husky voice from a distance
as I was waking up from sleep.

I tried to force my eyes open but it felt really heavy but I forcefully did…
I could see laptops, I could see young boys, and then I saw a lanky middle aged man
sitting on a presidential chair and Rejoice held by a man with her two hands to the back.
I tried moving my hands, but I noticed something was restricting me. I looked at my hand,
and it dawned on me, that my hands had been hung up.
“Your boyfriend is awake!” The man said
“I ….am…n…not her boyfriend…” I managed to say
“You are saying something?” He said sarcastically as he walked towards me.
“Yes sir, Rejoice was an old student of mine…” I said
“Really? Scorpion, play the audio!”
“Mr. Chuks… better still, let me call you Uncle Chuks like your people call you over here…
I am missing you like crazy… We can do this and no one will know… Don’t you miss my
lips? (Followed was the sound of a kiss)”
This had happened three days earlier.
Rejoice had come to my office late at night after everyone had slept and she came in
full force seducing me.
I felt I could not fall, and a part of me was having fun at her childish behavior. I knew I
couldn’t fall for her seduction…, but before I knew what was happening she had kissed
me, of which I pushed her back.
I was wondering how they recorded our conversation. I looked towards Rejoice she was
shocked as well, but the husband walked towards her and forcefully pulled a chain with
a gold key pendant from her neck…
“You think I would waste 5 million naira pendant on you without having a good reason
for it?” The man said…
“Oh! So her necklace and pendant was an audio monitoring device…” I reasoned
“There was no way I could get out of this, except by the help of God…I just understood
the power of burning the bridge. I thought I was teaching the children on how to burn
their pornography magazines and even making them drop their phones, but when it was
time to send Rejoice when she came around, I didn’t do anything!”….

“Gloria had not burnt her bridge and that has landed her in the big trouble of childhood
pregnancy. Am I any different from her? I also could not say no, I couldn’t burn my bridge,
thereby making me to be out of God’s will.
“Get him off the chain and lock him in the dark room…” He said but Rejoice pleaded…
“Please let Him go, He is innocent…”
“You know that’s not possible sweetheart, I am not that nice to let him go…Come on, We
have a lot of work to do, business has been bad since your you left…”
“I will not do anything, unless you release him at least…”
“Are you threatening me?” He asked
“Yes!, You are the one who needs me, I am your idol you have to worship, I have nothing
to lose, and if you like, kill me if you want…, but I will not give you what you want unless
you release him..
To be continued
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Part 25

I was wondering what she was talking about. I looked around me again.
Where was this place?
I saw young boys with laptops. The young boys looked scruffy, and instead of working on
their laptops, they were looking at the proceedings.
“Fine!, Your wish is my command, but there has to be a compromise. I will release him,
but not to the outside world, because he may blow my cover. The only option is for him
to join the boys as well, and that way he gets to also have a share of you.”
Rejoice looked at me and then back at her husband, then she said…
I was still confused about what was happening, but I decided to pay attention. Rejoice sat
on a rocking chair that was brought for her, meanwhile a boy came to me and untied my
hands. I was led to a chair. I looked towards Rejoice and by this time, she had a baby doll
in her arms, which she was rocking like a real baby. Surprisingly, she started
breastfeeding the fake baby.
I didn’t understand what on earth she was doing. A list was brought to her, and as she
was rocking the fake baby, I heard her say…
“Mr. Isaac Rowlings, you have become the baby in my hands. I am your mother right now
and everything I say you must obey. Jay is chatting with you right now.. Everything he
demands from you, you must give him… Good boy…” she continued to cuddle the fake
baby, rocking him…
I sat in shock and regret…
Oh my goodness! Was this what I had made Rejoice to become? A living idol for
hypnotizing people. Her husband or whoever he was, was a Fraudster who was using
Rejoice in a diabolical way…
Oh! What if I had not introduced Rejoice to Sex at her early age, maybe she won’t have
become this waste…
I remembered all I had seen about her through my spec back then in my art studio of
what her future was going to be… I remembered seeing…

* She could be the First Female Governor of her State
* She could be a renowned Novelist
*She could be a renowned Public Speaker changing women globally
* She would give birth and raise great minds, who would in turn be great influencers….
“No…” I screamed all of a sudden…,“This is not who you were meant to be.., Rejoice!”
and I broke down in tears…
I noticed the whole room was silent…
“Get him away from here!”
“To where?” Rejoice quickly responded
“To where he won’t distract you from work… I am not asking them to kill him, we have a
deal right?” He said
I was pulled away from the chair and led to a room. The room was like a little cell. It
reminded me of the SPERM COLLECTION AGENCY…
This drew out more tears from my eyes as it felt like the devil mocking me.. I could hear
in my heart…
“God brought you out of the first prison and gave you a new life, but because you
couldn’t burn your bridge, you found your way back to prison again. Who knows what
this prison holds for you?”
To be continued in SEASON 4
What happened next?
Does Teacher Chuks join the gang of fraudsters?
Does he bow to the sexual pressure of Rejoice?
What happens to the teenagers and the new life they have since their leader is
Will Mercy survive the daily rape in the hands of her boss in a faraway land?
Gloria blames her pregnancy on the absent Teacher Chuks… What happens next?

this short prayer….
“Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you this day with an open heart, forgive me of my
sins and have mercy on me. I accept Christ as my lord and Savior. Repair my life and
Home in Jesus name I pray….” Look for a Bible –Believing church around you and grow
in the Lord.
1) Strange powers militating against my destiny, your end is here , die in Jesus
2) Any power that says I will not rise and shine, you are wicked, fall down and
die in Jesus name
3) I shall fulfil my destiny whether I or the devil likes it or not.
4) Arrow of depression fired at me to waste my time and energy, I pull you out
and return you back to the sender in Jesus name
5) Light of God swallow up every darkness in my life in Jesus name.
6) Any power sponsoring sexual slavery in my life, your end is here, release
me, let me go and I command you to die in Jesus name.
7) Fire of God envelope me completely and make me too hot for the enemy to
come near in Jesus name
8) I shall triumph over my adversaries in Jesus name
9) Powers that stopped my parents, that wants to stop me, you are a liar, die in
Jesus name.
10)Anyone anointed by the devil to destroy me, our paths will never cross in
Jesus name.

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