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Teacher chuks season 2 (complete)

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Part 1

“Please Mr. Chuks, just once, just once please… I can’t control myself anymore, I just
need to get to the climax, please. I feel like I am running mad and if I don’t get someone
to hit me hard right now, I will actually go bunkers,” Rejoice said as she held on to my
trousers in the bush. She had lured me into the bush telling me there was something
private she wanted to discuss with me. I believed her because of the situation of the place
we had found ourselves; we were very careful of what we said or did. I needed to shake
Rejoice out of whatever she was feeling or else we both would get fried any moment.
“Rejoice stop this, you will get us killed! You know sex between unmarried people is an
abomination in this place. Rejoice, what should be in our hearts and heads is how to get
out of this place alive,” I said trying to make her snap out of her desire.
“I actually don’t feel alive, so yes, I don’t mind dying if I am caught satisfying myself. Mr.
Chuks, I haven’t had sex in 3 days and you expect me to be sane,” Rejoice said as she
was literally shaking.
“Rejoice, listen to me, this thing called sex is a thing of the mind, you should be the one
to control your mind not your mind controlling you… tell your mind or your brain ‘sex is
forbidden and it will send the message to the other parts of your body.”
“It is not that easy Mr. Chuks, I have been telling myself that for 3 days and unfortunately
my brain has refused listening.”
“Well, if your brain doesn’t listen, my own brain is listening. Rejoice, I won’t let sex get me
killed, I won’t let few minutes of enjoyment make me find myself where I found myself 3
months ago… I am not about to go back to Hell for 3 minutes of pleasure and besides, I
owe God and mankind a lot, having messed up so much. I need a 100 years to undo all
the evil I have done so far so I am not about to let you take this opportunity from me
“Whose fault? Who deflowered me? Was it not you Mr. Chuks? The seed you sowed has
produced fruits and you don’t want to eat from it?”
“I never knew it was a poisonous seed, but now that I know better, I don’t intend eating
“What then happens to me who is carrying the poison?”
“We will get it out, I promise you!”

“I don’t know, but SEXRUSH came in through an entrance, there must definitely be an
exit. Just cooperate with me…” I said holding her firmly.
“Kill me please…. I will rather die than live without happiness. What is the essence of
living when I am not happy?”
“Why are you not happy?”
“I am not happy because I am starving, sex is my food, and I haven’t had it in three days…”
Rejoice said weeping.
At that point, I felt pained for Rejoice. She was right, sex was food for her, all thanks to
me for introducing SEXRUSH into her many years back, although after we separated she
had become worse. Meeting her again was not planned, but I believed it was an
opportunity to correct my error. Unfortunately, she was not helping matters.
Rejoice was not ready to listen, she grabbed me and was caressing me.
My past years flashed through my mind and more importantly my experience after I died
was playing clearly in my head. The milestones of life without sex for three months was
about to rubbished in 5 minutes…
As I stood there not wanting to scream and trying my best to calm Rejoice down, in few
seconds my mind travelled back to how I had escaped death and how I had met Rejoice
****** 3 MONTHS EARLIER ******
I had breathed my last after Tina had strangulated me. I knew my spirit was flying and I
had no power to stop it. I could see a red flame afar off; my spirit was flying towards the
RED FLAME. The closer I got, the hotter the heat. I was being ushered by the demons
that had come out of my body to the red flame.
Suddenly, I saw a white horse coming towards me in full force and speed, the rider was
a heavily built man on white. He was riding towards me in a rush… his muscles were
strong…I saw other white horses with riders on them riding their horses behind the man.
The sight was beautiful. The man and the other riders were all looking handsome and
There were also female riders on the horses as well. They had the body and faces of
humans but had massive wings. I wondered why they weren’t using their wings to fly
towards me, and the answer came immediately to my heart: they were coming for war!
Those horses were war horses.

The horses were massively structured and you could see strength in them.
As they rode towards me in desperation, I saw another set of riders coming from the
opposite direction. They were coming out from the red fire place I saw from afar. They
had the faces of animals, with wings like that of evil birds with dirty looking claws. The two
sets of riders were riding towards me like they were in a race to be the first to get to me….
The white horses got to me first, and one of the riders, a female figure, picked me up and
placed me on her horse. Her strength was massive, I felt like a piece of tissue in her
strong hands.
By this time, the horses from the red flame had gotten to us, and surprisingly, the leader
of the troop was a woman-like creature. It had the face of a woman, but the structure and
voice of a man.
She reminded me of the cross dressers, and gays on earth. “It was possible this creature
was their inspiration,” the thought flashed through my mind. With legs like that of a horse,
I saw her catwalking towards us, as it had alighted from its horse.
They faced each other in a battle form.
“He is mine, let me have him,” the woman-like creature said.
“No, he is one of ours who missed his way,” the leader of the white horse troop said.
“Well, he didn’t find his way back before he died,” the woman-like creature said.
“Father hasn’t declared him dead,” the white horse man said.
“He is dead and you are just trying to waste my precious time,” the creature said angrily
and with this, the creature drew out its sword which was a sign of battle.
“If this is how you want it,” the man on the white horse drew out his sword as well.
A fierce battle started…
To be continued.
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Inspired by THE HOLY ONE.
Penned down by Opeyemi O. Akintunde.

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Part 2

The female figure who had me on her horse tucked me in her hand, and she carried me
like a mother, as she also fought valiantly. I was weeping at how the Hosts of heaven
were fighting for my soul. I did not need to be told that these were the Hosts of heaven,
and the leader of the white horse troop was the Chief of Angels: Angel Michael and the
woman-like creature was the devil.
This scenario reminded me of a sermon my father preached while I was a teenager, about
how the devil fought Angel Michael over the body of Moses, the same was repeating itself
here. Angel Michael and his troop were fighting the devil over where I would spend my
eternity. I asked myself “Am I so important or is this how they fight for everyone?”
Well I found out the answer later.
The fierce battle continued; some of the riders of the red flame were brutally injured.
All of a sudden, we heard a loud voice that sounded like many waters…
“LET THE BATTLE CEASE!” the voice thundered.
A great throne appeared right in front of us, as all riders, both the white and red bowed in
acknowledgement of His presence… The throne was like transparent glass that shone,
yet it looked like flowing water. The One who sat on it was massive, as I couldn’t see His
beginning and His end. The part of His body I could catch a glimpse of, shone with so
much glory it could blind the eye. Out of His body exuded different things at the same
time, I felt fire, I felt peace. I felt glory, I felt anger. I felt love, I felt disaster, and I felt safety.
I trembled at all the emotions.
He was encompassing.
At that point, I could understand why He is called GOD, the feeling, I still can’t explain.
All I know is that The One who sat on that throne had everything in Him. Therefore, the
part of Him He decided to show to a human being determined how that person would
see God.
I shook, knowing the part He was going to show to me was going to be that of ANGER
for living a wasted life…
Or what do you think? To be continued.
Inspired by THE HOLY ONE.
Penned down by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde.

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Part 3

I trembled at His MAJESTIC PRESENCE. I tried looking up at His ENORMOUS face and
the little part I could catch a glimpse of was radiating fire and glory at the same time. Out
of fear, I couldn’t look up anymore, and in that instant, all the enjoyment I had on earth
while having sex was not worth it. I wished I had spent my life better, maybe I would have
given him a big hug instead, but His presence was overpowering and condemning to me.
Without anyone probing me, I knew I was guilty of eternity anywhere other than heaven.
I wondered where Chinaza was. Was she also condemned or had she been fought for?
All these thoughts brought tears out of my eyes coupled with His domineering presence;
it felt like from His throne, He was discharging some currents that weakened me… His
presence was arresting, I couldn’t move my hands and feet. It felt like I had been tied
down. The female horse rider that had me on her horse dropped me like a little baby. I
felt like an insignificant creature.
“Ask for His mercy,” I heard my mind crying loud and clear.
I tried opening my mouth but it failed…
TO THEM,” He said with His voice that sounded like thunder.
“Jehovah is your name!” the Arch angel Michael hallowed…
“We wouldn’t have done this if not for the cry of mercy of your beloved servant, Favour
Aribisala. It was her cry of mercy that sent us here!” Archangel Michael said.
Out of the blues, Favor’s image appeared before us all. I could literally touch her, as she
appeared so real. It was better than the 3D movies we watched on earth. If there was
anything like 100D, that could best describe it. I saw her praying and interceding over my
dead body. By that time, it looked like my body had been put in the car..
Favour was just shouting…
“Mercy Lord, mercy Lord.”
ANOTHER CHANCE?” My heart sank as I heard HE who had the final say, say
concerning me…
I looked towards the red flame and I told myself spending eternity there was a no go area
for me.

THAT HE IS A WASTE. I WILL COMFORT HER,” He said and His throne was about
ascending, but like a Father who didn’t want the destruction of His child, He gave another
No one could answer for me… I tried to answer but, how could I answer the Ancient of
Days? I felt like a tiny grain of uncooked rice in His presence.
“None! My Lord,” the evil masculine woman answered “He is a waste, despite coming
from a Godly background, he was an evil minded person, and therefore Hades is where
he belongs,” the creature said with all determination to take me to hell.
As the woman-like creature spoke, in what looked like a movie in 100D, all my sexual
escapades were played right in from of me as a way of reminding God of all I did. The
scenarios were highly irritating; the Angels turned their faces away as they couldn’t behold
sin. HE who sat on the throne also looked away, but a loud voice cried out…
“NO!” Another man, who had a very beautiful countenance came out of HIM who sat on
the throne. He bowed before HIM.
“I intend to have a talk with him, Father… I know he will bring more profit to the kingdom
if given another chance. Please Father, just as you gave me Lazarus, give me this one
too; let your breath be released back to him.”
THE ONE who is called Father was silent…
“Father, please, for the sake of my death, please,” and I saw who I understood was Jesus
wailing… the sight was heart breaking. His tears tore my heart.
As he wept, blood started gushing out of his hands, feet and head… I couldn’t bear to look
at it.
Even the riders turned their faces away. The riders from the red flame fled and stayed
afar off.
The blood was like poison to them… I saw the holes in his hands where he had been
pierced that was where the blood was coming out from, likewise, the head where the
thorns had pierced, and the feet where he was nailed. His blood was everywhere like an
But, HE who is called FATHER, looked at the blood and after a long silence said

And instantly, there was loud celebration, the white riders made a loud shout of
Halleluya. It was like a sound of victory after war.
HUMANS,” The One who sat on the throne said.
“The Holy Spirit will help him Father…” the son said.
I saw Him who is called FATHER release HIS breath; he opened his mouth and air gushed
out. The air came in form of a human body shape, crystal clear in color and I watched in
amazement as it entered my nostrils. I found myself standing up on my feet before Him.
Yet I couldn’t dare look at Him and all the riders around… I knew I was a disappointment
to heaven. I buried my head in shame.
The woman-like creature and her host turned around in anger and formed a circle like a
team during a football match discussing in low tones…
The angels/riders kept on shouting “Halleluya, Halleluya to the FATHER…”
The SON stood up and walked towards me.
He gave me a big smile and hugged me, then he said these words…
“Don’t be a disappointment to the Father, don’t be a disappointment to me, don’t grieve
the HolySpirit, I will always be with you, in person of the Holy Spirit. Don’t be a
disappointment to yourself and the world you have been sent to. All hell will be let loose
against you, but you are a conqueror if you faint not. Fight the good fight of faith. The
demons will fight you with strong revenge, but if you grow in your most holy faith you will
overcome them.”
Suddenly I felt like I had been hit by a storm…
To be continued.
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Inspired by THE HOLY ONE.
Penned down by Opeyemi O. Akintunde.

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Part 4

I felt like I dropped into my body and instantly, my eyes opened. I noticed my body was
being wheeled by two strange faces, women to be precise. I was as blank as a plain sheet
of paper, as I didn’t remember who I was and where I was but I assumed wherever these
women were wheeling me to, was not going to be a good place because of the worrisome
look on their faces.
The women screamed when I jumped from the stretcher and stood on my feet. Everyone
in the corridor jumped back, as I started walking backwards with the intention of escaping
from wherever this was.
A man was approaching me and trying to calm me down…
“Hey Mister, you are fine, I am Doctor Bruce and you are in a hospital, you passed out
and you just woke up. Your friends are right there at the reception, I will get them for
you… so it’s okay, it’s normal to suffer a brief memory loss after passing out. You will be
fine,” he said with a professional smile.
At that same instant, I heard a familiar voice…
“Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord, thank you my Father, thank you Holy Spirit.” The lady
knelt on the floor rolling and shouting Halleluya.
I kept looking at her strangely because I didn’t know who she was.
“Who are you?” I managed to say.
“It’s me Favour!”
“Yes, Favour, your friend,” she said but she noticed I kept looking at her blankly, so she
moved closer saying “We attended the same university, but recently we met when you
became my daughter’s teacher and you lost your wife Chinaza, your second wife walked
out on you, which led to you almost giving up on your life…we just left your home with the
pastor when you passed out …” she said referring to a man who was standing by her side.
I didn’t know or understand anything she said, but the mention of the name Chinaza struck
a chord in my heart. Why? I didn’t know.
The man who said he was a doctor tried to calm Favour down.
“Don’t bombard him with too much information, he will come around, he just needs to
have some rest…” he said as he guided me into one of the hospital wards. The moment I
stepped in, I had a flash of a warehouse, with private cells and a beautiful lady giving me
a note… Tina….

I stepped out of the room immediately.
“Who is Tina?” I asked looking around.
“Tina?” Favour asked as she didn’t know who that was, but suddenly she remembered.
“Oh! Tina! I do not know her personally but you told me she was Chinaza’s sister?”
“Chinaza?” That name again “Who is Chinaza?”
“Your late wife who you worked alongside at the Sperm Collection Agency.”
The doctor looked surprised, as he didn’t understand what the lady Favour was saying…
“Sperm Collection Agency?” I asked and instantly it came rushing back at me… the
Chinaza, the slayers and the drainers, Tina, and the other uniformed inmates, all my
escapades and who Favour was.
I walked into the hospital ward to rest my weak body as I began to remember a lot, but I
got hooked. I couldn’t remember anything else after passing out till that very point. I didn’t
know what happened after passing out but I knew something had happened.
“So where do I go from here? Tina will know I am not dead,” I said knowing I must have
passed out and fallen into a coma when she strangled me spiritually. The doctor and
nurses left Favour and I.
“Now that I am awake, how will I escape her wrath, Favour?” I asked in fear.
“You will. The same God who restored you will keep you safe, you just need to surrender
to God genuinely.”
“I remember I had not completed the prayer of rededicating my life to God, before I passed
out and I remember you telling me God could forgive all my sins, is that offer still open?”
I asked.
“God’s offer is always open.”
“Ok, I am ready to give my life to God fully,” I said.
“Then say after me, Heavenly Father, I come before you today, I ask that you forgive me
of all my sins, I repent genuinely. I say no to sin and yes to YOU forever. I accept Jesus
Christ as my Lord and personal savior. Thank you Lord, in Jesus Christ’s name I pray.”
I repeated after her and immediately, I felt peace in my spirit. I felt I had been loosened
from the ropes that were binding me.
“I feel really free and different… is this all?” I asked really surprised at the simple prayer
and the instant change of atmosphere I felt around me.

“Yes, that’s all. You just need to grow in your most holy faith. It’s one thing to be born
again, but you need to grow in the new birth, that is the most important factor: growing in
“GROW IN YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH…” that line sounded familiar like someone had
said those words to me recently, but I couldn’t remember who it was. I tried racking my
brain, but I couldn’t remember.
“But how do I grow in my most holy faith?” I asked really interested in knowing… By this
time, one of the nurses joined us in the ward with some injections. She smiled at Favour
and spoke to her courteously.
“Ma, I need to inject him, is he your husband or fiancé?”
“No,” Favour said smiling.
“Well, I am sorry, you will have to give us some minutes alone.”
“Okay, I understand,” Favour said, standing up to leave.
“Please just wait outside the door, I don’t want Tina killing me,” I said.
“Tina can’t come near you anymore, you are operating under a new covenant, you are no
more the person Tina knows, you are a new creature, meaning the Chuks Tina knew is
dead and if she tries to come near this new Chuks, the heavenly warriors will crush her,”
she said smiling.
“Heavenly warriors!” That rang another bell in my heart like I recently found out something
about heavenly warriors but I didn’t know what it was.
“I am not here to harm him, I am just doing my professional job, so can you please step
back and let me do my work before I get sacked?” the nurse said with irritation to an
empty room after Favour had left the room.
“Sorry, you said what?” I asked the nurse as I didn’t understand what she was talking
about or who she was speaking to.
“I wasn’t talking to you, I am talking to the intruders you have around you,” she said in an
insulting manner and apparently whoever she was talking to, whom I couldn’t see, must
have been angry at her statement because she jumped back in fear.
“Are you ok?” I asked, really concerned at her behavior.
“Hey shut up, don’t think because you now have the protectors around you, you are free…
no you are not! We are everywhere. I may not be able to hurt you now, but very soon I
know you will go back to your vomit and then your protectors won’t be there to catch you
when you fall… a direct message from Tina…” she said, hissed and walked out. On her
way out, she discarded the injection she should have given me.

I jumped from the bed and looked around the room and found no protectors she was
referring to. Maybe if I had my spiritual goggles I might have been able to see them, but I
felt instant disconnection in my heart to that idea. I was now a new creature, I didn’t need
satanic spiritual goggles anymore. Favour stepped in and noticed my pacing around.
“Take me out of this hospital now, Tina has her agent here, the nurse that just left here
was a witch or one of the agents of the SCA (Sperm Collection Agency).”
“What?” Favour asked really confused. By this time the doctor was around with some
male nurses, and before I could say anything, they had me strapped to the bed and I
heard the doctor saying to Favour
“He didn’t let the nurse give him his…” the doctor was saying, before the nurse cut in by
telling a bigger lie…
“He kept saying something about a Tina sending me to him, he took the injection from my
hand and threw it in the trash,” she said moving to the trash to bring out what she had
earlier discarded.
“That’s a lie, you told me you were an agent from the SCA and you couldn’t hurt me
because of…”
Favour was confused as she didn’t know who to believe. I felt a sharp prick in my bum
area, and I automatically knew what had happened. It was so fast, I felt sleepy
immediately but I had to still say something…
“Favour it’s a lie, please ask God what the truth is.” At this point I knew I was sailing away
but I could hear the echo of the doctor’s voice…
“When he wakes up he will be fine, he is suffering from post-coma schizophrenia, which
is unusual since he only passed out for few hours, I believe he will be fine when he wakes
up. He needs his brain to be relaxed, but I need to ask does he have psychiatric histo…”
That was the last I heard before sleep took me over.
Then I saw him waiting for me at the end of the tunnel…
To be continued.

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Part 5

“Hi, welcome Chuks. Your wife, my daughter has been waiting for you,” an elderly man
said while standing at the end of a tunnel as I sailed towards him in the dream world. He
pointed towards a lady and on looking closely at her, it was Chinaza. She was carrying a
baby. My heart softened at the sight of her as I rushed towards her. I hugged her tightly
but something was different. Her smell was different, she smelt like extremely burnt food.
“Chuks, I have missed you, I really wish you could leave where you are and join me here.
Look at our baby,” Chinaza said and right there I felt strong lust. I became highly sexually
aroused and I felt like making love to Chinaza but somewhere in my heart, I knew she
was dead and I shouldn’t have anything to do with her, but she started caressing me and
I started moaning loudly…
“Stop it in the name of Jesus, stop that in the name of Jesus.” I heard the loud echo of
Favour’s voice as Chinaza was all over me.
I stopped and pushed Chinaza from me… Favour’s voice was like a loud echo from the
“So she is the new woman in your life? She wants to take you away from me? No I will
kill her instead, tell her to stay off you.” I saw Chinaza disappearing from me and the man
who stood as her father gave me a cold stare and turned away.
I woke up but the sedative was still very strong on me…
“Favour, thank you!” I managed to say as I knew she was the one who saved me from
the sexual intercourse with a dead woman in my sleep.
“For?” Favour asked.
“I almost had sex with Chinaza in my sleep.”
“Hmmm… I guessed as much when I heard you moaning in your sleep,” Favour said.
“That’s why I want you to take me out of here. There is an insider here, but you don’t
believe me.” I rushed those words as I was still battling with the sedative. It was forcing
me to shut my eyes.
“I believe you, but let the sedative wear out, we will leave here,” Favour said reassuringly.
“Ok, but I have a feeling there is a dream I had that is very important, I mean that has
quality information for me, but I can’t seem to remember it,” I said as I had that strong
feeling of missing something.
“Close your eyes and say this: Holy Spirit, please remind me of every revelation, dream,
vision that the devil is trying to steal from my memory in Jesus’ name.”

I said the prayer and sailed back to sleep but I heard Favour’s reassuring voice…
“Sleep, sleep, I am right here and God is with me.”
This time around, what I saw was extremely bright light. I couldn’t look up at the one
standing in the bright light…
“He doesn’t want you to remember but I will remind you” said the man whose face and
whole being was surrounded by bright light.
All around me, screens popped up and I watched my encounter with the angels and
After thoroughly watching, the bright man said to me…
“Congratulations on being saved but note that the fact that you are saved does not mean
the demons won’t come after you, in fact the number will greatly increase, because you
know all the players in a football match go after the man with the ball.
Chukwuemeka, you are the man with the ball, so the legions from hell will come after you,
but the assurance you have is that if you stay close to me and you let me lead, they won’t
be able toget you!”
The dream wiped off and I woke up.
I was wide awake this time around and I remembered clearly what had happened after I
passed out. Favour was sleeping on the empty bed in the ward. I looked out through the
window and saw it was a bit dark. I must have slept for up to 6 hours. I reminisced on the
beautiful sight of the angels and Christ, though I didn’t see God, I saw a part of His glory
that was inexplicably beautiful.
Hot tears dropped from my eyes as I imagined what would have been my lot if not for
mercy. I looked towards Favour and thanked God for her prayer of intercession.
After about 20 minutes of being quiet and thinking on my next move and how I could
make a meaning out of my life, I heard Favour’s voice…
“Awake?” Favour asked.
“Huh Huh,” I replied.
“Okay, so what’s next?” she asked.
“I remember what I saw…” I said.

I told her everything about my encounter and how her prayer of mercy had saved me.
She was surprised and pleased. My description of the Angelic beings thrilled her as she
went on about wishing she had spiritual eyes to see how beautiful Angels were.
As she spoke in amazement, I saw that beauty I had seen in her while we were in our
university days.
“Why was Favour not married? Why was she single at that age?” My heart beat increased
as I thought about her.
“What’s on your mind?” Favour asked me.
“Nothing,” I lied.
“Born again Christians don’t tell lies,” Favour said winking at me and laughing as she sat
on the empty bed in the ward.
“You really want me to say what I was thinking about?” I noticed the old me was speaking,
I spoke with a seductive voice, which I immediately rebuked myself of.
“Why are you not married?” I found myself asking.
Favour was not expecting that question as silence took over the small room…
Neither of us said anything but Favour broke the silence.
“It’s a personal decision, I am not keen on marriage,” Favour said.
“Why? You want to stay celibate for God?” I asked.
“I don’t want to tell lies so please let us drop the topic,” she said looking very firm.
I turned to the other side and tried to dwell on the important things. I started reminiscing
on the goodness of God to me, and how I had been given a second chance. The words
“never to disappoint God” were ringing loudly in my ears.
I suddenly remembered the hospital agent again and her words about me returning to my
vomit. I had better follow Favour’s path and become a celibate. I owed God a lot…
“Chuks…” Favour touched my shoulder and electricity ran through my spine and I
immediately wanted to make love to her.
“What was this?” I asked myself, “How come I am becoming sexually attracted to the
person who ought to help me spiritually out of my predicament?” I thought silently as I
turned to face her.
“I think we should leave this hospital like you wanted, I don’t feel comfortable here!”
Favour said.
“Am I returning to my house?” I asked.

“I don’t think that is a good idea, the pastor told me before he left that you must not have
anything to do with all that you have acquired in the past!”
“Hmm…, so you mean everything?” I asked.
“Huh huh… don’t worry, you can still manage at my place till God settles you.”
“Your place?” That didn’t sound like a good idea too, because the moment she said her
place, a picture of me making love with her flashed before me.
I could feel it, it was so strong, the spirit of lust was over me, but I had become BORN
Was I not supposed to be free from lust?
“God, what is the meaning of this? Why is this happening?” I asked beating myself up
psychologically. I didn’t know what step to take at that point, I was homeless and Favour
was offering me her home for a while, but I was already lusting after her…
“My place is not that big, but you can stay in Mercy’s room, she is presently with my
parents on holiday or what do you think?”
“What do I think? Big question!” Should I accept the offer or not? My heart pumped really
hard at that question.
To be continued.

Penned down by Opeyemi O. Akintunde.

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