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Teacher chuks season 1 (complete)

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Part 26

I stepped away from Favour, as I didn’t want Favour and Mercy to die on my account…
“She said if I don’t return she will kill you and Mercy and I can’t let that happen”
“That’s an empty threat, can anyone kill the Mercy and Favour of God. We are deeply
rooted in Christ who is in God.”
“You don’t understand how things happen over there, ask yourself how did they know
about you? I have to leave!”
I didn’t wait for her counseling, as I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I picked up my
stuff from the art studio and went to the warehouse…
All eyes were on me as I walked into the warehouse. Word must have gone round. I went
straight to Chinaza’s former office and surprisingly I saw Tina seated on her chair…
“00499, have a seat” I sat gently waiting for her verdict for me…
“I had always thought that God was going to rescue me, but I waited all to no avail, I
guess God doesn’t have interest in me. But then I realized maybe God had not forgiven
me for just one error. Chuks, do you know how I became a prey?”
I shook my head in the negative. I have always wanted to know how she became a prey
even though she was a Christian.
“I was a born again virgin, but I fell in love with a boy, who I didn’t know was an agent…He
told me if I loved him, I should show him. I did, we made love and I slept off. I woke up in
this warehouse and ever since then I never saw the outside world. My sister kept me
here. Was it fair?”
All I could do was answer her with my head movements…I answered “No” with my head
“Exactly and that was why when I was offered this seat if I could kill her, I accepted”
I swallowed hard…
“You killed your sister

“Technically, I was given her picture in this same office and I was told to stab her, she
was going to die anyway, because she was already trying to rebel. I stabbed her in a
praying position…”
“Why did you give up? Your faith was strong…” I asked
“God was watching evil thrive while the righteous was suffering”
“What if He was patiently waiting for the evil doers to repent” I said not knowing where I
learnt that from
“00499, I didn’t call you here to have you preach to me, I called you to give you a warning
not to try to look for a better life outside the one that has been created for you. You are
free to get married, but don’t think of having children because you know you can’t. Trying
to outsmart the fraternity will attract death. Are we clear?”
I nodded as the words sank in… For the first time, all the wealth I had amassed suddenly
didn’t make sense any more, I didn’t want to go home any more…I wanted to find a small
hole where I could hide from this evil network ..
I did not return to mercy’s school or try to contact Favour, as I decided to go on with the
life I had found myself. My conclusion was that hell was waiting for me already, so I could
as well enjoy life to its fullest. On the contrary, I wasn’t enjoying life. My life became a
routine of applying to a new school and when I get employed I corrupt the young minds
there. My account was getting heavier, I bought my private jet and I could travel to
anywhere in the world.
Chinaza had been buried casually.
I couldn’t have friends, all my friends were people who we worked together at the Sperm
collection center. I couldn’t visit my parents and siblings. There were times I missed my
family so much, I would call them with a hidden number, the moment my mother picked
up her call, I would hang up. I just wanted to hear her voice…
My life was empty….It was a miserable life. Sex was a burden, I had to keep having sex
in other to keep transferring Sexrush into girls…Sex time was always gross, uninteresting
and a burden.
I continued my life until I met you my wife. The first day I saw you at your mother’s canteen,
you reminded me of Chinaza. I noticed your mother was trying to use you as a means of
attracting men to her canteen. I felt I could save you, and give you a better life. That was
why I decided to marry you“ To be continued…
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Part 27

That was my narration to my wife when she asked me about my wealth….
I had explained all these to her for over an hour after she had confronted me over my
source of wealth, and all she did throughout was cry….
I couldn’t afford to lose her, she was the only one who made me happy. I changed the
different schools I was teaching to schools situated in the eastern part of the country,
where no one knew me. My wife thought I travelled for months to work on my cocoa
plantation I told her I had in Osun state
“So I have been living with a demon?”
“I am not a demon, I am just a victim”
“A victim who has not been looking for a way to be free, but rather goes further into the
evil by destroying others. Chuks, if you have not been happy with what you have been
doing, you should have looked around for help” My wife had said
My wife who I legally got married to, left me.
Would you blame her?
No! How would she continue to live with a man who could never father a child and had
been lying to her he was into cocoa business for over 4 years of their marriage? Only for
her to discover, he was a ritualist, selling male sperm to make money.
It was two months earlier, I had introduced my parents to her who I had initially told her
were dead. Even though I had reconciled with my parents, they never accepted any gift I
gave to them or came visiting. This my wife found weird. My mother told me it was blood
money and could never spend it.
Therefore, all these secret unveiled were too much for my wife to handle. She packed her
things and left.
After my wife left, I had hit rock bottom emotionally. I had no friends, and I was tired of
the Sperm business but unfortunately there was no easy way out with the devil…
To be continued…
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Part 28

Favour! Her name dropped in my heart one day while I was thinking about my life. Maybe
she could be of help, but there was a problem, I didn’t have her number.
Thank for social media platforms…I searched for her online and I was able to locate her.
Fortunately, after 5 years of not seeing, she was still using her maiden name. I sent her
a message and dropped my number, telling her I needed to speak with her urgently….
In less than 2 minutes my phone rang….I picked up her call and all I did was cry for almost
30 minutes, I could not say a word. Favour did not hang up, she just kept speaking
reassuring words to me telling me,
“Jesus has been waiting, he never gave up on you.” She said
I cried and cried, I felt like rewinding the time back to that day Jemima undressed herself
in front of me…I should have run out of that house, I should have behaved like Joseph…
Favour kept speaking strength into me, telling me there was no sin too big God couldn’t
forgive and that it was the devil that didn’t have it in his nature to forgive…
She asked me for the description to my house …I was able to tell her amidst tears….she
told me she was coming right away…
Favour did not hang up her call, I heard her calling her pastor on another line to please
come with her to my place…
All through Favor’s journey to my place, she kept talking to me…and I felt Love for the
first time…I felt like God loved me so much and had been waiting for me for a very long
time. I felt Favour was making me see the God kind of love I have missed…
“No matter how far you have gone away from God, the amazing thing about His Mercy is
that he can forgive you. Do you know that you can rise up again? The devil is a
discourager, telling you, you have nothing left of you, that all your stars have
Yes, this might be true because of your past misdeeds, but do you know the truth the
devil doesn’t want you to know?
He doesn’t want you to know that even if you have nothing left of you, God can still work
with nothing. He work with ordinary mud to create a human, His breath made the
difference… That is what makes Him God… Remember, Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones,
the Lord made the dead dry bones to come alive and they became a strong army. Chuks, everything about you may have been dead, your greatness may have died, your stars
may have evaporated, but I know With God, Chuks, you can rise up from nothing to
become a strong army” I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me through Favour
I could hear a beeping sound from my phone, when I checked, it was Tina calling…
“Don’t pick that call, just keep listening to me”…. Favour kept on talking till she and her
pastor got to my place.
They got to my place around 5pm. I saw the look on the pastor’s face and on Favour as
well, it was the look of amazement at the display of wealth in my house. My house was
practically gold plated….
“We need to get you out of here, although the physical eye sees gold and wealth but the
eye of the Spirit sees blood’ said the pastor
Blood! I left them to go inside to get my specs to try to see what he was seeing, but I saw
“Sir, this specs is a spiritual spec to see invisible things, it has never showed me blood in
this house. I tried viewing it again now, but I see nothing except the fire around you both”
I said weakly
” Brother, the devil lets you see only what he wants you to see, if you saw blood, you
would have looked for help a long time ago…and this the devil doesn’t want. We need to
get out of here now”
My phone rang as usual. I knew instantly it was Tina.
“You don’t want to pick that up” Favour said
Favour took my phone from me and turned it off but surprisingly, the phone kept ringing
even though it had been switched off…
I knew I needed to take the right decision at this point, if I was going to die, I wanted to
die knowing I was going to Heaven…I didn’t know what heaven looked like, but I was
sure it was going to be a lot better than hell, because if the warehouse and everything I
had been going through was a product of who the devil was, I didn’t want to be spend my
eternity with him.
“I am ready to go with, but does that mean I will leave all these?” I asked the pastor and
“Yes everything, money gotten through blood should be destroyed, it is an accursed thing
that cannot go with you to a new life God has for you. If you are truly tired of this life, you
need to drop all that has to with this life

I looked around and I tried to wrap my head around everything I owned, the estates in my
name, my companies, my private jet, the billions in foreign and local account…
They looked too much to drop, but a part of my heart asked me
“All these wealth you have, do you have time to enjoy It.?
The answer was no, I was always in one school or the other teaching…, because I wanted
to meet my deadline of sperm collection. No child to call mine, Chinaza’s plan to have our
child did not work out. My family couldn’t spend my money, so what was the point?
I was still struggling with my thoughts when I felt a pull on my neck, someone was
suffocating me… I didn’t need anyone to tell me, it was Tina at work…
I started coughing and vomiting blood… Was I going to die like a chicken just like
The pastor was trying to pray for me, but it was too late… I literally felt it.
I breathe my last…..
My spirit left my body but along with about hundreds of demonic creatures. They had
gushed out of my body too. I noticed they started flying away in excitement, I realized I
was following them. I had no control over myself…I knew I was flying…Somehow in this
new plain I found myself, everything I was seeing was understandable without anyone
explaining to me.…I knew what had happened…
I had died…and just like Favour had said before, through sex, I had acquired a lot of
demons, so the moment I died, my spirit and the demons left my body, and we were
heading to another plain…
The demons were chanting happily as they circled themselves around me as we
journeyed to the unknown place…I thought to myself, that I was probably on my way to
hell, I saw a red flame far away, I was flying towards that direction.
I could not stop myself, I was trying to change my direction, but then I heard hoofing
sounds, from afar off, like over a thousand horses coming from another direction…
The demons turned and saw the approaching horses, I heard their scream…. I noticed
some of the demons ran towards the red flame.

I was in another land, a strange land where beings didn’t walk on foot…Where was this
place and what were these horses running towards me in their thousands….
To be continued
Where did Teacher Chuks find himself? Who were the beings he met there? Was
this the beginning of an unknown Journey or the end …Did he stop his sexual
In Season 2 of “TEACHER CHUKS”. Find out the amazing way of getting out of
sexual bondage and how lost stars can be
SEASON 2 is more much deeper and full of insights…
Almighty God bless you and Keep you in all your ways….

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