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Marked By the Sky (completed)

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❄️ Episode 21❄️
❣️My love from the sky❣️

Julie's hand closed up and Troy was rendered speechless...
Troy:What..was that?

Julie:I..I'm sorry...I

Shane:There is more to it than what's hidden just keep watching.

Shane sat her down and lean closely on her
Shane:Where is the Alien guy?
Julie:I don't know where he is
Shane:Last report had it that you guys were seen together three days ago.
Julie:I only stayed at his house because he's my boss...nothing more
Shane:Boss is an Alien, assistant is an Alien...I'm curious as to what the girlfriend is..
Julie:Where is she?

Shane glance at his wristwatch
Hmmm it's about time,the baby should be out by now..

Julie:Let her go please

Shane:I'm happy today because the experiment is going smoothly so I'll free one person...either your boyfriend or your boss's girlfriend.

Julie's POV
I can't show my bad side to Troy. He's innocent I can't hurt him anymore but Nora....she's in so much pain but I'm sure they will never release her..she's the main experiment.

Julie:The predator inside her there anyway she can deliver it?without costing her life

Shane:That's my speciality...just chose and it will determine her fate

Julie:Rick really trust me...I can't let him down.
Please release.....

Laboratory πŸΊπŸ±πŸΎπŸ¦πŸ’‰πŸΎ
Nora jerk off the rope on her body and she fell to the ground with her belly crashing on the ground. The baby predator that was scratching the wall of her stomach was pushed back and it's sharp tail nearly pierce Nora's back and blood start coming out of her body.

She screwm in pain and crawl to the door to open the door but it was locked on her.
The CCTV in the room is blinking red and pointed at her since they need to record their observation and how the predator will tear out if her stomach and what shape the predator is.

Nora was becoming weak due to loss of blood and her body is becoming dehydrated.
She used the floor as her only support before crawling forward to the door.
She locked it from inside and went through the cabinet

She pour everything down and messed up the whole room before finding a pain killer.

She inject herself with it and unwrap the surgical instruments on the table.

She was taught during her training and she remembered all Rick's experience that he do share with her.

She sat on the bed after setting two pillows on each other to rest her back on.

She picked the surgical blade and cut from below her navel to about 3cm more on her belly.
She use forceps to hold apart each end of the opened flesh. She felt like she's dying from the pain and she inject herself again and again till the pain subdued.
She is looking at the procedure from the camera and she saw a hand full of worms crawling out of her stomach. She felt irritated and she scream pressing the green button harshly.

Nora:Get out of my body you stupid bitch of the monster family.
The pincers grab the creature and removed it from her womb and the sticky liquid is all over it's body. It's scary in appearance and the machine dropped it into a big tube covering it.
Then it proceeded to perform sutures on Nora.
In and cut,In and cut till her wound was sutured. She applied bandage by herself and she's shaking...her legs are shaking as well and the operated part is aching her already.

She watch as the baby predator start running around the tube trying to get out.
Then it's head burst open and reshaped itself but now it's more bigger than before,the legs did the same. Seems like it will grow very big in few minutes. Hi ome on+233544142683 to be added to his story group for more stories.
Nora hate everything she's going through and she promise to burn DMC to the ground.

She fainted and the scientists watching everything can inside with sacks and syringe.
One of them touched Nora to inject her and she curl her legs round his neck snapping it till a bone crack was heard.

The other lady screamed and Nora fling the surgical blade all the way down her throat. Blood gush out in delayed motion before coming out with full force.

Nora look at the camera and removed it with her hands smashing it on the floor.

She pour chemicals and strong acids like Tetraoxosulphate(vi),Cyano salts and co on the floor before cutting the electrical wires and dropping it on the floor.

She came out of the room in her small short and mini top. The one they wore for her for the experiment.

A giant man with gun saw her and point the gun at her to fire.
GM:Freeze...your hands up
Nora raised up her hands and the gun man approach her to knock her down when she slide across the face of the ground grabbing the iron rod at the other end of the corrider. She slide down in case an unexpected bullets is released.
She turn back quickly and thrust the iron rod into his stomach.

She snatched his gun and removed his cap wearing it herself.

Nora:You've taken me for Granted.

Nora sway her butt away from the corrider feeling very angry and ferocious. Shes waiting for the building to explode because of what she set.

Torture room
πŸ—‘οΈπŸ”«πŸ› οΈβš’οΈ
Julie asked for Troy to be released and he was released . Shane keep torturing Julie to reveal Rick's whereabout.

Rick's home.
A UFO In form of projector appeared on the surface of the earth and an eagle came out of it flying away and the UFO disappeared.

Rick got home but met no one...he checked the kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom before noticing that the doors were not locked and the windows as well.

Rick:It look like they rushed out...but to where?it has only been a week and they're moving about.

Then Troy rushed in panting heavily, crying and smiling that he was able to find Rick.

Troy:Julie..Julie.Nora they're in danger...isunhn
Rick:Calm down be audible okay?I don't really understand you or what you're saying

Troy:They got her....
Troy explained everything and Rick changed immediately to his Alien form not minding if Troy is there looking or not.
But he isn't blue anymore he's now purple with his metallic claw sticking .
He made a run and he disappeared into thin air,he's now so fast and powerful.

Torture room

Julie is bleeding since Shane locked her alien form with the Ricin poison tied to her legs.

Shane:I'm tired of this humanly torture let switch to my style.

Shane sprang up his hands and black long claws erect out. He's using it to scratch Julie's forehead drawing on her... and Julie screaming out.

Julie:you animal..release me and see what I can do to your ugly face.

Shane:Do you know what I am?

Then Nora came in with a shooting ball machine.
Nora:Before you tell us what you're....come see what cop Nora have in store for you.

Before another word,Nora pressed the trigger and a small round ball was released on his chest. Small but powerful it threw him to the wall and he crash roughly on the ground.

Nora:One if the weapons you made.

Nora rushed over to Julie and she untied her but she's so weak and she can't even change and fight. Nora shot at the Ricin wire in a glass curved round her leg but still she's weak.

She shoulder her and they took the elevator,suddenly the elevator stopped on the 24th floor and the roof of the elevator dropped on the floor. It was traced with an acid and removed.

Shane in his predator form smiled at them and grab Nora's leg flinging her out then followed by Julie.
Now they're in the parking lot.
Shane tried to punch Julie but Nora stopped him with his bullets but they had no effect on him so Shane Punch Nora instead.. unfortunately on her stitched stomach where she operated herself.

She wimp and blood start coming out again.

Shane attempt to lay the second punch when a hot presence passed by the scene. It's Rick

Rick hold back Shane's fist and he cuddled up his own fist...he punched Shane's fist and a strange force slap him away off the ground.

Rick:You don't touch an Alien's girlfriend.

Shane: Perfect...I've been expecting you..(he said in a deep voice and he wipe off the blood coming out of his mouth)

Rick:Learn to have some respect...I think I'm gonna draft a rule for you predators....know who to mess with you don't fight what you don't know..and I'm strange,I'm foreign,I'm Fey and I'm an Alien.
He yell out and he shape shifted to a big πŸ… tiger,he land on a car and it gives out alarm his toe claws smashed the glass of the car and he pounce on Shane slashing his face with his claw.

Julie:I told look ugly(Julie said amidst her pain and she smiled)

Rick turn back to look at Julie who's weak and painful looking Nora.

He changed back to his Alien form and Shane recuperate on time as well.

A car's tire screech into the parking lot.
Troy came back to get Julie.
He took Julie and Nora to an hospital and left Rick with Shane.

Shane shape shifted to a big predator and he charged at Rick.
Rick was quick to dodge the attack before Landing another claw mark on his neck.

The fight Continued for 25 minutes and Rick didn't sustain any injury.
Rick pushed Shane into an open wire and he was electrocuted to death. The building exploded as well along with all the inner DMC members and evidence of their existence.

Rick called Troy to ask about the hospital and he went there.
Julie and Nora are in the same ward.
Rick sat on the edge of the bed crying for Nora to survive the attack.

Bed 4
Troy:Julie Parker ...will you marry me?

Julie:Troy...(she called his name and her voice break)..I'm a...I'm not an ordinary human being...

Troy:I know and I've seen it all...please let go somewhere far away from here ..let start a family and forget all the ugly experience we had here ..please Julie.

Julie didn't say anything but keep crying.

Two(2) weeks laterπŸ—“οΈπŸ“‹
Nora is back to her good state of health.
She was promoted in her police work and Rick is now working on normal cases like a doctor. They've cancelled DMC department .
Julie resigned from her work and Rick didn't try to stop her he said she deserves to be happy.
Troy asked for a transfer at his place of work and they moved to a new country where his branch is.
Julie and Troy got married
Rick is still delaying his relationship with Nora because he's scared he might hurt her.

One afternoon,Nora barge into Rick's place of work and point a gun on his head.
Nora:Marry me right now or you die

Rick: Pardon?...did you eat something wrong?are you not on duty?

Nora:You don't love me do you?...Julie married Troy despite their difference...but you're tge only special one why?

Rick:Just 10 days Nora...10 days please.

Nora:What the fuck is happening in 10 days?

Then Fuya appeared to them.
Fuya:He will back to normal in 10 days. A normal human being. Tutana's power will be taken away from him...I'm taking it to my planet but whenever you guys need can always contact me. I'll be there.

Nora:Thanks Alien Fuya.
Rick:Thanks a lot Guardian.
Fuya:You can always call're marked by the Sky.


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