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Marked By the Sky (completed)

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Marked By the Sky

๐Ÿ’Ž Episode 01

Set in New York City,is a street full of crowds and panicking People, sirens blaring ๐Ÿš“๐Ÿš”๐Ÿš‘๐Ÿšฆ traffic and ambulance
Cops:Stay back stay back
Nora: go back i don't want to see anybody here
It's a dead body that dropped from the sky halfly eaten and with no eyes people were scared and dogs were barking. Nora is the leader of the Mysterious death department. So she followed the ambulance and drove to Rinokin hospital for further investigation.
Rinokin hospital ๐Ÿจ
Nurse: Incoming incoming make way
The dead body of a lady was sent to the lab where Rick works.
Rick is a professional Surgeon and a researcher. He was given the position of working with the police department in case of mysterious deaths so that part of the lab is far away from the hospital room specifically. During years of working together he fell in love with Cop Nora and they started dating.
Rick:What the... This looks ugly tell me about it
Nora:She dropped dead from the sky we couldn't find the cause of deaths.
Rick:where is her legs ...the rest of her body I mean and the eyes
Nora:The killer took them
Rick: This is dangerous.. what will be the people's opinion now that they think they're in danger
Nora: We're working on something to say..
Rick:We can't touch it yet we need to freeze the body for a day so as to make sure all the evidence and clue are not mixed up
Nora:Copy that
Rick:What are you doing after work
Nora:Nothing just going home
Rick:Really?what bout now?(now looking at her mischievously)
Nora:hmmm got it.
Nora went over to lock the door and Rick let down the curtains. He rushed over and carried Nora making her sit on his waist and then put her on the operating table. Nora removed her gun and belt while Rick pull off his clothes in hurry.

Somewhere on an island ๐Ÿ๏ธ.(Forest)
It's raining heavilyโ›ˆ๏ธ๐ŸŒจ๏ธ๐ŸŒง๏ธ and a UFO could be seen landing on the ground with full speed and lots of noise. The door was opened and group of Aliens came out in twos They are green and some are blue with long ears,as you know Aliens have no hairs.A little alien came out when everyone has left, seems like he was late getting off now he's looking for the rest.

Somewhere on the island ๐Ÿ๏ธ
Newly married couple came here for their honeymoon and wish to enjoy themselves to the fullest.
Bride:I will be back i need to take my wedding gown off then I'll shower
Groom:You're kidding me right?..that's my duty also let shower together it sounds fun. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this day
Bride:What?!(scared)you...mean..we will shower together?
Groom:Oh .now I get you you're not ready for this yet.
Bride:(she nodded not facing him)
Groom: we're staying here fir two weeks anyway I won't rush you... I'll get us a juice..or hot tea?
Bride:Orange juice

Alien: Alert Alert there is danger...the humans discovered us we need to leave.
Alien 2:(she made a call to get the rest)
In few seconds they assembled and entered the room UFO( alien spacecraft) then some men were seen firing at the UFO.but they quickly disappeared into space since the sky is cloudy and it's getting late.
Alien 1:We left the prince behind he's in danger
Alien 2:The prince is more skilled than us he will be fine.... But I'm worried as well he's so tiny how will he get back home?
Alien 3:Let return back home first I'm sure the prince won't want us to be caught as well.

The gun men were seen patrolling the forest with Torches and armed weapons.
1st Man:We've been waiting for their arrival ever since that machine announced it two years back ..that's great fortune out there
Then the prince Tutana heard this and became scared,he attempt to run and stepped on a branch, initially the branch should have been wet and shouldn't create sounds but it's rotten already so it split open and they heard.
Tutana quickly shape shifted into a beetle and became smaller
2nd man:Did anyone hear that?
6th man;yes I did as well
1st:So we won't waste our efforts after all they're still around.

New York
Nora is seen cuddled up in Rick's arm both are asleep already after the good energy taking exercise. Rick is actually in a dream
The dream
Rick found himself in a strange forest and he saw a UFO leaving for the sky. He keep looking and then noticed his body changing to green and he's fizzing.
He woke up and was totally exhausted. Nora too woke up because of the sudden action of Rick getting up.
Nora:What's wrong you okay?
Rick:Yeah..uh just a dream
Nora:Dreams are silly
Rick:I know but it's scary
Nora:Your job is more scarier you're being hunted by mysterious things you've Operated
Rick:(he chuckled)exactly!!
He lean over and kissed her
Nora:But you know having sex on the operating table is dangerous!it can cost you your job and it's not healthy
Rick:but it's fun
Nora:Yeah right.
Then a call came on her phone and she picked it
Nora:Yes sir I'll be right there
Rick:Another mysterious case?
Nora:Not sure yet.. but suspected murder on Jerry's island. Bye


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๐Ÿ‘ฝ Episode 02๐Ÿ‘ฝ

๐Ÿพthe bite๐Ÿพ
Jerry Island ๐Ÿ๏ธ
It's still raining in the woods and the cops are there already. They saw no one except dead bodies of 5 men with their guns by their side. They were killed brutally just like the dead girl at the city. All of the bodies are with no eyes and legs. The cops decided to search the entire forest I case if any more dead. They tied a red sign on the scene ( a do not enter sign)๐ŸŽซ๐Ÿฎ. Nora led team 921 to the east side and MC'call led the second team. They are both skilled and intelligent officers.

Somewhere in the forest.
Tutana could be seen running away from something,he was leaping from one tree to the other ๐ŸŒฒ. He looks so scared even as a powerful Alien. A huge monsterous figure could be seen chasing him he's also an Alien but he's Alien predator (as you know that everything has a specie). That Alien predator killed the gun men and wanted to eat tiny Tutana as well. Tutana ran towards the south and land in front of McCall and the rest of the team
๐Ÿ›‚๐Ÿ”ซ: what's that?
๐Ÿ”ซ:It looks so tiny..with big eyes
๐Ÿ”ซ:That's they really exist?
McCall:That's our department we deal in these creatures.. we must catch him
Tutana keep watching and standing on the spot squealing as if to warn them but they don't understand his language.
One of the men came forward withdrawing his pistol back to his chamber. But Tutana jumped high and turned into a Crow he flew away.
McCall:What the....did that thing just shape shifted?
Before they could figure out what chased Tutana,the alien predator came in a swift and carried one of the police men away.
McCall quickly brought out his radio handset calling Captain Nora.
McCall:Reverse 211 Reverse 211
Nora: Cold whale here over
McCall:Cold whale do you copy? Over
Nora:I copy.. over
McCall: Danger.. I repeat Danger over
Nora:Wilco... Over.
Then the rain ruined their signal and the network break
McCall:(network cracking) Break Break I repeat..bbbb..
Nora:Reverse 911 do you copy
McCall:Break( terms used when the network is bad)
Nora assembled the team, McCall noticed a heavy thud behind him he turned quickly and saw half body of one of his team looking ugly he trued to shoot the approaching figure but it carried him as well dropping the radio behind.
Nora got to the scene and everywhere is a mess also with McCall's dead body. Nora called for back up.

Honeymoon suite
Tutana escaped into a building through the open window. He sense approaching footsteps and he shape shift into a drop of water on the cabinet. Cara who's the new bride came to the kitchen to prepare a coffee for the cold night she removed the plastic cover and the liquid on it dropped into a glass cup(Tutana) Cara used the same glass cup to prepare coffee and she drank it. She went to her husband to consummate their night.

Now it's morning Nora arrived back at the city looking messed up, terrified and scared.
Rinokin lab
Rick prepared hot tea for her and assured her to calm down. She narrated everything to Rick and soon the dead bodies we're brought in.
Rick:The same thing killed these men. They have the same death torture and Marks. No eyes as well.
Rick and his assistant Julie put the bodies in a freezer the type used in a morgue. He brought out the other girl that was found first.
Nora: Something big and dangerous is coming for New York City.
Rick: Something big and unknown.
You should go rest in the main hospital we need to carry out a test.
Nora exit the lab and Rick open up the body. an autopsy was performed on it. He put on his scanning glass and saw finger prints on the dead body with a greenish sticky liquid underneath the rib. He lift up the mild rib that has become weak and the sticky liquid smells horrible and unbearable. Rick and Julie St coughing but he went to the shelf and released a gas into the atmosphere... The smelling greenish liquid almost make them pass out. They draw out the liquid for a test . After 4 hours of being indoor they came out locking the lab so the odour won't escape outside.

Police Station
๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€โœˆ๏ธ Captain Nora and few other officers armed up so as to find the predator before it attack the City.

Rinokin hospital
Nurse: incoming.....
A lady was brought into the hospital screaming in pain like she's in labour and something trying to get out of her stomach.
She was rushed to Rick's lab. It's Cara,she woke up only to find her stomach swelled up so big like a pregnant woman,her husband was surprised because they just had sex last night.
They carried out a test for her and saw that a strange creature is in her stomach so they transferred her to Rick.

Rick:you know I don't work on normal science project
Director:This is not normal... It's an alien get it out quick before it comes out thrusting the stomach.

Everyone left Rick to his work and his assistant Julie set the table
Rick:It's okay.. you're gonna be fine okay? Breath ..try to breath in and out
Cara:Oh God...shit I can't my stomach is tearing up... Get it out get it out please
Julie:Sir I think an operation will be better
Rick:It will complicate the matter one touch of knife and it will come tearing the whole stomach.
Cara:Pll pleaswsss
Then the creature stopped moving and Cara lost consciousness
Julie:Oh no her pulse is falling
Rick:Let try to get the baby out.
Rick inserted his hands into her and could Sense the baby's leg, he grab it and tried to drag it out but it turn in a sec and bit Rick's hand.
Rick:Awwwwwww what the... The baby bit me
Julie:Sir that's silly the baby gat no teeth
Rick:It's not a baby
Before Rick could finish his statement, Tutana came out tearing the stomach and he fell on the shelf. With the sight of blood dripping from the torn stomach and intestines on the floor, Julie passed out due to shock. Tutana screech at Rick and he fell off from the high building through the window. He crashed on the ground and it burst out open. It died and blue liquid start coming out. The car it fell on start making an alarm noise which calls the attention of nearby Police.
Rick had the most horrible experience ever since he started working on mysterious cases. He checked his index finger that Tutana bit and it's bleeding already. He hurried over to the sink and rinse it with an alcohol to disinfect it. Then he bandaged it.
Rinokin hospital packed the remains of Tutana and freeze it in the lab for further investigation. The news of dead Cara the new bride hurt her husband and he left after taking her dead body for burial.
This happened all in a day it feels like a dream so Rick decided to retire early for the day.

๐Ÿ˜๏ธHe got home and dropped his coat on the sofa,he was so tired and he collapsed on the Sofa he slept off. Then he start hearing whispers and people talking. The noise is so disturbing that he got up angrily ready to warn his neighbor.
He opened the door and was surprised to see everywhere quite. He turn to enter his house when he saw people arguing very far away from his house,the 14th house to his . He was surprised to be able to hear their conversations despite being far.


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๐Ÿ‘ฝ Episode 03๐Ÿ‘ฝ
๐Ÿฆ„The guardian๐Ÿฆ„
Planet X
Aliens could be seen moving around, passing through each other without colliding or bumping into another. Inside a big shell like rock is a female alien looking pissed and scolding everyone.
Queen:Get me Fuya right now
King:Calm down...Freya ...your son is safe
Queen Freya:They forgot a whole prince alien also the alien predators are outside there spying on his every move who knows where Tutana is right now
King:Get me the guardian Alien..
Then Fuya came in holding a twisted black stick
Fuya:Fuya at your service
King:Tutana is stucked on planet Earth..get him back here.
Fuya: Immediately.
Fuya fade away right in front of of them without picking anything. She got to the spacecraft and flew away from planet X.
(Operation get prince Tutana)

Rick's house
It's the next morning,(gran-grans )his alarm rang but he slapped it away from the stool beside his bed and it broke into pieces. He end up waking up late.
"Damn 9:10 I'm two hours late.
He jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom,he turn on the shower and he started rubbing his body with his silver soap. He opened the shampoo to wash his sweaty hairs when he noticed that he's touching nothing but a full scrapped head.
Rick:Who took my hair I sick?...
He rinse his face and used towel to wipe the hot steam on the mirror,oh no saddest truth ever he's become bald and his eyeballs are green.
He was surprised and scared. He didn't know if to go to work or stay indoor.
He called Julie and asked if the result of the greenish liquid gotten from the dead girls body is out and she said yes.
Rick:Hope it's not that fluid?
He went over to the dinning table to eat toasted bread , he took a bite and something punched his stomach from within..he vomited everything he ate yesterday. Then he felt something crawling up from his inside.. he was forced to open his mouth when a hand crawl out and it dropped on the floor then it burned to ashes. Rick was terrified and he ran towards the door he hold it and the door knob removed. Now he can't get out. He veered off to his room and lock the door he glance over to the mirror and noticed that he's completely blue and with green eyeballs.
He dive under his bedspread and he passed out due to the shock.

Jerry Island
Captain Nora:This island is much more worse than last time. We need to go back now.
When they got to the island they found no one except lots of dead bodies again. That monster that's killing everyone has taken over completely.
Rick woke up and he sat down crying,he checked his phone๐Ÿ“ฑ and saw 17 missed call and a text message from Nora. He ignored the call and checked the message
๐Ÿ’ฌ Noraโฃ๏ธ
We will be there in an hour... Serious trouble for new York.

He rise up to go find a cap and a hood to cover his body then he saw that his hair is back and he's returned to his normal self. He thought he was dreaming or probably hallucinating. He didn't even wait for any scary things to happen to him and he grab his car key and drove to the lab.
Rinokin ๐Ÿ—œ๏ธ
He didn't greet anyone on his way in,he's just focused on knowing the result.
Rick:Hey Julie where is it?
Julie:Here it is sir(he hand over a paper to him)
He read the content and was confused the more.
Julie: Nobody recognize the virus it's very keeps eating all the known viruses in this world. We tried all the suspected antibiotics to neutralize it's eating habits but it was fultile. If a drop touches a human body it will eat up the whole part.
Rick:That means that particular monster eats only the eyes but the fluid in it's body drops on its prey and ended up eating the whole body.
Get me the mysterious book from SCI'fi library
We need to know what creature eats human eye.
Julie opened the door to exit the lab when Nora came in to get the result of the test. He explained it to her
Rick:You need to be very careful Nora.. whatever that thing is that you're gonna face sooner or later is very dangerous and deadly.
Nora:I know but... People don't believe I things like That and the government is not giving us enough armours to go fight it.
Rick:Just be very careful I repeat.
Then her radio crackles
๐Ÿ”ซAll the nearby forces report..Over i repeat all nearby forces signify..over
Nora:Yes cold whale available
๐Ÿ”ซ:Yes cold whale 244 report to Sky city now over
Nora:Wilco.. Over.
Rick: What's it.. another emergency?
Nora:Yes.. I'll see you later
Nora left the lab and Rick sat on a chair close to the freezer.
Then he noticed something scratching the box from inside,he doesn't look scared at all he opened the box immediately and there was nothing except Tutana's frozen body. He touched it and carried it out to see the test. That was when he noticed the finger where the dead alien bit him has healed up and with no scar. He ignored it and hold his surgical blade firmly. He Pierce it into the stomach of the dead alien and he also felt as if someone stabbed him. He screamed out and dropped the blade. He lift up his shirt and saw a blade mark exactly like he has cut Tutana. He look on the table to check it again but Tutana has disappeared. Now things are getting weirder he checked under the table and even the freezer then something swept him off his feet and he fell groaning in pain he was trying to open his eyes when Tutana entered his mouth. His eyes bulged out and he messed up everywhere trying to get himself to vomit. He even gulp down an entire bottle of Sulphur chloride. It didn't do anything to him. He passed out and Fuya came in through the window. Her bald head with yellow dim light emerging from it.
She carried Rick and placed him on the table.
He opened his eyes gently and was surprised about what he saw. He rose up and hold his surgical blade for defense.
Fuya:Prince Tutana can speak?...who are you?
Fuya:I'm from another planet I'm an alien. You're Tutana
Rick:Tuta..or whatever i am not Tutana what are you doing here?
Fuya:I can see him in you. If you're not Tutana then how did you understand my language?
Rick:( oh..that's right this alien is speaking gibberish and I even understood it) I don't know why I can understand you but I am not your prince.
Fuya:The small alien.. ( she move closer to Rick and touch his hand , all the past event came flashing to her)..oh no (she cried) he's dead.
Rick:If you're talking about that tiny alien that bit me he's dead and he even entered me please get him out call him out with your language
Fuya:No young human.. he's dead but he passed over his abilities to you. But are you the right person?
Rick:Right person for what?
Fuya:To fight the alien predators
The incident that happened to him in the morning now occurred to him and he seems to understand everything
Rick: Whatever you're planning in your planet I'm out of it i don't need any powers I love my job. So call him out now and take your powers away.
Fuya:You need a guardian you don't know what you possess yet. I need to report back to the king I'll be back
Rick:Don't ever come back just help me please
I don't wanna be a hero
Fuya:You will love to be one once you realize your abilities.
Fuya disappeared and Julie came in with the book.
Julie:Sir here is the book.
Then they hear people screaming and running into any building they find. Rick look out through the window and saw a big monsterous creature coming into the city.


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โš“ Episode 04โš“

๐ŸŒก๏ธ Alien predators๐ŸŒก๏ธ
Rick opened the window and saw the confusion going on downstairs. People running, screaming and crying.
Julie saw the huge creature from afar grabbing people like stick and munching on their face,it will eat the eyes and drop the remains. It's not yet in the Sky town so the police rushed over to the entrance with weapons and other deadly things they can use in capturing as animal.
Rick and Julie helped few people into the hospital.

Skull entrance ๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ
The huge creature like an alien used it's tail to slap a building and the glass shattered on the floor which give him more chance to pick people hiding in a building.
Nora and her team with other officers got there and started firing at the disgusting creature but the bullets either reach the body and return back to the area it was projected or it crash on the body of the creature and bend thus falling on the ground. The shooting spree looks like sport to this creature and it never stopped moving,the more it moves the more it snarls exposing it's teeth and weird mouth to the people. Suddenly it became very fast and keep carrying people flying away to the sky,it will drop the dead body and then land on a building and take another person.
Nora:This is happening in broad daylight and we can't stop it?๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ”ซ

Rick:This is the creature that has been killing the people..I hope Nora can be careful oh God(he's still watching from the window)

Now the police are even running away as the creature carries one car and drop it on another causing it to explode. Crashing trucks on public buses 12 people are dead already.everyone escaped except Nora. She entered the army shooting car which is used on battle field with an aim that sends bomb. Nora entered and closed the cover on herself she keep driving the truck towards the creature and firing continuously at it the creature feeling threatened carried a big car and used it to sweep the truck away. Both the car and the tanker crashed together but Nora was quick to escape when she saw the creature approaching from the camera. She jumped into a heap of tires that they set before fleeing. She cock her gun and removed the control of the boom she found in the tanker. The creature kicked the tires away and collect her gun bending it amidst it's fingers then it hold Nora looking at her carefully to get her eyes. The greenish fluid is starting to come out already and I'm sure you know the implication of the fluid(it burns the body like acid and even softens the ribs)

Rick who was still looking start getting scared,he sped to the elevator but damn it wasn't working,this sadness aroused in him and he didn't Know what pushed him to the window,he went to the window beside the restroom and fell off without thinking of the consequences, he's falling and he's not feeling anything like power or someone to carry him up..he keep falling and now hes close to the ground it just remain his head to land on the floor and burst out open..
Out of nowhere , this strong vigour came and he turn amidst air scratching his body without reason. He scratched his head and his hairs fall off his skin changed to blue and now in alien form but he's his normal human height. He went up and shape shifted into a bat. He flew past the alien predator and makr a turn toland on it's neck. He used his claw to scratch its eyes and it dropped Nora.
If Nora fall on her own without a soft thing to land on she will die because the height is high so he shape shifted again to his alien form and carried Nora in a bridal style and will ease he land on both legs and Nora jumped down cuz Rick is taller than her cow
Alien:Go go now
Nora ran away from the messy zone and hid in a building.
Now the alien Rick is standing in front of the alien predator.
Rick:Is this really real?(he said looking at himself.


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โšก Episode 05โšก

Rick stood at the front of the alien predator not knowing what to do when the alien predator slap him away with his huge palm filled with greenish fluid. Rick crashed roughly on a ๐Ÿข building's roof and he fell down tumbling over . The alien predator picked him up with two fingers and threw him into another building usung him to break the glass.. Rick doesn't know how to use his powers yet and as he keep falling hes getting weak. He turned his face up and he's hurt with blue liquid coming out from his stomach he felt pain all over but managed to get up..but the alien predator is coming again Rick trued to run when he saw that lots of people are hiding under the table and everywhere
Rick:Oh no...if it gets will kill these people..what to do what to do.
The alien predator is set to grab him by tearing down the window when Rick jumped from the window and hugged his face
Rick:uhm..I'm not sure you've ever received a hug before so....
The alien predator removed him from his face like an handkerchief and he keep shaking Rick up and down like mixing a Coke in a bottle.
Rick:Don't shake me before you eat me...I'm not a drug...what..the fuckkkkk
The alien predator seems to be having fun with his so called food and he decided to end the play by putting the food in its tummy. The greenish liquid drops on Rick's head(his blue alien head) "arrrrouch" he let out a mixed scream of a guy and a girls scream.ut pains like death.
Rick used his legs to keep the predator's mouth open and when Rick's hand touched the sharp scary teeth of the predator..........wowww
Rick shape shifted and looked exactly like the alien predator now they are of the same size and height. Rick couldn't find the right word for the craziness he's feeling. The alien predator was baffled and he thought Rick is his shadow. The alien predator moved it's hsbd and Rick did the same..the alien predator roared and Rick did the same...during this change your style that Rick is playing,the reporters are there already filming from an angle.
The predator is now getting scared as the shadow it pictured is not moving again. Rick clenched his fist and rolled it twice before landing it on the predator's mouth. Two scary teeth removed and it turn back on Rick. They both keep exchanging punches. The predator carried a truck and slam it on Rick but Rick shape shifted into a water and the truck scattered on the road. The water start forming a long arrow and it twist itself running towards the alien predator. The water like ice rod thrust the predator's brain and as big as it is,it landed heavily and badly the surrounding area shook and the cars flung away from the scene.
Rick turned to his alien form and when he see that people are starting to come out of their hiding place,he flew up high and disappeared.
The whole of Skull city was shocked.

Rick returned to the lab panting heavily and feeling crazy ...he was laughing like crazy ,you will think he's mad. Fuya appeared to him
Rick:Fuck off lady alien... Im not Tutana
Fuya:(she smiled)
Rick:uh?is that a smile?...
Fuya:Tutana chose the right was your first time and you managed to take the predator out life.. what will happen to my job?
Fuya:Nobody knows you..your Secret is safe and concealed....but I don't think you can do worldly things again
Rick: Worldly?what?
Fuya:I saw your past with a lady
Rick:Nora?she's my girlfriend.....what no that's impossible Nora can't do without sex and I'm not ready to give it up.
Fuya:Your body system has changed...and everything about you...going with your blue blood..and the powers you possessed.youre poisonous to human I wish you understand this. When supernaturals mate together...their inner spirit and wildness is linked together therefore a new baby will be formed immediately...don't risk it.
Rick:Why am I not healing?after ruining my sex life you should be able to to help me.
Fuya:There is something left for you to know I prepared it just in case (she turn her hand swiftly amidst air and a box of drugs appeared more like a potion.)
Here always inject yourself with this whenever you're not healing. I need to go
Fuya:Hide those drugs she's coming.
Fuya disappeared and Nora entered looking scared.
Nora:Oh thank God you're okay I was worried
Rick:I warned you to be careful didn't I?(he said arching his brow angrily)
Nora:Rick you know that's my job I must protect the people
Rick:....I'm I'm just glad you're okay
Nora:Don't tell me you didn't see the whole thing that happened?
Rick:See what?
Nora:We have an alien hero at the city it saved me.
Rick:You're hallucinating again
Nora:What?, No!
Rick:Come on let's go home you need rest.
Nora:No we need to inspect the whole city before signing off.if you don't believe me we will watch the news tomorrow.
Rick sat on the chair near the spinning machine with his head hung down deep in thought.
When it was 8:00 he left the lab for home.

He got home and removed his clothes and entered the bathroom to shower after the rough day. He was about to wash his hair with shampoo when he remembered what happened last time so he dropped the shampoo and dried his hair with towel.
He dressed up in a casual clothes and sank in the couch he managed to get the remote and switched on the TV.

Rick:What the.....I'm caught on camera. My first time and this happened?Fuyaaaa


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