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Hitman (Killshot) (completed)

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Episode 1

Secret Agents Base (SABS)____

‘Beep… Beep… Beep’

The sound of Emergency alarms blared in the Agency as the Agents trooped down to the Hall…

“Agent K1, hack into the surveillance Satellite and drop the drones to find out what’s happening”

Crane who was in charge of the Agency ordered a lady, the best hacker SABS could hope for.

The lady stared at the big screen as the other agents crowded the hall. She flicked on the keyboard, and the big screen displayed some visuals.

“We have a big problem ma’am, the Senatorial District in Brandenburg is under attack”

Agent K1 replied, Crane sighed as she heard this.

‘fuvk!’ she muttered and scanned the room as if she was expecting someone..

“Who are we up against?”

Crane asked and Agent K1 looked at the screen, pressing some buttons and the images on the visuals zoomed in, revealing some men in blue suits with masks on holding some weapons…

“We are up against the blue mask ma’am”

K1 replied and Crane hit her fist angrily, on the blue transparent table she sat on… The other agents looked around warringly.

“Blue mask again? Fuck! Many minuites we’ve got to stop them?”

Crane asked as she nursed her hand that had turn red from the hit.
Agent K1 tapped fastly on the Nano keyboard that was displayed in front of her…

“We only have 25 minuites ma’am, our agents can’t meet up with the time”

Agent K1 replied her, Crane looked more pissed and scanned the men once more…

“Where the hell is KILL SHOT!!”

Crane yelled loudly as she couldn’t find who she was looking for, a smile crept to her face…

‘Killshot would do the work’

She muttered and dispersed the Agents…
________Brandeburg District________

A dozen of Blue suited men with masks on stood outside the giant mansion with their Armoured blue Limo with their 22 magnum compact pistol in hand.
Inside the mansion were also armed men blue suited masked men with riffles as they threatened their victims with their weapons…

Masked man 1-

Where is the HP25 Diphosgene ( he asked as he asked one of the senators in the room, the man whimpered in fear as he felt the cold gun press against his head…)


I swear I don’t know, Never heard of it… (He said and the masked man pulled the trigger and blood splashed as the bullet hit him)
Outside the mansion, the Blue masked men sighted a powerbike fast approaching them, they opened shots at the rider but the rider skillfully swerved the bike and the bike moved with only the back rear down while the front rear was raised up.

The blue masks seeing this jumped away from their positions as the powerbike hit the Limo they had positioned themselves at.

Before the bike hit the Limo, the rider skillfully jumped down from the bike and landed with a slight thud as he made an heroic entry.

The rider was bald headed as he was on black suit with S333 revolver placed on his two hands.

The blue masks shot sporadically at him and he skillfully dived and hid behind a pillar.

The black suit man brought out a stunner bomb and threw it at the men, the gas exploded and stunned the blue masked men for some minuites.

The black suited man charged at them and shot them skilfully, they started falling as they were hit by bullets.

He dodged a blow that came from an enemy nearest to him and grabbed hold of his hand and brought out a pin tazer from his pocket and expertly glued it to the man.

The masked man not knowing what had happened took cover beside the rest of his mates.


The Bald rider said and screams of agony erupted from the rest of the masked men As the pin tazer tranquilized them.
The man proceeded into the mansion but he quickly ducked as a bullet whizzed past his face, in motion, he brought out a gas grenade and threw it inside the room, making everything hard to see with the smoke created from the gas grenade…
“Crane, the mission is cleared.”

The masked man spoke into the earpod he had on his ears as he stared at the Corp of the assalts.
The senators had been saved by him.

“Weldone Killshot, now get your ass back to the Base, I mean now!”

Crane ordered from the pod and he sighed, he headed outside, the blue masks corpse littered in the area.

‘geez, you could have let me rest a bit’

Killshot muttered under his breath as he climbed his ride and revved off…
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Episode 2

Written by: Itz Mike


Killshot entered the the elevator and pressed some buttons in it and it beeped indicating it was moving.

He went over to Crane’s door and placed his eye in the Eyes scanner and it beeped green and the door opened.
He adjusted his red tie and entered, the black suit nicely fitted on his body…

“Hi crane”

Killshot greeted as he helped himself with a office arm chair.
Crane had an irritated look on her face as Killshot made himself comfortable like he was the owner of the office.

“Agent C1”

Crane replied him with a smug smile, Killshot smirked, his eyes unwavering from the gaze of Crane as it was rested on him.

“You know your mission was a flop”

Crane stated as she took the warm coffe that was placed on the transparent bulletproof office table.
She dropped the mug of coffe as she took a sip from it.

“Firstly, I prefer the name Killshot not a smug C1 , secondly, I knew the trick I pulled to reach Brandenburg in 15 minuites instead of 25 minuites”

Killshot replied with a smirk, Crane scoffed and picked the tablet on her table and tossed it to him and he caught it without stress.

“What’s the next mission you called me here for?”

Killshot asked as he viewed the tablet which had images of a man, crane smiled and walked over to Killshot.

“That man is Kimbari, he works for Viper and I need you to take him out”

Crane said as she sat in front of Killshot, crossing her arms together with a smile plastered on her face.
Killshot brought out a cigarette and flicked it with his thumbs and it ignited.
He placed the cigarette in his mouth and puffed it.

“Who Is viper and what has Kimbari got to do with this?”

Crane smiled, her beautiful young face showing a dimple.

“No need to know about viper but the basic things you should know is that viper is a rogue agent, a very dangerous one… He deals in Illegal businesses like Drugs and human trafficking”

Crane explained and Killshot listened keenly, his cigarette was almost finished as he puffed them into the hall”

” Then why don’t we go for the head?”

Killshot asked as he thought and contemplated on the words of crane, she sighed and stood up from her seat.

“Like I said, Viper is a very dangerous rogue agent, not even you can match him, he’s always a step ahead of everyone, not even agent K1 can access his location but Kimbari is just one of his right hand men in his dirty work…. Just take him out! ”

Crane ordered and Killshot stood from his seat, dropping a mintholine I his mouth to erase any traces of smell.

‘why do I feel Like crane isn’t telling me everything? ‘
Killshot went to SABS garage, revealing different types vehicles and bikes.

Killshot revved the Audi S CLA down the streets of Berlin, he punched the accelerator and the car increased it’s speed.
He swerved to the left as a car suddenly tilted it’s direction to his, narrowly missing him.

He cursed underneath his breath and continued driving, using the brake pads at interval, soon another vehicle left it’s lane and bumped over Killshot’s but he skillfully avoided the car again.

He looked at the rear mirror and saw the driver reverse it’s vehicle and trail after him.

He smiled as he knew what was going on, soon he jerked forward as something hit his car, he turned to look at what was happening only to get hit again by the vehicle he had avoided earlier.

‘ its time for fun, blue mask ‘

He pressed a button on the steering wheel and a voice boomed out in the car.

‘ initiating armour sequence… Armour complete ‘

The blue mask rammed his car again but it had no effect, Killshot pressed his brake and the enemy’s car pressed and got destroyed as it hit his car again.

Soon dozens of cars double crossed him and they opened fire at him…

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Episode 3


Killshot smiled as the bullets hits the car and it bounced off, he pressed another button from the wheel and the robotic voice boomed from the speaker.

‘mini missile ready to Launch in 3… 2… 1…’

The roof of the car opened robotically and a missile launched from it, It hit the cars of the blue masks and it exploded, He smiled as he saw the damage he had done to the Enemies.

He Jerked from his seat as a big force hit his armoured car, he looked beside him and saw some Black masks holding RPG and they launched at him.

‘battery armour at 57%’

The robot voice said and Killshot smirked, the Blue masks didn’t know who they were up against, He wasnt called Killshot for nothing.

‘Jexi, you drive this car while I take care of this bitches’

Killshot spoke and the car retracted the wheel and different weapons could be seen.
He smiled and took his favorite S333 revolver and kissed it.

The roof expanded and he emerged from it, Landing on the roof skillfully.
He stretched his arms sideways, without looking at his targets and released a bullet from each guns, the bullets had a tripple kills on both sides, and the cars crashed on the high way.

Soon more vehicles followed him, they shot at him as he quickly entered into the car again.

‘ how could this guys know the road I took except a mole is inside the base and had inched Blue mask ‘

He thought.

He searched the car and found what he had been looking for…

He took control of the wheel and drifted to the other side of the road and entered a busy street in Berlin.
He found a pedestrian hall way and swerved to the direction, luckily, a single path could only pass through.

The Blue masks followed him into his trap as they could only drive in a straight line to fit the hall way.

He smiled and brought out his golden eagle eye sniper, The car was already on auto drive as he placed the long range gun in his palm stealthily and released two clean shots.

The bullets passed through the right eyes of the drivers of the five cars and the collided with each other before exploding.

He chuckled as he drove to his destination.
_________Blue Mask Agency_________

Yakiza walked into the control room with a pissed look, his blue mask had the shape of a bat and made him intimidating.

“What news do we have on Agent C1?”

He asked Agent P2, the hacker for BMA, P2 typed fastly on the computer and different visuals were displayed.

“Sir, Our men we sent after him are dead, he even avoided the surveillance cameras in the entire area and making us lose track on him”

P2 explained and that infuriated Yakiza the more.
He pulled out his gun and shot one of the agents nearest to him and he dropped dead.
The dead agent’s body was carried and taken care of.

“What intel do we have on C1?”

He asked the frightened P2 who in turn clicked on the computer screen and a image appeared in it, the image zoomed automatically.

“Agent C1 is popularly known Killshot, one of the best agents of Secret Base Agents.
His profile is hidden and I can’t go beyond that access.
But The Brandenburg’s surveillance cam caught him, he was the one that killed the men we sent to bring in the V. Device. ”

P2 explained and Yakiza’s face looked expressionless like he was contemplating on something.
He smiled and gave one last look at the computer screen.

‘ Killshot, am gonna bring you down, I promise ‘

Yakiza muttered and headed out.
______________ SABS ______________

The door to Crane opened, revealing a man in his early 50s as he walked in with vigor which shows that he was a very Important man in the state.

“Wow, am pleased to meet Mayor Greg”

Crane greeted as she stretched her hands and shook hands with the man.
The man smiled as Crane gestured for the man to sit down.

“It’s nice meeting you also, Crane”

Mayor Greg replied, all smilingly as he shook hands with Crane.

” Am here to finalise our discussion on the Agent I asked for”

Mayor Greg stated and Crane adjusted herself on her sit.
she passed a file to the Mayor and he opened the file, revealing the Names of Agents in the Agency.
He opened it and after sometime, his eyes rested on a particular bald Agent.

“Him, I need him”

He said as he pointed the pic to Crane.
Crane sighed as she had a countenance that she was actually thinking about the deal.

“It’s gonna be hard to get him to work for you, Killshot is the best on the team and your price is gonna be high if he works for you”

Crane stated and Mayor Greg smiled, he brought out his brief case and brought out a file.

“Deal, Am willing to pay any price to get him work for me”

The Mayor replied and he brought out a pen and signed on the file he brought out.
____🕧8 Nightwing club_____

Killshot waa dressed in his black suit, he walked into the club, guarded by four armed bouncers and one of the bouncers stopped him.

Bouncer 1-

you can’t get in with that suit and you don’t have a pass permit.

Killshot didn’t respond and he tried to enter again but the second bouncer pushed him roughly aside.

Bouncer 2-

you heard him man, you can’t go in unless you wanna get dropped dead by my toy (bringing out a pistol with a silencer at the tip.)

He didn’t respond and tried the third time but the second bouncer pointed his gun at him, Killshot expertly Jabbed the gun from him and shot him in the right eye, the guard died instantly.
The others made to get their guns out but he pointed the gun at them.

“When you get to heaven, tell my dead momma that Killshot sent you to her”

Killshot said and in three swif shots, he killed them and entered the Club.
The whole place was bustling with strippers and men with different goals.

He walked over to the VIP section where he knew Kimbari would be.
A guard tried stopping him but he shot him straight in the eye.

‘ no one stops Killshot ‘

He said and spat on the body.
No one heard a gunshot as it was a silenced shot.

He entered the room and there was Kimbari seated on a three sitter arm sit with girls wobbling all over him.

His three guards saw me and made to shoot but three swift shot from me through their eyes kept them mute as they fell dead.

“who are you?”

Kimbari asked in fright as I approached him, the strippers whimpered in fear as they saw my gun and the dead guards.

“You can call me Killshot, where’s Viper?”

Killshot asked as his gun was pointed on Kimbari’s head.

“I swear, I don’t know where he is”

Kimbari answered as tears was already welling in his eyes.
Killshot smirked.

” I hate people who lies”

He said and shot Kimbari in the head, the bullet got stuck in the head of Kimbari but he only bursted into laughter..
Kimbari stood up, not caring to remove the 3mm bullet in his head.

“You think I would be Viper’s right hand man without any protection? It’s kind of absurd for the feared Killshot to think like that, you can’t kill a human cyborg with a bullet”

Kimbari said and laughed as his hand formed a plasma Ray gun.

Killshot smirked.

“I am Killshot, always a step ahead of everyone, you made a mistake by not removing the bullet in your skull, that wasn’t a bullet though, It’s a ray mini bomb and thankfully your gun is a plasma Ray one… You just blew yourself up”

Killshot said and the bullet beeped red and exploded…

Killshot took cover behind the golden statue in the VIP room while the strippers weren’t affected since they were well hidden…

The head of Kimbari rolled on the floor… Killshot took it and set out of the club…

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Episode 4



A tall muscled built guy greeted as he passed an old man who sold vegetables…
The guy had a snake tattoo drawn on his left hand, on the other hand was a name written boldly ‘VIPER’

He opened the door to his Ferrari S class and entered.
On que, his phone rang and he connected the call to his ear pod.

📲 : Viper…📱

📲: Who’s this please? 📱(Viper asked as he ignited his car and drove off)

📲: Hommie, it’s Jay 📱

📲 I know, Just pulling your Legs Jay, what’s on? 📱

📲 You need to come back now, Kimbari is dead📱

(Immediately viper heard this, he pressed the brake pad suddenly, the car following him rammed his car and soon, Cars hitting each other caused a huge commotion in the busy street of Delhi)

📲Who killed Kimbari? 📱

(Viper asked in a hard time as he checked the rear mirror of what he just caused, he clenched the wheel of the stirring hard)

📲Some agent from SABS man, he calls his name Killshot, they say he’s really good… I heard he singlehandedly killed the blue masks men in Brandenburg 📱

📱That means he’s good, Keep low for the main time till I get back… I must finish some business with a partner… When I get to Berlin, an gonna take care of Killshot 📱

📲I trust you man📱

Viper hung up and sighed.

‘kimbari is not someone to kill easily except the Agent Is as good as they say’

Viper thought and he revved his car and picked up speed as he hit the accelerator pad just before the Indian mob could get to him.
Temple of Gaja

Viper walked with a briefcase, he was clad in a crazy rockstar Jean and a off arm black tee, coupled with a rockstar black boots with a golden watch.

He walked up to the hefty guard that was stationed at the hidden door located at the back of the temple, it was restricted for worshippers to go there…

The guard stopped Viper and collected the briefcase. He brought out a weapon detector and used it to scan viper, the scanner beeped green which indicates that he was clean.

The guard gestured viper to follow him in and he obeyed. They got to another room, this time, about five guards were stationed there at door.
Viper was given a free access since he was with a guard and the fresh smell of the room hit Viper.


A husky voice said in Indian accent, Viper smiled as he took a sit on the chair opposite the man in front of him.

“Rajkumar, I see you got ready for business”.

Viper stated as two guards came to stand at his back. Rajkumar smiled and gestured for one of the six bodyguards he had behind him and whispered somethings to him.
The latter nodded and joined his crew.

“Hope you brought the goods?”

Rajkumar asked as he puffed on the tobacco he had ignited, Viper smiled and scratched his head.

“I brought it and you know I hate smokes”

Viper said and smiled threatingly as he dropped the briefcase he had brought with him on the table between them, Rajkumar ignored his threats and continued to puff it more intensely than the next.

A guard handed Rajkumar a blue briefcase and he dropped it on the table, they exchanged the briefcases and opened it.

“I see you kept to the end of the deal”

Rajkumar stated with a smile beaming on his face as he saw the drugs viper brought for him.

“I see you tricked me by giving me fake dollars”

Viper stated smirkingly as he saw the money placed in the briefcase, just by glancing at the money, he had known it was fake.

“You know, I must say you’ve gat a good eyes but you can do nothing”

Rajkumar stated and he beamed with smile.
Viper scanned the room, he calculated about 15 guards, 5 behind him and 10 behind Rajkumar.

“Why did you think I can do nothing?”

Viper asked as he smirked back, Rajkumar face was unwavering as he sat confident on his sit.

“Have got men, what have you got?”

Rajkumar asked and made a sign with his eyes towards the bodyguards behind viper.

“Have got the skills”

He replied and he instinctively ducked his head and a bullet whizzed past his head and hit one of the guards behind Rajkumar in the chest, it had been shot by the guard behind him, attempting to kill him.

Viper quickly rolled on the floor and pressed a button on his watch and it formed into a mini silent revolver and he shot back at the guard that had shot him.

The bodyguard dropped dead, others seeing this opened fire at him but he was faster to hit the table and the table hit the guards behind Kumar.
He did a front flip and bound on the wall, dodging bullets and in motion removed three kunai knives from his hair, a place he kept his weapons to avoid weapon detector detecting them.

He threw the knives at the guards who stayed behind him and the 4 remaining guards dropped down.

He swiftly pressed a button on his gun and the drugs he had placed in the briefcase bursted and it produced white smokes as it obscured the view of the bodyguards who shot at him.

That was the chance Viper needed and he snuck into their midst since they could not see clearly as the white smoke had thickened.
“Please don’t kill me…”

Rajkumar pleaded as he stared at the dead corpses of his men, Viper smiled as he placed his mini gun on Rajkumar’s head.

“I told you I hate smokes but you didn’t listen”

Viper stated and shot Kumar in the head, blood flowed down freely from Kumar’s head .
Viper took the tobacco Rajkumar was smoking and puffed it…

‘smoke it in hell bitch’

Viper said and shot Kumar repeatedly on his body.

He walked outside and he saw the corpse of the bodyguards who had passed him in.
He brought out his phone and called Jay.

📲Hey kim📱

He said into the phone and entered his car and took off.

📲Boss, you called📱

📲Yes, book me a flight back to Berlin 📱

📲Whoa, you through with the business? 📱

📲Yes Kim, I don’t waste time📱

📲Why are you coming back earlier than intended? It’s unlike you viper 📱

📲I know, have got a new rival in town📱

📲Lemme guess, the new rival is Killshot, SABS agent? 📱

📲Yeah, Killshot 📱

He said and hung up, He smiled and played a countryside music.
Viper don see Challenge…. Killshot go see wheeem….

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Episode 5



Crane walked into her office, she sighted Killshot seated confidently on the comfortable armrest.

She walked over to him and Killshot sighted her and smirked.
She frowned her face and sat on her seat.

“Do you know why I called you here, Killshot? ”

Crane asked, Killshot dropped a mintholine in his mouth and feasted on it.

“I guess am in for another mission”

Killshot stated and Crane tilted her head to and fro, nodding negatively and she earned a confused look from crane.

“Mayor Greg dropped by yesterday and talked of hiring an agent and he chose you”

Crane replied and crossed her legs, Killshot smirked and placed his hands on the table.

“Guess you haven’t told him my price do you?”

Killshot stated and that brought out a smile from Crane’s lips.

” Now we are talking business”

Crane replied as she brought out her a envelope and tossed it at Killshot
The latter caught it skillfully and brought out the documents in it.
He smiled as he saw what was written on it.

“Wow, 100 million dollars, I will have to protect the sassy daughter of Greg , Vera”

Killshot stated smirkingly, he signed on the paper and tossed it back at Crane who caught it effortlessly.

“I knew it’s your spec, Be could be quite annoying but don’t get too close to her…”

Crane spoke but there was threat in her tone.
She stood from her seat and went to Killshot, adjusting his collar.

“Because when you do, consider yourself cut off”

Crane spoke threatingly as she adjusted Killshot’s collar and stopped, heading back to her seat.

“Is that a threat?”

Killshot asked, smirking as she watched Crane heading back to her seat.
Crane stopped, am plastered on her face.

“Consider it one if you disobey the order”

Crane smirked and she passed a tab to Killshot, he took it and saw the Image of Very on it.

‘Wow, she looks hot’

Killshot thought, he stood up and turned back with a smirk towards crane who waa watching him.


He added salutingly and Left her office.
Mayor Greg’s mansion

Mayor Greg walked into her daughter’s room, Vera, she was seen pressing some keys on her laptop as she sat on the bed, her bottle of alcohol place beside her.


Mayor Greg called, Vera ignored her dad, he sighed, clearly used to her daughter’s attitude.

“I came to inform you that I would be travelling to London for some important meeting”

He continue and Vera stopped what she was doing on her system, coffing as she looked at her dad.

“Like I care if you wouldn’t ever come back”

Vera replied rudely and she face her computer, resuming whatever she was doing.
Mayor Greg sighed , standing up from her bed.

“I have made preparations on hiring you a bodyguard in my absence for your protection, he’s resuming today, so I need you listening to every Instruction of his…”

Mayor Greg replied, Her chuckled as she heard his words and closed her laptop, facing him with a Stern look.

“Who the hell told you to bring me a body guard, I can protect myself”

She replied rudely as she crossed her arms over her chest.

” I know you can but not against the black crow, you know that they are after me and the only way they get me is through you”

Mayor Greg explained and Very slumped on her bed as she saw reasons with her father.

Soon, they heard the gate opened and A Suzuki powerbike revved in.

“That must be him”

Mayor Greg responded and headed out, soon, Vera followed after him.
Agent Killshot entered the beautiful compound and he was greeted by unknown faces.

“Welcome to my abode, C1”

Mayor Greg greeted as Killshot pulled off his helmet, revealing his bald but handsome face.
The maids smiled at him as he approached the mayor and he reciprocated their smile back at them, revealing his cute dimple.

“Good day Mayor”

Killshot greeted and he followed the mayor into the house, Killshot marvelled at the interior designs the building had and he was awed by it.

“This is my daughter, Vera”

The Mayor stated as they were already seated in the beautiful guest room they were in.
He gestured to his daughter who was looking on at them.

“Nice meeting you miss Vera”

Killshot greeted but she hissed at him and brought out her phone, operating on it.
Killshot was numb by her actions but kept his cool.

“Am sorry for her outburst, let’s get to business… ”

The Mayor interceded for her daughter and apologized, he smiled but deep down, if looks could kill, Her would have been in heaven.


Crane walked briskly to the control room, she met K1 working on the computer.

“We have an Intel on Viper ma’am”

Agent K1 stated, crane had a surprised look and gestured for K1 to continue.

“Viper had been seen landing in Berlin..”

K1 continued, Crane opened her mouth in shock and K1 looked on nervously.

“That means….”

Crane paused at her words as she contemplated on something.

“That means Viper is back to take down the person who killed Kimbari”

K1 completed and Crane clenched her fist at the words, her eyes traced down to the image of viper captured on the screen.

“Killshot is not safe”

Crane completed and she walked away, heading to her office as she knew the outcome of the aftermath.


Viper don show…

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