9 daily routines you need as a student to balance your day and life

In my years of studentship, I failed Everytime to build a new habit, grow mentally, improve spiritually and emotionally. Overtime I discovered it was as a result of simple routines we overlook as students. The routines I penned down in this article are a game changer which overtime turned habits to sharpen my daily activities thus the all-round growth in all areas.

1. Start your day with prayers or meditation.
Praying or meditating before you start the day helps open your mind. There’s a strong force behind it that boosts your courage to achieve anything even the impossible. It boosts your morale, like you’re more than what you are. The more you meditate, the more you discover yourself, know yourself and understand that you haven’t scraped the surface of your potentials.
2. Make up your bed.
Even as simple as this sounds, many of us still fails at it. It took me a long time to get a hang of it. Making up your bed in the morning makes the room neater . It also drives productivity according to researches. It is a very easy way to start your day. It doesn’t take more than two minutes but very powerful.
3. Keep your space neat and tidy
Developing a daily habit of tidying up your space is also a very simple task. It can be very overwhelming if you’re new to it. But it’s of great importance in the long run. Start by putting things back to their position immediately after use thus a more organized space. This focuses on your phycological health and wellness. It helps to think, creates focus and changes how you feel.
4. Make out 30 minutes of the day to improve your expertise.
In as much as our hands are filled with many things as students, excelling at one thing is a sure pathway to success. Take a look at the top great men, you will notice they were all great at one thing. Doing many things at once will make make you average at them, not the best, won’t be remembered for it. Spend at least 30 minutes everyday to improve your expertise. Just make sure you’re better at it as the day passes. Take that one thing you’re good at and work on it.
5. Be creative
No matter how busy the day is, still pursue creativity. If you have a business, create a plan to get more customers, to get more things done, to introduce more products, and to grow the business. No matter what you do, there’s always a creative aspect of it, tap into it. “More importantly, it is only through creative pursuits that you stretch your vision and redefine what’s possible for your business and for life.” Creative activities excite you, keeps your adrenaline rushing.
6. Make time for yourself
The life of a student is a very busy and stressful one. But then you have to take care of yourself so as to effectively take care of others. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You have to make out time to recharge yourself. Please this is a very crucial aspect of it. It is very important for you to do this. Just do one thing in a day that makes you refreshed and relaxed thereby preparing you for whatever lies ahead.
7. Read a book
Never let a day pass without you reading outside

your courses. Books are a window to the authors mind. You travel to places you haven’t through books. It is a source of knowledge and inspiration. It relaxed the mind and helps develop cognitive abilities. To know about something, read about it.
8. Reach out to people
Many strong networks and connections of a lifetime are made in school. Check up on someone you know daily and if you’re chanced, meet a new person daily. Contacting people makes your work easier in business. You can’t know it all. There will always be an area in which their helps are needed. It makes your work faster and through the shoulders of others, you see more and widen your horizons. Be a help to one another. People are a great help in life. There’s someone between that big break and you. Leaverage on your relationships.
9. Plan the latter days
Before you close the day, make time to keep track of your progress. Take a step back and reflect on the day. Take note of things that didn’t go as planned and make better plans for days ahead . Think of the things that went as planned and congratulate yourself. Think about the activities for the next day and plan ahead. Do not overwhelm yourself.
Building a daily routine turned to habits is a long walk. It takes about 21 days and more to create a new habit . The routines written above are just a start up of bigger things I will write about as we progress.
Don’t let this ideas slip away, take a pen and jot them down, create a plan around it and act on it now.
Which of the daily routines mentioned are you willing to give a try?
What are some not so good habits that you would like to change?
Let’s chat about it in the comments section below!

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